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virtPresenter „lecture recording framework“

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1 virtPresenter „lecture recording framework“
+ lernfunk.de „audio/video content repository“

2 Overview Interface / Backend - virtPresenter recording framework
Lecture recording production Interface / Backend - virtPresenter recording framework - automatic content production IT involved Content distribution - university internal / external - content re-use Access control Systemintegration - user authentication process Usage Analysis Comparing different platforms

3 virtPresenter lecture recording framework
eLearning Produktionskette: video/audio recording PowerPoint presentation screencapture „virtPresenter lecture recording system“ automatic content provision: Recording of the content, preparation for publishing and providing on a server Podcasts (Audio, Video & Enhanced Podcasts) mLearning

4 Backend and content production
3 Parts Recording Processing Distribution Lecturer only starts /stop the presentation Processes are fully automated Recording system is scaleable

5 Webinterface 5

6 Content distribution 1 Productionchain adds additional info for content re-use Webinterface Podcasts Course websites University - LMS iTunes Store / U YouTube Education

7 Content distribution 2 Productionchain adds additional info for further content re-use University blogfarm:

8 Content distribution 3 Productionchain adds additional info for further content re-use Lernfunk audio/video content management system: virtPresenter Facebook integration: Social Network Application Group (University of Osnabrück)

9 Content distribution 4 Enhance Wikipedia with Multimedia:

10 Lernfunk - A/V repository
Situation at the University University related multimedia content in different places: inside the LMS faculty websites course websites ... Old/different media file types lost links forgotten "hard discs“

11 Lernfunk - A/V repository

12 Lernfunk - A/V repository
Lernfunk -

13 Lernfunk - A/V repository
Lernfunk - overview

14 Lernfunk - University Marketing
Lernfunk - overview

15 User authentication process
3 main scenarios: public for everybody students of the course content is used in outside systems (blogs, wikis, any other website,...) 3 different stations (a,b,c) for the virtPresenter user authentication process

16 Integration in the LMS Lecture recordings with user authentication in the LMS Stud.IP 16

17 Identify relevant parts in lecture recordings
University of Pittsburgh VirtPresenter provides three versions of footprints to users. The first version displays users own footprints for orientation over a longer learning period. The second version visualizes other learners footprints in form of different color shading corresponding to frequency of visits per snippet. The third is used to compare personal and foreign footprints

18 Edit the recordings online & extract parts
Students can produce a „Best off“ of a lecture series Different lectures can be mixed Compact knowledge Short and compact content for podcasts / mobile devices (wikis, blogs...) Increase user acceptance (students as well as lecturer) Wrong parts in a recording can be removed from a lecturer 18

19 Cutting out relevant parts
University of Pittsburgh Whenever a user decides to bookmark parts of recordings for later use she can cut out this passage online using two small markers in the interfaceand add it to the bookmark section.This selection can also be exported via hyperlink to external systems, like a course wiki, a group blog or just to the regular bookmark space of a webbrowser.

20 Integration in University Blog
English Language and Linguistics Online 20

21 Usage Analysis student users from11different lectures as well as users from outside, watching 110 available lectures and conference recordings

22 virtPresenter Lecture Recording Framework
virtPresenter framework is opensource Will be part of Matterhorn & OpenCast community Info, code, help, publications can be found: Available lecture recordings and webcasts

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