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DLRG-Jugend Bayern (Youth of DLRG in Bavaria) The project AQUAmobil.

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Präsentation zum Thema: "DLRG-Jugend Bayern (Youth of DLRG in Bavaria) The project AQUAmobil."—  Präsentation transkript:

1 DLRG-Jugend Bayern (Youth of DLRG in Bavaria) The project AQUAmobil

2 Aims of the DLRG - Combat against drowning - Education about dangers in water - Youth work and non-formal education - Protection of the environment - Protection of water

3 - Helfen statt Gaffen (Helping Hands) - Miteinander Schwimmen (Swimming together) - Eisregeln (Rules on ice) - Baderegeln (Rules for swimming) - AQUAmobil Projects of the DLRG-Jugend Bayern

4 What is AQUAmobil? - A project of the DLRG-Jugend Bayern - Discovering the nature with brailer and lens - Experience and creation of environment with children

5 What kind of activities offers AQUAmobil? - Activities in local clubs of the DLRG - School holiday-activities - Day program during holiday camps - Public information during mass events - Training of ecological-teamers - Activities in school

6 How is a school activity going on? - Preparation - Biological determining of water quality - Environmental-pedagogical games - Debriefing with teachers

7 Learning by playing Nachtfalter – Fledermaus (moth – bat) Movement in the Stockspiel(stick-game)

8 AQUAmobil winter-concept - Winter walk in the woods - environmental-pedagogical games - Debriefing of the day in the classroom

9 Other activities during the voluntary ecological service year (FÖJ) - Further training about water animals and plants - Office work - Preparation of leaflets and flyers - Website-administration of AQUAmobil - Contact and feedback with teachers and local clubs of DLRG - Training of new ecological-teamers - Further development of concepts

10 Imprint Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft DLRG Landesverband Bayern FÖJ-Praktikantin Eva Hefele Woffenbacher Str. 34 92318 Neumarkt/Opf. Tel. (09181) 3201-22 Eva.Hefele@bayern.dlrg-jugend.de www.aquamobil.net www.aquamobil.net Translation: Thomas Hain thomas.hain@bayern.dlrg-jugend.de thomas.hain@bayern.dlrg-jugend.de AQUAmobil wird gefördert durch das Bayrische Umweltministerium aus Mitteln des allgemeinem Umweltfonds

11 That´s us! The DLRG-Jugend Bayern

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