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Cultural Metropolis Hamburg

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1 Cultural Tourism as an Engine of Regional Growth Open days | Brussels | 9 Oct. 2007 | Dr. Pit Hosak

2 Cultural Metropolis Hamburg
Variety & Tradition Variety 35 theatres with 45 stages 40 museums three classical orchestras and numerous musicals mark the cultural landscape in Hamburg. Long standing cultural tradition “Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg”: no King, no residence but self-confident citizens who regard the support of culture as essential Several of the main theatres and concert halls sponsored by citizens More than 1000 foundations: German Foundation Capital

3 Cultural Metropolis Hamburg
Facts & Figures Hamburg Inhabitants city: 1.75 Mio. the metropolitan region: 4.3 Mio. Tourism in Hamburg About 20 % of the daily visitors come because of the culture They spend approx. 870 Mio € p.a. More than visitors take advantage of cultural events each day Rate of over night stays doubled from 2001 to 2006 up to now 7.2 Mio p.a. Culture is an important Pull-Factor for Hamburg Tourism

4 Cultural Metropolis Hamburg
Employment Motor Approx. 105,000 people work in the tourism sector. 30,000 people work in the cultural sector, they generate a turnover of ca Bill. p.a. Casper-David-Friedrich Exhibition in Hamburger Kunsthalle 2006 visitors 75 % came from outside Hamburg They spent over all 8 Mio. Euro They stayed on average 2,23 days It´s not easy to create a blockbuster every year

5 Strategy Cultural Brand Profile „Germans Desgin Metropolis“ „Musicals“
Intrenational Trading Metropolis „Musicals“ „Opera“ „Classical Concerts“ „John Neumeier-Ballett“ „Museums“ „Theater“ Hamburg Fun Fairs Attractive Business Infrastructure Premium Cultural Performances Metropolis worth living Shopping City Entertaining-Mile Reeperbahn „Clubs & Pubs“ „Young Music Sceen“ „Hamburg Music Clubs“ „Popconcerts in Hamburg“ City at the Waterfront Vibrant Scences Hamburg Marketing Study 2005 „Has an interesting Music- and Clubscene“ „Interesting theaters and musicals“

6 Marketing Strategy What we learned from Richard Florida and
Charles Landry Creativity is important for prosperity (in the Ministry for Culture we knew that already ….) All bigger cities are at the moment in a direct competition for talents We need to develop an authentic, specific Cultural Profile of Hamburg to face this competition

7 Cultural Profile of Hamburg
What we want to achieve: the tension between … Tradition & Modernity Speicherstadt Philharmonic Hall Hamburg

8 Cultural Profile of Hamburg
… and the need of: High Brow Culture & Middle Brow Culture LuKuLuLe Thalia Theatre

9 Cultural Metropolis Hamburg
strengthen our strength

10 Hamburg Cultural Marketing
Marketing Strategy Hamburg Cultural Marketing Cultural Institutions Product Marketing Mainly Regional Cultural Information Point Regional Opening 2009 www. Hamburg.de Information International cultural-portal planned 2008 Hamburg Tourism Ass. Product Marketing International Hamburg Marketing Ass. Brand Marketing International Problem: Coordination/responsibilities of different players

11 From strategy to reality
HafenCity largest inner-city development project in Europe Increase of innercity for about 40 % 5.500 Flats, Inhabitans, jobs Philharmonic Hall Hamburg (Opening 2010) International Maritime Museum Hamburg (Opening 2008) Science Center (Planning not finished) Quelle: Mediaserver Hamburg Cultural activities are planed from the beginning

12 From Strategy to reality
HafenCity already Beach Clubs etc. Openair Cinema Children Wind-Festival Readings Artist studios in Speicherstadt Tango nights at harbour side Windprojekt Ute Necker

13 (Elbe) Philharmonic Hall Hamburg
Spectacular location Philharmonic Hall Hamburg

14 Philharmonic Hall Hamburg
(Elbe) Philharmonic Hall Hamburg Spectacular Architecture by Herzog & de Meuron PPP- Project: concert hall, hotel, apartments Cost: ca. 241 Mio € Donations as per today 68 Mio € Objective: One of the best concert halls worldwide Herzog & de Meuron

15 The Argument We should not ask what it costs to invest in culture
We should ask what it costs not to invest in culture! Charles Landry

16 Contact Dr. Pit Hosak Ministry of Culture Hamburg Hohe Bleichen 22
Tel.: Mail:

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