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Valerie Chavez und Katrin McKean

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1 Valerie Chavez und Katrin McKean
Die franken Valerie Chavez und Katrin McKean

2 Am Anfang… Sie waren ein Westgermanisch Volkstamm im dritten Jahrhundert nach Christus. Sie waren wanderten ständig um den Reich der Römer. Frank: bedeutet “frei” oder “tapfer”.

3 Der Reich der RÖmer Der römische Kaiser Julian eroberte die Franken im dritten Jahrhundert nach Christus. Die Franken besiedelten das römische Territorium um den Rhein. Die Franken blieben über ein Jahrhundert den Römern treu. The most prominent Franks during this time were the Salian “salty” Franks. “die Salier”

4 Roman Military During the 4th century, general and commanding positions were granted to many Franks by the Romans. These officials were given responsibility of their territory in the Empire. 1.The Franks were very important to the Roman military. 2.* 3.* 4.This gave the Franks an expanding advantage INSIDE the Roman borders.

5 Moving Forward… Childeric I (463 AD) was an important Salian Frank commander who strengthened the Franks’ power among the Empire and the Gaul. In only a few years to come, the Salian Franks would be united with the remaining Frankish people. This included the Ripuarians and the Eastern Franks. 1.* 2. The Gaul: the Roman occupied territory that is where present-day France resides. 3. He was the last Salian Frank leader to consider himself a “German”. Ripuarians (aka the River Franks) Eastern Franks (those who never migrated from their original settlement) 4.*

6 Clovis In 482 AD, Clovis, the son of Childeric I, came to power.
He established the Merovingain Dynasty, becoming the first and most famous ruler. Clovis was known for his desire to expand the Franks’ territory. Eventually converted to Christianity. This made Clovis seen as the King of the Franks by the Pope and expanded their popularity. 1.* 2.* 3.* 4. A major accomplishment was when he took over most of the Burgundian kingdom. He married a Burgundian woman who influenced his religious views. Important: this decision among the Franks would greatly affect them and their power in the future. 5.*

7 Downfall of Merovingain
After Clovis died, his kingdom was divided among his four sons. This division of power became accustomed to the Merovingain reign. Unfortunately, many descendants were too young to rule because of this, so they began to rely on advisors to rule during the heirs’ delinquency. This group of people gained a tremendous amount of power. Around 700 AD, Charles Martel declared himself as an advisor and the rightful king of the Franks. These advisors were were a part of Major Domus.

8 A New Beginning… In 800 AD on Christmas Day, Pope Leo III crowned
Martel and his family began the Carolingain Dynasty. As the Merovingain Dynasty withered away, this new dynasty strengthened among the Franks. In 800 AD on Christmas Day, Pope Leo III crowned the first Holy Roman Empire to be Charles Augustus; otherwise known as Charlemagne. 1.* 2.* 3. During the Carolingain Dynasty, Western Europe’s strongest kingdom was eventually lead by two brothers; one being Charlemagne. 4.*

9 A lasting Impression The Franks grew from just a small tribe to one of the most unified and influential kingdoms in all of Europe’s history. Their spread of Christianity left a remarkable impression on the surrounding nations. ****Therefore, these two elements lead the Franks to become the most powerful group of people in Europe.

10 Fränkische Sitten Die Franken hatten dünne Schnurrbäarte.
Die Römer beeinflüssten die Franken sehr viel; besonders in der Kultur, im Militär, und in der Politik. 1.* 2. Die anderen Stämme hatten dicke Schnurrbärte. 3.*

11 Die Sprache: Alt Frankisch
Dieser Dialek ist gestorben, aber er wurde alt Höllandisch. Alt Frankisch beeinflüsste die alte römische Sprache von Gaul.

12 Die Religion Die Franken waren Ursprünglich Heiden.
Clovis brachte das Christentum zu den Franken. Das Christentum wurde die Hauptreligion der Franken.

13 Frankisch zu FranzÖsisch zu Germanisch
French word Old Frankish Germanic conginitves Bleu ( blue) Blao Blau Choquer ( to shock) Skukjan Schokken (to shock, to shake) Batir ( to build) Bastian (to bind with bast string) Besten ( to sow up, to connect ) Diese ist eine Liste welche vergleicht die Sprachen.

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