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Literature groupe.

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1 literature groupe

2 Poem A woman and a man want to go out for a show. But the woman can’t decide what to wear. Woman: What could I wear, what could I wear? Man: That’s not my problem, I don’t care! W: Should I wear the green or the blue dress? M: Leave me alone, just don’t stress. W: I’m too small, I’m too thick. M: Be quiet, you make me sick! W: The decision is so difficult M: I can’t hear it anymore, behave like an adult! W: Oh come on, that’s unfair, you’re so mean! M: Don’t worry, just take your new jeans!

3 W: But then I have to wear my uncomfortable shoes.
M: It’s up to you to choose. M: Come on, we are late. W: You have just 5 more minutes to wait. M: In the meantime I will collate. W: I’m ready, let’s go! M: Ok, great so we won’t miss the show! M: Do you know where my keys are? W: No I don’t drive your car! W: You live in such a mess! M: I guess this evening won’t be a success.

4 poéme Une femme et un homme veulent sortir pour le dîner. Mais la femme ne sait pas quoi mettre. Femme : Que pourrais-je porter, que pourrais-je porter ? Homme : ce n'est pas mon problème, a toi de décider ! F: Est-ce que je mets la robe verte ou la bleue ? H : Laisse moi tranquille, fais comme tu veux. F: Je suis trop petite, j´ai grossi. H: Tais toi tu me compliques la vie! F: Le choix n´est pas facile. H: Arrêtes un peu ne fais pas l´imbécile. F : Allez, t´es pas sympa, tu m´enquiquines. H : T´inquiètes pas, t´as qu´a mettre ton nouveau jean.

5 F: Mais alors je dois porter mes chaussures qui me font mal aux pieds.
H: Allez c'est à toi de trancher. H: Allons, nous sommes en retard. F :Encore 5 minutes, ne sois pas avare . H : Alors j´ai le temps de me fumer un cigare. F : Ok, je suis prête allons y . H : Super on arrivera pour la première partie. H. Tu n´as pas vu mes clés ? F : Non c´est pas moi qui conduis ton coupé. F : Tu n´es vraiment pas organisé. H : Partis comme ça notre soirée va sûrement mal tourner.

6 Gedicht anno dazumal Wenn die Küchenuhr zeigt sechs Uhr Abends
50er Jahre Szene: Mann kommt von der Arbeit heim. Wenn die Küchenuhr zeigt sechs Uhr Abends Frau Hanne hantiert fleißig mit der Pfanne Da kommt von weitem her der strenge Kaufmanne namens Hanne und schreitet eilends voran in die duftende Stube wo er seine Frau sittsam mit einem Wangenkuss begrüßt die errötet unter ihrer Küchenhaube und während sie das Essen noch ein letztes Mal abschmeckt befasst sich Herr Hanne mit der Abendzeitung und während er da lesend sitzt hat Frau Hanne ihm bereits die Schuhe ausgezogen, ihm seine Pantoffeln übergezogen und ist geschwind davon geflitzt um ihren Jungen von der Stube nebenan zu holen und als er dem lieben Vati die schlechte Mathenote beichtet hat dieser schon begonnen weit auszuholen um den Jungen zu versohlen.

7 Nach dem Essen betrachtet
Herr Hanne das blank geputzte Heim das nach seiner Ansicht noch immer nicht sauber genug erscheint Frau Hanne verneint empört und schwört den ganzen lieben Tag die Fliesen geschrubbt zu haben und Herr Hanne möge doch sich lieber an den frisch gemachten Kuchen laben der da steht in der behaglichen Wohnstube und Herr Hanne zieht brummelnd von dannen um sich vor dem offenen Feuer zu entspannen und kurz darauf als er ist eingeschlafen Frau Hanne heimlich eine Schublade öffnet und hervorzieht ein geheimes Buch mit dickem Ledereinbande.

8 Doch sie liest nicht lange
als Herr Hanne wieder erwacht und aufgebracht seine ungebildete Frau lesen sieht und nicht recht weiß wie ihm geschieht. Er sagt ihr er würde sie am liebsten bestrafen sie sei schließlich seine Frau und müsse nicht lesen können und sich ihrer häuslichen Pflichten entsinnen. Frau Hanne schluckt folgsam ihren Ärger hinab und händigt ihm unter Tränen das Buch aus Das Herr Hanne sogleich wirft ins Feuer und sich die Kohlestücke ergötzen an dem Leichenschmaus da begab sich Frau Pfanne nun greinend ins Schlafzimmer und lies ihren Tränen freien Lauf worauf Herr Hanne eintritt und die Szene mit Kopfschütteln kommentiert und schweigend ihr Verhalten als unsittsam notiert.

9 Crossword Puzzle Which country has a female federal chancellor?
Which branch is leaded by men? What are women always carrying with them? What do women do with their hair to look younger? Why are men opening women the door? Because they are … 6. In Scotland boys and girls wear …

10 G E R M A N Y C O I H D B T L S K

11 Radio Interview Interviewer: Good morning Europe! My name is Angela and you’re listening to Radio E1. Today I have the pleasure to welcome a special guest in our studio. Mandy Smith, hello. Mandy Smith: Hello, thanks for the invitation. I: The next 10 minutes Mandy will tell us something about her powerful position in the economy. At first, Mrs. Smith, could you tell us something about your person? M: I’m 35 and I live near by Wales. I’m married and I have two amazing children of the age of 3 and 5 years. My job, which you are interested in is first manager in a huge electronic company. I: Was this job a dream from an early age? M: No…my father was a firefighter and I’d like to be a firefighter too because I loved the uniforms. I: When did you recognize that you want to be a manager? M: With 18 I decided to study and a teacher supported me on my long way. I: In the beginning, was it difficult for you to get a good job in the economy? M: Yeah it was really hard to get in the branch and be accepted as a woman. I looked for a job a very long time and I wrote many applications.

12 I: Did you ever think about giving up?
M: Sometimes it was very frustrating, but my family, friends and my teacher support me the whole time. I : And how did you get this job? M : I applied in this company and they offered me a job as a secretary. Two years ago I got the long-awaited job as the manager in the same company. I : How do you manage your private life and your career? M : I’m glad to have such a fantastic man who supports me as well as he can. He cares about our children and we share the work in the house. I : What do your children say that you have to work so often? M : I can arrange my work good. I get up early every day and I go in the office. My husband looks after our children and takes them into the kindergarten. So I can go home earlier and can spend time with my kids. I : Thanks for the insight into your life! M : You’re welcome and I appeal to the women to follow their target.

13 A telephone-call between two girls
Martina: Hallo I just call you to fix an appointment. Agnes: Oh great lets go to the cinema but first: Have I told you about my new shoes? M: No did you buy the green ones with the silver stripes? A: No the pink shoes the loops on the tops M: How sweet I will love them. A: They are great in my favourite soap “Rose-Street” Melanie is wearing them. M: I love Melanie, she is so cute and always very posh dressed A: Did you watch it yesterday? M: Sure I did. Why did Melanie break up with Mark? A: I don´t know he is so splendid, handsome and rich. M: But not as smart as Ben. A: No it is not true Mark is a lot sweeter. M: I know we prefer different types of men. A: We had the same problem last week in the nightclub M The party was unforgettable A: The music was perfect and there was a great mood on the dance-floor.

14 M: Did you listen to the new song from Madonna?
A: No is it a good one? Do you like it? M: Yes but not as much as her last one. Is she still married with Guy Richie? A: I thought she had a love-affair but I´m not sure. M: Her poor children, it´s hard to be a Hollywood-stars child. A: Yes but there are positive sides as well. M: You can have everything you want, clothes, jewellery and a summer cottage. A: It´s true I would like a summer cottage. M: Me as well. A summer cottage in France or Italy would be lovely. A: You could enjoy your holidays on the beach in the sun. M: And eat expensive food. A: This would be a great life, but our last holiday trip to London was nice too M: Yes the hotel was typically British, the weather was nice, and we did a lot of things. A: My favourite part was the visit of Harrods. M: Yes there were lots of things to buy, chocolate, perfume and clothes. A: But the sights were nice, too. M Yes Big Ben and the House of Parliament. . A: I really loved the journey to London. M: Oh. It was a great experience.

15 M: Next year I would like to travel to Paris
A: Oh yes I have read a lot about the city. But some days on the beach would be nice, too. M: I will go to the travel agency and ask about some special offers as well as magazines. A: There is only one problem: I have no money left. M: You have no money left? A: I spent all my money for shopping. M: Oh no. You should buy a newspaper maybe there are job-offers inside. A: But I don´t want to work as a cleaning-woman or sales assistant. M: That’s beneath you. A: Maybe my parents will give me some money. M: But do you have some money left for the cinema-tickets tonight? A: O right the cinema. M: Which film do you want to see? A: Avatar shall be good. M: Oh yes lets go and see Avatar. A: It starts at 19:30 o’clock M: Ok lets meet at the cinema. I will wear my new shoes A: I´m looking forward to meet you. Bye, bye M. See you. Bye.

16 A telephone-call between two boys
Guillaume : Hello Benjamin how are you ? Benjamin: I’m fine thanks and you ? G : Me too. I would like to know what you are doing tomorrow night ! B : I have nothing planned and you ? G : I was thinking about going to the cinema ? B : Yes but what are we going to watch ? G : I don’t know. What do you want to watch ? B : I would like to see Avatar. What about you ? G : Yes, I was thinking about it . G : Ok well there is a showing at 19h30 . B : No problem .Let’s meet in front of the cinema . G :Ok see you tomorrow .

17 Discussion au Telephone
Guillaume : Allo Benjamin comment vas tu ? Benjamin : Je vais bien et toi ? G : Sa va. Je voulais savoir ce que tu faisais demain soir ! B : Je n´ai rien de prevu et toi ? G : Je me disais qu’on pourrait aller au cinema ? B : Oui mais qu’allons nous aller voir ? G : Je ne sais pas, que veut tu alles voir ? B : J’irais bien voir Avatar . Qu’en penses tu ? G : Oui je voulais justement te le proposer . G : Ok et bien il y a une seance a 19h30 . B : Pas de soucis . On se rejoint devant le cinema . G : Ok à demain .

18 The End Fin Ende

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