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Tap the Electronic Frontier Foundation!

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1 Tap the Electronic Frontier Foundation!
Peter Eckersley, Staff Technologist Danny O’Brien, Activism Co-ordinator Seth Schoen, Staff Technologist

2 Sixty Minutes of Audience Questions
What does the EFF do, anyway? What’s happening with $TOPIC? Is anyone going to sue me? You’re not going to sue me, are you? Why are Americans so $ADVERB $ADJECTIVE?

3 Standard EFF Shrinkwrap NDA/EULA
By looking, glancing or thinking about this PowerPoint slide-show (patent pending), you hereby agree to the following: You may not, without EFF’s prior written approval, provide any public commentary on this work or series of works within the Presentation, including derivative works based on the concepts expressed therein, throughout the universe in perpetuity in any and all media, now known or hereafter developed , alone, or together or as part of other material of any kind or nature. You agree that in order to protect the integrity of this content, EFF and/or its licensors may provide for Software security related updates that will be downloaded and installed on your work laptops. Such related updated may impair or delete content derived from the presentation. Note that presenters’ names are hereby identified as common law trademarks, whose public expression by non- licensors is strictly limited by law. You may not reverse-engineer or emulate in your own mind the concepts and abstractions underlying the presentation. You agree that you will not use the concepts and abstractions, nor expressed fixated copyrightable content in this Presentation in the presence of any “unauthorized” devices, which include, but are not limited to: CD or audio recorders, televisual devices that do not obey the VEIL rights mark, non-rubust devices with unprotected analog outputs, trusted computing systems that do not respond to remote attestation requests. This presentation is protected with an effective technological measure under the 1201(b) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or equivalent Free Trade Agreement law in your jurisdiction. EFF reserves the right, at any time and from time to time, to update, revise, supplement, and otherwise modify this Agreement and to impose new or additional rules, policies, terms, or conditions on your use of the Service. Such updates, revisions, supplements, modifications, and additional rules, policies, terms, and conditions (collectively referred to in this Agreement as "Additional Terms") will be effective immediately and incorporated into this Agreement. Your continued use of the concepts and abstractions behind the Presentation following will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of any and all such Additional Terms. All Additional Terms are hereby incorporated into this Agreement by this reference. All Trademarks are property their respective owners. (Contd. at Your statutory rights are heavily affected.)

4 Standard EFF Shrinkwrap NDA/EULA
Indem Sie schauen, flüchtig blicken oder denken an diesen PowerPoint  Slide-show (das Patent schwebend), stimmst du hiermit dem folgenden zu: Du kannst, ohne vorherige schriftliche Zustimmung EFF, keinenallgemeinen Kommentar auf dieser Arbeit oder Reihe Arbeiten innerhalb der Darstellung, einschließlich die abgeleiteten Arbeiten zur Verfügung zu stellen, die auf den während des Universums darin ausgedrückten, jetzt bekannten oder nachher entwickelten Konzepten in der Dauer in irgendwelchen und in allen Mitteln basieren, alleine oder zusammen oder als Teil anderen Materials irgendeiner Art oder Natur. Du stimmst darin überein, daß, um die Vollständigkeit dieses Inhalts zu schützen, EFF und/oder seine Lizenzgeber für bezogene Updates der Software zur Verfügung stellen können Sicherheit, die auf deine Arbeit Laptope downloadet und angebracht werden. Solches in Verbindung stehendes aktualisiertes kann den Inhalt hindern oder löschen, der von der Darstellung abgeleitet wird. Merken, daß Vorführer' Namen hiermit als Zivilrechteingetragene warenzeichen gekennzeichnet werden, deren allgemeiner Ausdruck durch Nichtlizenzgeber ausschließlich durch Gesetz begrenzt wird. Du kannst nicht Rück-ingenieur oder in deinem eigenen Verstand die zugrundeliegenden Konzepte und die Abstraktionen zu emulieren die Darstellung. Du stimmst, daß du nicht die Konzepte und die Abstraktionen verwendest, noch ausgedrückter fixierter copyrightable Inhalt in dieser Darstellung in Anwesenheit aller „nicht autorisierten“ Vorrichtungen, die einschließen, aber wirst nicht begrenzt zu: CD oder Audiorecorder, Fernsehvorrichtungen, die nicht den SCHLEIER befolgen, berichtigt Markierung, non-rubust Vorrichtungen mit ungeschützten Analogergebnisen, verläßliche Computing-Systeme, die nicht auf Remotebescheinigung Anträge reagieren. Diese Darstellung wird mit einem wirkungsvollen technologischen Maß unter 1201 (b) des Gesetzes des Digital Jahrtausend- Urheberrechtsgesetz-oder äquivalent Freihandelsvertrags in deiner Jurisdiktion geschützt. EFF behält das Recht, jederzeit und gelegentlich, diese Vereinbarung zu aktualisieren, zu verbessern, zu ergänzen und anders zu ändern vor und die neuen oder zusätzlichen Richtlinien, Politik, die Bezeichnungen oder die Bedingungen deinem Gebrauch von dem Service aufzuerlegen. Solche Updates, Neuausgaben, Ergänzungen, änderungen und zusätzliche Richtlinien, Politik, Bezeichnungen und Bedingungen (zusammen bezogen in dieser Vereinbarung als „zusätzliche Bezeichnungen“) sind sofort und verbunden in diese Vereinbarung wirkungsvoll. Dein anhaltender Gebrauch von den Konzepten und den Abstraktionen hinter dem Darstellung Folgen wird gemeint, um deine Annahme von irgendwelchen und von all diesen zusätzlichen Bezeichnungen festzusetzen. Alle zusätzlichen Bezeichnungen werden hiermit in diese Vereinbarung durch diesen Hinweis enthalten. Alle eingetragenen Warenzeichen sind Eigenschaft ihre jeweiligen Inhaber. (Contd. bei Deine gesetzlichen Rechte werden schwer. beeinflußt)

5 EFF Backgrounder True name: Erisian Freedom Fellowship
Founded after fall of Atlantis, c BCE Secret base on dark side of Moon Uses subliminal messages encoded in Grateful Dead “bootleg” recordings Blue Ribbon actually symbol of ancient Cthulhu Death Cult (note: tell funny story about that) Motto: “Heute San Francisco, Morgens Die Sonnensystem!” Members use “yogic flying”

6 Funding 26 employees (third are attorneys)
13,000 very independent members 2006 budget: $2.5m 2005: 75% of our budget was from individual donors (21% foundations) No government money

7 Secret Internal Structure
tech research / \ / \ illegal legal Printer project DES cracking White papers I'll talk through a diagram looking a little like the above, explaining Legal: Core of our work. We have ten lawyers full-time, three specialising in privacy and free speech issues, one on electronic voting, three on intellectual prpoerty law, one on international law, and our legal director and executive director. Jason'll go over this in more detail, but essentially the lawyers are spent looking at cases that are sent to us, choosing which ones we can take up, or file an amicus on. Works a lot like a law firm. Only with puppies. And a tendedency to cite examples from Battlestar Galactica, and Magic: The Gathering when explaining points of law. Also were we direct our work on standards committees, and legal research work. Technology Research: A lot of our policy decisions emerge here: analysis of Trusted Computing, printer dots, GNU Radio, code to back up our work, forensic analyis for our cases. Reverse-engineering important. Also need to keep in with what common practices are. Illegal: This I can talk about. Not actually illegal, but work that a law firm wouldn't be doing. We have 120,000 pages on our website, both historical and current, which needs maintenance. We're constantly being asked by press to comment; and we also try and boil down what we've learnt into white papers. And finally there's me - I'm Mr 20%, as we under 501(c)3 laws we can spend 20% of our resources lobbying for legislation, or legislative change. Often we're fighting on two fronts, with something like the broadcast flag, where we fight in standards committees (representing MythTV, GNU Radio), the courts, and fnally in Congress. Also, we try and get out the news of what's happening. There's a lot that individuals can do, and we try and act as a watchdog to spot these matters as they come down the pike. the staff levels, and examples. Also point out it also it's our office map. (Really, seriously, welcome to come by. Google legal team does, and we're always happy to have people come and learn what we're doing. Also feel safer talking when we don't have slides (joke about AT&T deathstar last time legal team came).

8 0x10 Years of Digital Rights
“Defending Freedom in Digital World” Gone through several phases Originally intended to be a foundation Very few understood issues Had to do a lot ourselves But at the core: “impact litigation” S

9 Things We’re Doing Launched class action against AT&T over NSA’s warrantless wiretapping of its customers. Represented interests of open source TV projects on the European Digital Video Broadcasting forum. Represented public interests at WIPO, supporting more OSS friendly international IP law, stood against Broadcast Treaty. Successfully delayed introduction of broadcast flag legislation for over a year. Conducted FOIA requests to discover use of air passenger records by US government.

10 Things We’re Doing, contd.
Cracked color laser printer dot code. Litigated for transparency in e-voting machines. Created Legal Guide for Bloggers. Analysed and reported, and filed complaint over AOL’s search term leak. Working with companies to develop internet human rights codes of practice in repressive regimes. Challenging a series of overreaching software/business practice patents.

11 Things We’re Doing, contd.
Successfully opposed US governments attempts to track cell phone users without probable cause. Helped defend right to anonymous speech in several cases. Supported Tor, the anonymizing proxy Educated the public on dangers of RFIDs, data mining, national ID schemes. Fought to ensure online journalists have same legal protections as offline journalists.

12 Memes Count We brief judges, politicians and the public with better ways to understand and protect old rights in new technology. We look to where we can best defend those who will be affected by the misapplication of old ideas. We look for better ideas, and better places to defend them.

13 New Places This year, opened a Washington D.C. office.
nmap for the U.S. Government A European Office in Brussels. Work alongside others to promote and defend digital rights in the EU.

14 Help Us Use us as a resource: information@eff.org Give us feedback:
We’re small enough to listen Need it to stay two years ahead Become a member! Thank You!

15 Any questions or answers?
Surveillance What action can I take? Free Trade Arguments Frequently Awkward Questions Printer dots! RIAA and MPAA - what next for them? How to defend your privacy online Any questions or answers? AT&T Details Analog Hole China and Censorship Broadcast Flag latest Data retention Barney the Dinosaur Criminalization of Infringement Windows Vista Coming up in Congress Seth’s Big Announcement Michael Crook

16 Criminalization of “IP” Crime
DMCA Intellectual Property Protection Act Attempted infringement a crime Authorizes FBI wiretapping in copyright crimes Permits seizure, including records Possession of circumvention tech == traffic

17 Criminalization of Patent Infringement
EU originally making all commercial violations of ‘intellectual property rights’ a crime - IPRED2 Last version included patent infringement If criminal, no liability insurance possible Europe doesn’t have software patents Yet.

18 Government Mandated DRM
Broadcast Flag - No MythTV Audio Flag - No GNU Radio Analog Hole - No Open Digitiser Hardware Mandatory DRM in Streaming Radio - No Ogg

19 Happier Thoughts Politicians and the public increasingly “getting it”
Proprietary OSes engaging in “race to the bottom” Plenty that can be done -- most importantly, don’t be chilled

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