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Sachsen/Saxony By: Adrian Deneen. Landeshauptstadt Dresden.

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1 Sachsen/Saxony By: Adrian Deneen

2 Landeshauptstadt Dresden

3 Die Fläche

4 Die Landerwappen

5 Ministerpräsident Stanislaw Tillich

6 Mappe

7 Angrenzende Länder Die länder angrenzende ist Bradenburg, Saxony Anhalt, Thuringia und Bavaria.

8 Einwohnerzahl 4,200,000 people in Sachsen

9 Gebirge Fichtelberg 1,215 meters

10 Flüsse Elbe fliest 180 km

11 Dialekte Old or Low Saxon The Old Saxon is spoken in upper Saxony Low Saxon is spoken in the lower part of Saxony Not very different just different pronunciations or names they give things. Example:

12 Sehenswürdigkeiten Some of the attractions in Saxony are the quaint towns they offer for tourists to visit Meissen, Frieberg, Pirna, Bautzen, and Görlitz

13 Songstiges 10 different districts in Sachsen

14 Religion About 75% of people in Saxony are irreligious

15 Universities Saxony has one of the largest colleges in Germany and its the Dresden University of Technology

16 Thanks yall

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