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Conditional Sentences advanced

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1 Conditional Sentences advanced
Easy Grammar: Conditional Sentences advanced Click through the lesson with the left key of your mouse. Ein Lernprogramm der IGS Hamm/Sieg Lindemer 2008

2 Conditional sentences I
Review Conditional sentences I Die „conditional sentences I“ drücken eine Bedingung aus, die möglich oder sogar wahrscheinlich ist: If the weather is fine tomorrow, we will have a picnic in the park. simple present will-future Conditional sentences II Die „conditional sentences II“ drücken eine Bedingung aus, die momentan irreal, aber nicht prinzipiell unmöglich ist. If I won in the lottery, I would buy a sportscar. simple past would/could + Infinitiv Conditional sentences III Die „conditional sentences III“ drücken eine Bedingung aus, die nicht erfüllt werden kann, weil sie in der Vergangenheit liegt. If Tom had played better, his team would have won the match. past perfect would/could + have/has + 3.Form/-ed

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exercises on the grammatical form conditional sentence I, II or III ? specials tests Click “escape“ to leave the programme





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