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Fitness. An english presentation.

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1 Fitness

2 Everybody wants to be fit and have the perfect beach-body. Here we will give you some tips to get fit!

3 1. Double up the number of the sets! A easy way to make your training more intense is to double up the number of the sets for every muscle. Do not do that every time because that would be too much and it is not good for your body.

4 2. Use your own body weight for getting more muscles! To get a functional force you should do own-weight-exercises like pull-ups, push- ups, sit-ups and dips in you training. Sit-ups Push-ups Dips

5 3. Do not train when you have eaten! Your body is too busy with digesting the food you ate the last two hours. So the blood you need in your muscles is in your tummy for digesting. Train with an emptx tummy because else you do not have enough power for your workout.

6 4. Healthy nutrition! Everyday you have to eat a number of vitamins and calories to have enough power for the day. Eat an apple or a banana before you train an you will feel good. Healthy nutrition is also good when you are not training so always eat healthy! The picture on the next page shows the healthy eating pyramid. This is a perfect exapmle for a good nutrition.


8 5. Hands away from fast-food! Fast-food is not good for your body, especially while a workout, because of all the fat that is in there. You cannot reduce all the fat in your body. Again: The healthy eating pyramid on the page before.

9 Motivating picture:

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