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Winchmore A Level German Summer 2016 – Transition Booklet

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1 Winchmore A Level German Summer 2016 – Transition Booklet

2 1. Listen to the Radio You can listen to German radio online!
Go to : and navigate around the stations until you find one you like! 1. Listen to the radio in German for 5 minutes 5 days a week for 2 consecutive weeks. Keep a radio diary with notes. 2. Find a song in the German country charts that you like and write about why it in German. Titel ____________________________________ Sänger/Gruppe_______________________________ Warum magst du das Leid? Ich finde das Leid ________________________ ,weil____________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Date Radio station Notes

3 2. Watch the news in German
The Deutsche Welle website includes lots of useful exercises, texts, videos and audio files to help you practise German. There is also the ‘langsam gesprochene Nachrichten’ (the news spoken slowly.) Go to the site and watch 1 news programme a week. Write the date and a summary in the table below. Date Summary Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5

4 3. Find a blog Find a blog in the TL about a topic that interests you and write some information below about it. Here you will find a list of blogs you can peruse: Name ____________________________________ Who owns it? What is it about? What do you like about it? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

5 4. Read a newspaper article
Find and read an article on the following website: Summarise it in English and then translate it! Remember, you’ll need to translate the phrases as a whole, and not translate word for word. Title: __________________________________________________ Summary: ______________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Translation: _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

6 5. Watch a film and write a review
Watch one of the following films: Goodbye Lenin! (comedy) Keinohrhasen (romantic comedy) Almanya (comedy about coming to Germany) Lola rennt (thriller/action) You can find films on You Tube, online, or rent a DVD of your choice. Write a review of the film you watched using the writing frame provided on the next page. The frame is just to give you some ideas – feel free to write more! If you need a dictionary, use – but look at the context and choose the correct word!

7 Connectives Adjectives
Eine Filmkritik Welchen Film hast du gesehen? Wer ist der Regisseur? (What Film did you watch? Who is the director? Wo findet er statt? (Where does it take place?) Wovon handelt er? (What is it about?) Wer spielt welche Rolle? (Who plays which role?) Wie hast du den Film gefunden und warum? (What did you think of the film and why?) Würdest du den Film empfehlen? Warum? (Would you recommend the film? Why?) Connectives weil because denn obwohl although trotz (+ genitive) despite zudem in addition außerdem in addition/apart from that Ich habe neulich [Film name] von [Director’s name] gesehen. Er findet in einem Schloss im Weltall in der Zukunft statt. Er handelt von… drei Schulfreunden. der Zauberei. einer anderen Welt. einem Liebespaar. Daniel Radcliff spielt die Hauptrolle. Rupert Grint/Emma Watson spielt die Rolle von Ron/Hermione. Er/sie ist ein toller Schauspieler / eine tolle Schauspielerin. wirklich/überhaupt nicht begabt. Ich habe den Film spannend aber zu kompliziert gefunden., weil… Ich würde den Film (nicht) empfehlen, weil… Adjectives witzig funny fesselnd gripping spannend exciting informativ informative glaubhaft believable sehenswert worth seeing entspannend relaxing unterhaltsam entertaining überzeugend convincing beeindrückend impressive atemberaubend breathtaking empfehlenswert worthy of recommendation

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