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to Curb Aviation Emissions

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1 to Curb Aviation Emissions
An Equitable Solution to Curb Aviation Emissions 7 Juni 2013 Sabine Minninger Senior Policy Advisor on Climate Change Powerpoint-Präsentation zur Arbeit von Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst Herausgeber: Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung Postfach 10061 Berlin Telefon: Internet: Spendenkonto , Bank für Kirche und Diakonie, BLZ Berlin, Februar 2013

2 Climate Justice and Aviation
"Environmental inaction, especially regarding climate change, has the potential to halt or even reverse human development progress. The number of people in extreme poverty could increase by up to 3 billion by 2050 unless environmental disasters are averted by co-ordinated global action, “Human Development Report 2013 Chinese travelers the world's biggest spenders - "With the 2012 surge, China leaped to first place, surpassing both top spender Germany and second largest spender United States (both close to US$84 billion in 2012).“ ( ) By 2015, 100 million Chinese will travel abroad, a benchmark originally forecast for 2020, according to the UNWTO. "Emerging economies continue to lead growth in tourism demand," said UNWTO SG Taleb Rifai in a statement.

3 Dimension of climate justice and aviation
1,035 million international arrivals in 2012 with 3-4% growth in 2013 emissions from aviation responsible for 4,9-14% of global warming (Lee et al, 2009), until 2050 responsible for 25% of global warming Only 2% of the world population actively takes part in aviation, 80% of all flights for holiday reasons massive expansion of airports and low-cost carriers

4 Climate politics and flight emissions

5 Emissions have a global nature,
It`s a matter of principle UNFCCC differentiates between Industrialised and Developing Countries = Common But Differentiated Responsibility-Principle ICAO equal treatment = Non-Discrimination-Principle The South calls for CBDR – Equity Emissions have a global nature, so how to address EQUITY?

6 Equity in aviation aviation emissions reduction within the sector!
Promising: Copenhagen Green Climate Fund for climate financing in developing countries ($100bn/a) aviation and shipping identified as innovative climate finance sources for poor countries according to the polluter-pays principle all funds generated from a global aviation scheme (up to 10 bn USD) should be channeled to poor countries de minimis thresholds” exemption of states with less than 1% of global aviation activity → only 22 states, capture about 80% of aviation emissions

7 Respecting equity…for who?
Developing Countries call for CBDR But a global climate regime for aviation will in first line oblige airlines – not countries DCs are the benefitters by receiving climate finance and no net incidence on their economies should be ensured Addressing flight esmissions might increase air ticket costs around 2-3% (AGF report, 2009) no matter the nationality – only rich people fly!

8 Spill over effects by tourism
“Tourism is an important contributor to the MDGs […] The travel sector should not be disadvantaged through the imposition of a disproportionate burden either on tourism as a whole or on vital components such as aviation.” (UNWTO) If growth rate of British air travel till 2025 would stagnate on 2009 level, it would mean eg for Kenya a lost of 0,09% of GNP p/a. High revenue leakage rate from tourism in developing countries, the poor do not profit from unsustainable tourism as a lack of participation etc. Tourism in the South Pacific around 80% revenue leakage rate

9 Yes to a global solution - but not at all costs…
No false solutions such as weak and harmful offsetting If aviation uses agrofuels on high commercial level, new problems will occur re land use, water shortage, food security

10 Thank you very much! Sabine Minninger Brot für die Welt
Senior Policy Advisor on Climate Change

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