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Sun Certification Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA)                                        <Dateiname> / 1

2 Agenda 1. Sun Certification Programs 2. Der IT-Architekt
3. SCEA – Aufbau und Prüfungen 4. Eindrücke und Erfahrungen

3 Sun Certification Programs
Solaris OS Sun Certified Network Administrator for Solaris OS ... Sun Certified Backup and Recovery Engineer Sun Certified Programmer Sun Certified Developer Sun Certified Web Component Developer Sun Certified Business Component Developer Sun Certified Enterprise Architect Sun Certified Developer for Sun ONE Application Server Network/Storage Java Technology Sun Software Products

4 Der IT-Architekt (1) "The ideal architect should be a person of letters, a mathematician, familiar with historical studies, a diligent student of philosophy, acquainted with music, not ignorant of medicine, learned in the responses of jurisconsults, familiar with astronomy and astronomical calculations." Vitruvius, ca. 25BC

5 Der IT-Architekt (2) “The IT-architect understands the wants and needs of the client, designs a solution, communicates that design to the client for approval and to the builder for construction.” IT-Architekt ist kein Experte! Muss für seine Aufgabe Technik- und Domänen-Experten hinzuziehen! (Er kennt alles - aber nichts genau! ) Was muss der IT-Architekt wissen? Produkte / Technologien / Integrationsmöglichkeiten Einarbeiten in Fachdomäne und Kundenumfeld -> Erstellen der System Blueprints Software Engineering „Master of the Ilities“ Websphere Web-Services SOA/GRSA Tibco Rendevouz Soniq MQ Clustering MQ Series DMZ Webmethods Sun E10K JXTA E10K Z/OS MVS CISC IIOP CORBA R/3 SCEA Part I SCEA Part II Use Cases CMM Service Locator RUP Agents ADO.NET SA/SD Java C# Business Rule Engines OOA/OOD Banking 4+1 J2EE SoC MDA DAO UML/CWM SCEA Part III Scalability Extensibility Maintainability 3-Nines 24/7 Manageability Performance SLAs Availability Security Reliability Usability FR/NFR

6 < Titel - Foliensatz >
Aufbau SCEA < Titel - Foliensatz > 1. Multiple Choice Exam (48 Fragen, 75 Minuten, 68%) 1. Multiple Choice Exam (48 Fragen, 75 Minuten, 68%) 2. Architecture and Design Project (Projekt, keine Zeitbegrenzung, 70%) 3. Essay Exam (Fragen zum Projekt, 90 Minuten, Berechnung mit Projekt) komplizierter Prozess: Lernen -> Voucher kaufen -> Termin vereinbaren -> Prüfung ablegen (1) -> Ergebnis abwarten -> Voucher kaufen -> Assignment downloaden -> Assignment lösen -> Assignment uploaden (2) -> Ergebnis abwarten -> Voucher kaufen -> Termin vereinbaren -> Prüfung ablegen (3) -> Ergebnis abwarten -> Zertifikat abwarten <Dateiname> / 6

7 Part I – Multiple Choice Exam (1)
Aufgabe: „Show your knowledge of the IT!“ Inhalte: Common Architectures (Definition, Terminologie, NFR, Modelle, Konzepte) Documenting an Architecture (OOA/OOD, UML, 4+1, SAM, SW-Engineering) Patterns (GoF, Architectural, J2EE) Security (Java/J2EE Security, Kryptografie, Firewalls, DMZ, Topologien, Tunneling) Protocols & Object Frameworks (HTTP/S, IIOP, JRMP, CORBA, RMI) Legacy Connectivity (JCA, Techniken, Screen Scraper, Object Mapper) J2EE (Components, Lifecycles, TX, Persistence, APIs – JMS, JDBC, JNDI, etc.) Applicability of J2EE (Anwendbarkeit; J2EE,EJB,CMP – ja/nein) Internationalization (Terminologie, I18N in Java/J2EE) Messaging (Formen, Modelle, MOM, RPC, JMS, MDB) Schwierigkeiten: kaum Unterlagen zur Vorbereitung sehr umfangreich

8 Part I – Multiple Choice Exam (2)
Beispiel-Frage: Toysrfuss, a national toy store is creating a new e-front for Order processing. Customers have to create an account to transact with them, although an account is not required for browsing the catalog. Customers can browse items and add them to a shopping cart. They can then proceed to checkout. At this time, they can update quantities and submit the order. What technologies may be best suited for this app? a. JSP for presentation and Servlets as controllers. b. Servlets for presentation and JSP as controller. c. Stateless Session Bean for Shopping cart. d. Stateless session bean for catalog retrieval. e. Stateful Session bean for shopping cart. f. Stateful session bean for Order update. g. Entity bean for Catalog retrieval. h. Entity bean for Order update. A: a)d&e&g b)a&b&e&h c)a&d&e&h d)b&e&f&g

9 Part I – Multiple Choice Exam (3)
Beispiel-Frage: Which of the following are not true about N-Tier Systems? 1. N-Tier systems are distributed over many systems and hence always present a maintenance problem. 2. N-Tier systems are generally component based and are therefore quite easy to maintain. 3. Since N-Tier systems do not use database stored procedures or triggers for business logic processing, they are generally very slow. 4. Since N-Tier systems are container based, many N-Tier systems can be easily scaled (both vertically and horizontally). 5. N-Tier systems suffer only from one drawback over client/server systems - N-Tier systems do not take advantage of resource sharing techniques like connection pooling. 6. N-Tier systems can use various techniques for Identification, Authentication and Authorization and are therefore considered quite secure. . A: a)1&2 b)2&5&6 c)1&2&5 d)3&6 e)1&3&5 f)1&5

10 Aufbau SCEA 1. Multiple Choice Exam (48 Fragen, 75 Minuten, 68%)
2. Architecture and Design Project (Projekt, keine Zeitbegrenzung, 70%) 3. Essay Exam (Fragen zum Projekt, 90 Minuten, Berechnung mit Projekt)

11 Part II – Architecture and Design Project (1)
< Titel - Foliensatz > Aufgabe: „Produce scalable, enterprise level system blueprints - demonstrating your knowledge of IT architectures and J2EE!“ Flugbuchungssystem Ablöse- und Integrations-Projekt; drei beteiligte Unternehmen Input: Beschreibungen vom Business Analyst (Use Cases, Business Domain Model, Topologie, Schnittstellen-Spezifikationen) Mitschrift - Interview mit CIO/CEO Schwierigkeiten: schlechte und teilweise widersprüchliche Requirements > Annahmen treffen keine ausgereiften UML-Tools schwierig, da kein Austausch zum Kunden und im Team! <Dateiname> / 11

12 Part II – Architecture and Design Project (2)
Auszug aus Interview: Interviewer: Speaking of the Frequent Flyer system, why are you not replacing it with this rewrite? FBN CEO: Let me handle this. We spent a half million dollars 6 months ago to get this system in place. I for one am not ready to throw it away and spend another half million to replace it. You will have to interface with what is there and if this project goes smoothly and the J2EE application servers prove to work, then we can talk about rewriting it.

13 Part II – Architecture and Design Project (3)
Lösung: Assumptions (Goal, Business, Technical, QoS) Architectural- and High-Level-Design-Decisions Technologie-Auswahl Persistenz-Strategie TX Management Security Schnittstellen Abdeckung QoS/NFR ... Modelling Class Diagram Component Diagram Deployment Diagram Sequence Diagrams

14 Part II – Architecture and Design Project (4)

15 Aufbau SCEA 1. Multiple Choice Exam (48 Fragen, 75 Minuten, 68%)
2. Architecture and Design Project (Projekt, keine Zeitbegrenzung, 70%) 3. Essay Exam (Fragen zum Projekt, 90 Minuten, Berechnung mit Projekt)

16 < Titel - Foliensatz >
Part III – Essay Exam < Titel - Foliensatz > Aufgabe: „Show your knowledge of QoS requirements and defend your own architecture!“ Inhalte: „Wie erreicht ihre Architektur die geforderte Performance?“ „Wie gut skaliert ihre Architektur?“ <Dateiname> / 16

17 Eindrücke & Erfahrungen (1)
Zeitraum: 4/03 – 7/03: Vorbereitung SCEA Part I : Prüfung Part I 9/03 – 12/03: Projekt SCEA Part II : Upload Part II : Prüfung Part III Negativ: sehr zeitaufwändig komplexer Prozess, wenig Unterlagen schlechte Unterstützung durch Prometric Positiv: Aufbau eines sehr umfangreichen Praxis-Wissens („lifelong learning“) Herausforderung

18 Eindrücke & Erfahrungen (2)
The SCEA is a software architect certification a J2EE technology certification a time consuming process, but a beneficial one... Jedes System hat eine Architektur! (auch wenn man sie nicht plant )

19 Q & A

20 Certification Policies for Sun Professionals
WRONG: „I bought 50 new Sun Blades.“ RIGHT: „I bought 50 new Sun Blade workstations.“ WRONG: „My business relies on Java.“ RIGHT: „My business relies on the Java Platform.“ WRONG: „Let the sun shine in your datacenter!“ RIGHT: „Bring Sun servers into your datacenter and make your net work.“

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