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Angelina Silvia Conny Jasmin

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1 Angelina Silvia Conny Jasmin
Literature group Barbara Justine Morgane Marine Angelina Silvia Conny Jasmin

2 Job ad The practice team Dr. Zotter and Dr. Nadjafi is looking for a practice aid for 30.Nov, who supports them 3-4 times a week. Your future tasks: During your working hours you will be working in the accounts. You will receive patients, take care of and support them. We offer you the opportunity to be part of a professional social work environment. You also have the chance to get good training opportunities and new experiences.

3 What we expect from you:
Qualified secondary school degree Completed vocational training Stock X-ray examination Professional experience Foreign languages skills A sense of privacy You have: Learning joy and enthusiasm Interest in working with people Team spirit and energy to face the daily challenges

4 Contact: Have we caught your interest
Contact: Have we caught your interest? You stand up to our expectations, you believe that the work in our team is right for you and you are MALE? Then apply today. We are looking forward to receiving your application with copies of the last two school reports. For any questions ask Mr. Miller for further information /   Send your application to:   Praxis Dr. Zotter und Dr. Nadjafi Altöttingerstraße Neuötting

5 Job interview - woman Boss: Yes, come in!
Boss: Yes, come in! Woman: Good morning. My name is Jaqueline Maier and I’d like to apply for the job, which I have seen at the employment ad in the newspaper. Boss: Oh nice. Please take a seat! Woman: Thank you! Boss: Sooo tell me something about you! Woman: First I’m 25 years old and I live in Altötting. Boss: That’s good, because it’s not very far from here! Woman: Yeah, that’s very important for me. Boss: Which education do you have? Woman: I visited the HAK and after 5 years I got the school leaving examination. Then I went to university and studied accounting for two terms. Boss: Sounds good. Woman: You can be sure that I do my job diligently!

6 Boss: That’s great! But why did you
drop out of university after 2 terms? Normally it takes much longer to get the exam, doesn’t it? Woman: Yes, you are right. I decided to break off because of personal reasons. Boss: Which ones, when I’m allowed to ask!? Woman: To be honest, I decided to have a baby. Boss: You have a child? Woman: Yes, I have a daughter. She is 5 years old, but it won’t be a problem for me to work, because during this time she is in the kindergarden. Boss: Alright… But there will be other problems, for example you have to take a day off when your daughter is ill. Woman: Yes, I know, but my mother supports me all the time and she can look after her, when I’m busy.

7 Boss: So the father doesn’t live with you?
Woman: No, he went away when my daughter wasn’t born. Boss: This doesn’t make it easier! I’ll think about it, but I have one condition! Woman: Yes…? Boss: Promise, that you won’t get pregnant in the next 5 years! Woman: What? Boss: Should I repeat it for you one more time? Woman: No, I understood. Boss: What do you think? That I employ somebody who fails after a few months? That is my condition, but the decision is yours! Thank you for the interview and let me know your decision within the next two days. Woman: Okay, thank you. Bye!

8 Job interview - man Boss: Yes, come in!
Man: Good morning. My name is Ben Norman and I’d like to apply for the job, which I have seen at the employment ad in the newspaper. Boss: Oh nice. Please take a seat! Man: Thank you! Boss: Sooo… tell me something about you! Man: First I’m 27 years old and I live in Munich. Boss: That’s a bit far, but it’s ok if you are independent!? Man: Yes I am. Boss: Sounds good. And which education do you have?

9 Man:. I graduated from secondary modern school and
Man: I graduated from secondary modern school and had a good final exam. After that I have worked as an unskilled worker for a long time. Boss: Very good! That’s impressive! I think you are the man who we need in our company! Man: Cool! Boss: Congratulations you have the job! You can start on Monday! Man: Perfect. See you on Monday! Boss: Bye.

10 Two days later... Boss: RING RING… Good morning?
Boss: RING RING… Good morning? Woman: Good morning! Here is Jaqueline Maier. We spoke about the job two days ago. Boss: Oh, I remember. Woman: I have made a decision. I really want to have this job. So, I agree with your condition. Boss: I’m very sorry Mrs Maier, but we have found somebody else, who goes better with our company. Maybe you should look for a job which suits you better, for example as a nurse or a cleaning woman. Thank you for your call.

11 Job interview in 2050 A business woman is looking for a young and handsome secretary (she’s calling her secretary) Woman : Christiaaaaaaannnnn, could you bring my coffee please? Man : Yes Madam! (a young man is entering) (she’s thinking: hum pretty boy) Woman : Come in, take a seat. What kind of job are you looking for in our company? Man : I’m looking for a job as a secretary Woman : Ok, that’s good. I’m looking for a new one because my secretary is taking parental leave. So would you like this job?

12 Man : Yes Madam Woman : How old are you? Man : I’m 43 (fourty three) years old, Madam Woman : Ah 43 really?? Well it’s ok, it’s not a problem on the phone. You have a young voice. And are you married? Man : No Madam, I’m not married Woman : Oh you are single, really??? Oh it’s strange, a pretty guy like you!!!!!! So, single, I see and … have you got children ? Man : No, Madam Woman : Oh that’s perfect ! I prefer that. Not because, I´m fed up with dads who have to take care of their children. And I hope you don´t want to have children within the following 10 years !!!!!! Man : No, Madam Woman : Great …!!! Good answer. What kind of software do you know? Man : Sphinx, Word, Power point, Photo filter, Photoshop, Excel, Paint, Microsoft access…

13 Woman : Ok ok … and what about coffee ? Man : Huh???
Woman: Do you know how to make coffee, it’s a very important activity Man : Yes of course : Cappuccino, Nespresso, Café frappé, Expresso, Long coffee, short coffe, Arabica, Robusta… Woman : Great !!!! Yes you have the job. Oh one last thing! Get up and walk. I’m actually looking at you from across the street … turn around … hum hum … very good. Ok you start next Monday. Bye Bye (She’s calling her soon-to-be-leaving secretary ) Woman : Christiaaaannn !!!! About this coffee, did you pick the beans yourself ?! No, It’s a joke Christian, come and see me in my office.

14 Interviews Wirtschaft Politik
Wurde Ihnen das Frau-Sein in Ausbildung/ Studium/ Beruf als Manko ausgelegt? Das ist schon mal vorgekommen. Manche Männer vertreten die Meinung, dass Frauen weniger oft gewählt werden. Jedoch gibt es auch andere die über Frauen sehr positiv denken Frau Heckner Ich finde, dass Frauen sehr gute Aufstiegschancen haben. Im Vordergrund stehen weibliche Qualitäten, wobei viele Führungspositionen noch immer von Männern ausgeführt werden. Es zählt nur die Leistung und die wird von den Männern auch anerkannt, wenn sie stimmt. Frau Ganzbeck Wie stehen sie zum Thema „Karriere, Familie und Kinder“? Ich habe 3 Kinder, die bereits erwachsen sind. Ich hatte nie ein Problem Kinder und Familie zu managen, da alles eine Frage der Organisation ist. Mein Ehemann hat sich auch viel um die Kinder gekümmert und mir geholfen Frau Heckner Ich habe keine Kinder, da für mich bereits im jugendlichen Alter wichtig war, beruflich erfolgreich und unabhängig zu sein. Ich als Führungskraft habe kein Problem damit, auch Frauen mit Kinderwunsch bzw. mit Kindern einzustellen. Frau Ganzbeck

15 Tipps von Frau Ganzbeck
Politik Wirtschaft Verdient Ihr Partner relativ mehr oder weniger als Sie? Falls mehr, belastet das die Beziehung? Er verdient im Moment mehr, aber nicht viel mehr. Es hat eine Zeit gegeben, in der er auch schon weniger verdient hat als ich. Ich habe schon gespürt, dass es ihm etwas ausgemacht hat. Er hat zwar nichts gesagt, aber ich glaube, dass es ihm ein wenig gestört hat, da in unseren Köpfen noch das Bild eingespeichert ist, dass Männer die Ernährer der Familie sind. Frau Brač Bei uns ist der Verdienst kein Thema. Frau Heckner Tipps von Frau Ganzbeck individuelle Kraft stärken selbst wichtig nehmen gesunde Ernährung Fit/vital bleiben Zeit mit sich selbst verbringen jeder soll den richtigen Sport als Ausgleich für sich finden nicht abhängig machen (vom Partner) sich selbst treu bleiben

16 We enjoyed the project week with all of you!


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