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Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (Werner Heisenberg Institut)

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1 Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (Werner Heisenberg Institut)
EUDET Annual Meeting October 2006

2 Max-Planck-Institute of Physics
Research Areas Technical Depts. Mech./Electron. Semiconductor Lab. Astro- Particle H.E. Pheno-menology Lattice Field Theory Field Theories, String Theory Muon Collider µ-cooling Theory Prof. Hollik Prof. Luest Neutrino- Physics GERDA e+e– Collider ILC JADE/OPAL High Energy Physics Prof.Bethke Rof. Caldwell Cosmic Rays MAGIC Astro- Particle Physics Prof. Teshima e-p Physics H1 ZEUS Dark Matter CRESST LHC Physics ATLAS Axion Search CAST

3 ATLAS and The Large Hadron Collider project

4 ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider / CERN
Length: 44 m Height: 22 m Weight : 7000 t 1800 Physicists & Engineers 150 Institutes 35 Nations 150•106 elektron. Read out channels 40 MHz collision rate 1014 B/s raw data flux end cap hadron calorimeters outer muon barrel chambers fwd Si tracker MPP contributions: Construction until 2006, operation from 2007, for ~ years

5 MPP contributions to ATLAS
1 hadron end-cap calorimeter wheel, GaAs readout electronics 85 high resolution barrel  - chambers Si-strip detectors (forward wheels)


7 International Linear Collider
(formerly TESLA) • MPP activities: - physics case studies - detector case studies - internat. organisation of workshops - R&D Si pixel detector (DEPFET) - EUDET JRA1 participation

8 MAGIC-II (2 x 17m) MAGIC-II MAGIC-I 85m

9 Double Beta Decay Initiative
Uncover fundamental nature of  Majorana ( = anti ) or Dirac ( = anti ) GERDA at Gran Sasso - approved 02/2005 Demonstrate background reduction Major mechanical engineering effort R&D on segmented Germanium detectors Zero  - Majorana particle !

10 Practical Information

11 Lunch Today and tomorrow “Iphitos” 13:00-14:00 Penne Siciliana (Veg)
Saltimboca all Romana (Meat) Filet of St. Piere (Fisch) & Salad & Table Water

12 Conference Dinner: Ratskeller, Marienplatz
Today 20:00 U6 stop “Marienplatz” Follow “Ratskeller” Downstairs, room “Sumpf”

13 Visit of our Semiconductor lab
Friday, meet 14:00 here in the foyer (we will use the Metro to Neuperlach) Visit will last till ~16:00 From Neuperlach ~ 1h to airport (U5/S8) ~ 30min to main station

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