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Adverbial clauses.

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1 Adverbial clauses

2 German adverbial clauses
(1) a. Ich komme, obwohl ich keine Lust habe. b. Ich komme, aber eigentlich habe ich keine Lust. (2) a. Er ist schlecht gelaunt, weil er mir helfen muss. b. Er ist schlecht gelaunt, denn er muss mir helfen. (3) a. Ich mache das nicht, weil ich keine Zeit habe. b. Ich mache das nicht, weil dafür habe ich keine Zeit. (4) a. Weil ich keine Zeit habe, mache ich das nicht. b. *Weil dafür habe ich keine Zeit, mache ich das nicht.

3 Finite adverbial clauses
(1) When he came to Leipzig, Peter met Mary. (2) *He came to Leipzig, and Peter met Mary.

4 Finite adverbial clauses
(1) What did you tell her __ when you left? (2) *What did you tell her __ and you left.

5 Finite adverbial clauses
(1) Peter admitted that Mary was right [before he left]. (2) [Before he left] Peter admitted that Mary was right. (3) Peter admitted, [before he left], that Mary was right. (4) Peter admitted that Mary was right [and (then he) left]. (5) *[And he left] Peter admitted that Mary was right. (6) *Peter admitted, [and he left], that Mary was right.

6 Finite adverbial clauses
(1) *Bill played the guitar when John __ the piano. (2) Bill played the guitar and John __ the piano.

7 Temporal clauses (1) We left when it began to rain.
(2) After he had closed the door, somebody unlocked it. (3) He was there before we arrived. when, after, since, while, until, before, as soon as, once (1) Wir sind gegangen, als es anfing zu regnen. (2) Nachdem er gegangen war, sind wir gekommen. (3) Er war da, bevor wir gekommen sind. seitdem, nachdem, bevor, während, wenn, als, bis, sobald

8 Causal clauses (1) She watered the flowers because they were dry.
(2) Since we live near the sea we often go sailing. (3) As Jane was the eldest she looked after the others. because, since, as (1) Sie hat die Blumen gegossen, weil sie trocken waren. (2) Da du schon mal hier bist, können wir das erledigen. weil, da

9 Conditional clauses (1) If you put the baby down, she’ll scream
(2) Assuming that the movie starts at eight, shouldn’t we be leaving now? (3) Had I known I would have written before. if, unless, given that, on condition that, provided that (1) Wenn du nicht aufhörst, schreie ich. (2) Angenommen er kommt, dann gehen wir (3) Ginge er zum Arzt, würde man ihn krank schreiben. wenn, es sein denn dass, angenommen

10 Conditional clauses (1) If Colin is in London, he is undoubtedly staying in the Hilton. (2) If you had listened to me you wouldn’t have made so errors.

11 Concessive clauses (1) Although he had just joined the team he was treated like all others. although, though (2) Obwohl er gerade erst gekommen ist, schläft er schon. obwohl, obgleich

12 Concessive conditional clauses
(1) Even if you don’t like museums you will like the MOMA. even if (2) Selbst wenn es regnen sollte, werden sie kommen. selbst wenn

13 Result clauses (1) We paid him immediately so that he left contended.
(2) Wir haben sofort bezahlt, so dass er sich nicht beschweren konnte. so dass

14 Instrumental clauses (1) You will get a blanket so that you won’t freeze. so that (2) Wir geben dir eine Decke, damit du nicht frierst. damit

15 Purpose clauses (1) They went home in order to tell Peter the story.
(2) Sie sind nach Hause gegangen, um Peter die Geschichte zu erzählen. um zu

16 Correlatives (1) Peter tut das deshalb, weil ihm sonst niemand hilft.
(2) Ich mache das nur dann, wenn du wirklich kommst. (3) Wir machen das so, dass sich niemand beschweren kann.

17 Infinitival purpose clauses
(1) In order to be fair, I have to help Peter. (2) Um gerecht zu sein, muss ich jetzt Peter helfen. (3) Anstatt dich zu beschweren, solltest du lieber mit anpacken. (4) Ohne zu antworten, ist er gegangen.

18 Participial clauses (1) Driving home, I accidentally went through a red light. (2) Disturbed by the police they decided to leave.

19 Absolutive vs. free participles
(1) Winds becoming gusty the crew decided to sail home. (2) The meeting cancelled he had nothing to do. (3) Walking down the street he noticed Mary. (4) Persuaded by my optimism he gladly joined our team.

20 Conjunction + participle
(1) While reading the newspaper Bill smoked a cigar. (2) Before running outside you should check the weather.

21 Gerund (1) Swimming is good exercise.
(2) Lisa’s going topless upset her father. (3) I enjoy the dancing.

22 Verbless clauses (1) Alone in Peggy’s room, Mrs Biggs switched on the vacuum cleaner. (2) Although always helpful, he was not much liked.

23 Exercise 1. Working on my assignment, I fell asleep.
2. Convinced that I was right, I defended my hypothesis. 3. The car damaged, we decided to take the bus. 4. Horse riding is fun. 5. Being annoyed by his behaviour I left.

24 Exercise (1) I saw that Jack when crossing the street was hit by a car. (2) The car I bought while visiting my parents cost $2000. (3) The meeting closed, we decided to go to the theatre. (4) After painting the door John repaired the roof damaged by the storm.

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