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Gerhard Lauer Europäische Trends I: EU-Raum. Gerhard Lauer Digital Humanities.

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Präsentation zum Thema: "Gerhard Lauer Europäische Trends I: EU-Raum. Gerhard Lauer Digital Humanities."—  Präsentation transkript:

1 Gerhard Lauer Europäische Trends I: EU-Raum

2 Gerhard Lauer Digital Humanities

3 Gerhard Lauer Editionen (normal science) Theodor Mommsen Corpus Inscriptionum Latninarum 1853 ff. 17 Bände, in 70 Teilen ca. 180.000 inscriptiones Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften http://cil.bbaw.de/

4 Corpus Thomisticum 1949 Roberto Busa SJ (1913-2011) & Thomas J. Watson (Begründer von IBM) Konkordanz zu praesens / praesentia Lemmatisierung des Gesamtwerks des Hl. Thomas 56 Bände http://www.corpusthomisticum.org Gerhard Lauer

5 Perseus Digital Library (mehr als der Kanon) Gerhard Lauer

6 Blumenbach online Meteorit von Mauerkirchen, Oberösterreich (ded. König Ludwig I von Bayern (1786 – 1868))

7 Gerhard Lauer Universal Leonardo http://www.universalleonardo.org

8 Gerhard Lauer Digital Humanities

9 Gerhard Lauer Europäische Trends I.Computergestützte Geisteswissenschaften II.Programme und Initiativen III.Ausblick

10 Digitale Archäologie Angkor Wat Light detection and ranging (Lidar) Gerhard Lauer Evans et al. 2013

11 Diskurs-Analysen Gerhard Lauer www.dwds.de

12 Gerhard Lauer European Holocaust Research Infrastructure

13 The Million books situation Google Books, Early English Books online, ECCO, Evans, British National Corpus, Gallica, VD 16. / VD 17./ VD 18., Deutsches Textarchiv (DTA), Zeno.org … Gerhard Lauer

14 Digitale Mozart Edition http://dme. mozarteum.at/DME/

15 Gerhard Lauer Märchen der Welt (scalable reading) Therani, J.J. (2013)

16 Das Jahr 1809 (mehr als der Kanon) Gerhard Lauer

17 Entwicklung der Erste- Person- Erzählung Black, M. et al. (in press)

18 Gerhard Lauer Kleist (lernt Statistik) “Kleist’s Dramas”: Consensus tree, Eder’s Delta distance, 800- 2000 MFW, consensus 0.5

19 Rijks studio Gerhard Lauer https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/ en/rijksstudio

20 The Roaring Twenties Gerhard Lauer E. Thompson (2004). The Soundscape of Modernity: Architectural Acoustics and the Culture of Listening in America, 1900-1933; http://vectorsdev.usc.edu/NYC sound/777b.html

21 Algorithmische Kritik Gerhard Lauer

22 Digital Humanities  als normaler Teil der Geisteswissenschaften  erschließt Kultur in einer nicht gekannten Tiefe und Breite  … und verändert deshalb die Geisteswissenschaften Gerhard Lauer 010010011101001110101011 0100010101001001010111010 0110100001010100100101 0111010011101010110100010 100101111011010110101001 1110101011010001101011001 0011101001110101011010001 01010010111010101110100111

23 Gerhard Lauer Europäische Trends I.Computergestützte Geisteswissenschaften II.Programme und Initiativen III.Ausblick

24 Gerhard Lauer Europäische Initiativen  ARIADNE  CENDARI  CHARISMA  CLARIN  DARIAH  EHRI  NeDiMAH

25 Gerhard Lauer ADS: provides online access to various services, including over 20,000 grey- literature fieldwork reports and over 700 research archives. AIAC: An online database of archaeological excavations undertaken across the Classical World since the year 2000, including some 12,000 excavation reports and site summaries across the Mediterranean. ARACHNE is the free object database of DAI / Institut of Classical Archaeology in Cologne. It provides more than 1 Mio images of finds, architecture and excavations with meta information as well as digitised historical literature. ZENON is the basic online card index of all institutions of DAI. It provides central information about all books available in the DAI libraries worldwide and access to several digital monographs and journals.

26 Gerhard Lauer

27 FIXLAB provides access to large and medium scale European installations, including the beamlines of one synchrotron radiation, one neutron source and two ion-beam analytical facilities; MOLAB offers access to a portable set of advanced analytical equipment, for in-situ non-invasive measurements on artworks, without any movement of the artefacts from their location and any contact with the surface; ARCHLAB permits the access to the structured scientific information and analytical data, stored in the archives of the most prestigious European museums and conservation institutions.

28 Gerhard Lauer  store language resources in a sustainable repository at a CLARIN centre  Virtual Language Observatory (VLO): specialized search engines to find language resources using a faceted browser or using a map  web services  consulting services  Services to be used in the central CLARIN infrastructure. These are server based programs installed at one CLARIN partner as a service for all CLARIN centers to be used. They are usually hidden from the individuals using the infrastructure for their research, given their technical nature

29 Gerhard Lauer

30  A map visualising the use of digital research across Europe  An ontology of digital research methods  A collaborative, interactive online forum for the European community of practitioners active in this area.

31 Gerhard Lauer

32 Europäische Trends I.ProComputergestützte Geisteswissenschaften II.Programme und Initiativen III.Ausblick

33 Infrastructure 1605 The works touching books are two - first, libraries, which are as the shrines where all the relics of the ancient saints, full of true virtue, and that without delusion or imposture, are preserved and reposed; secondly, new editions of authors, with more correct impressions, more faithful translations, more profitable glosses, more diligent annotations, and the like Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning, 1605 Gerhard Lauer

34 Internet der Dinge: Ontologien und Semantik

35 Gerhard Lauer Visualisierung

36 Gerhard Lauer Open Access

37 Gerhard Lauer Korpora und Muster (Tools bleiben nicht stehen)

38 Normale Wissenschaft besser machen Gerhard Lauer dynamische Korpora Visualisierung und Gaming Standards Nachhaltige Infrastrukturen Open Access Neues lernen Internet der Dinge

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