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Pilot training program

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1 Pilot training program
Merseburg Merseburg,

2 Objectives of the training
Training for the project participants (career counsellors, socialworker) Pilot training developing skills related to the implementation and knowledge about flexicurity (law regulations for flexible form of employment with customer service in the context of flexicurity) One-day training conducted by experts /6 hours/ Merseburg,

3 Agenda for the 8th of July 2013
Flexible forms of employment in Germany /2 hours by Roger Schmidtchen Kinds of flexible employment forms Advantages and disadvantages of flexible forms of employment Law regulations for flexible forms of employment The development of soft skills necessary to implement the idea of ​​flexicurity /3 hours/ by Lina Kummetz Working with a client (employers, employees) Establishing a relationship with a client Responding to clients concerns Assertive behavior (defense against criticism, assertive putting limits) Process of informing clients about flexible forms of employment Advantages and disadvantages of working in flexible form of employment Advantages and disadvantages of hiring employees in flexible form of employment Good examples/ good practice of working and hiring in flexible forms in Germany /1 hour/ by Roger Schmidtchen Merseburg,

4 Evaluation Facts: 10 participants
Social worker as career counselor in labour market projects Invited agents of labour agency couldn’t take part Feedback: new aspects of employment learnt Flexicurity as instrument now better aware Got new skills for the counseling process Totally worth of time Merseburg,

5 Merseburg,

6 Merseburg,

7 Thank you for your Patience!
TIBP GmbH Futterstr. 14 99084 Erfurt Germany / Freestate of Thuringia Merseburg,

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