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Optimierung Ihrer SAP Prozesse mit Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

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1 Optimierung Ihrer SAP Prozesse mit Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Frank Schneider, Global Services, OpenText 12. Juni 2013

2 Optimierung Ihrer SAP Prozesse mit Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Frank Schneider, Open Text 12. Juni 2013

3 Agenda Open Text Business Transformation mit Extended ECM Prozesse mit ECM optimieren Kundenbeispiele

4 SAP und OpenText – 20 Jahre einer Partnerschaft
SAP Portal Content Management SAP Portal Site Management SAP Travel Receipts Management 2011 SAP Document Presentment 2010 SAP Employee File Management SAP Digital Asset Management 2009 SAP Extended ECM 2008 Co-Innovation CMIS-Schnittstelle SAP Invoice Management Co-Development des DoD zertifizierten Records Management SAP Archiving & Document Access 2007 Management Summary The OT-SAP relationship is longstanding, it is deep, and it remains vibrant with new joint activities occurring all the time. This means that if you are an SAP customer, the your Open Text investment benefits from the synergies the two companies continue to develop. The four Pinnacle Awards given to OpenText underscore the close relationship with formal recognition of the partnership with SAP and our mutual business by providing quality products, solutions, and services to our customers. The several OpenText-developed solutions are a powerful testament to that strong relationship: SAP Archiving & Document Access, Extended ECM, SAP Invoice Management, OCR option for SAP IM, SAP Digital Asset Management, SAP Employee File Management, SAP Document Presentment (from StreamServe acquisition). The regular release of innovation…since 1992, with regular enhancements year by year show the dedication to our joint solutions and directly benefit customers seeking to leverage their content in an SAP environment. No other content management solutions provider comes close to this level of cooperation with SAP—and you, the customer, are the direct beneficiary. History ArchiveLink definition has been finalized between IXOS and SAP in 1993, also then IXOS-ARCHIVE for SAP R/3 has been released. We can assume that the SAP – IXOS/Open Text relationship started 1992, not earlier. 1992 – start relationship, start joined development of ArchiveLink 1993 – release of ArchiveLink and IXOS-ARCHIVE for SAP R/3 1994 – NT competence center for SAP R/3 1997? SAP ITS co-development (Internet Transaction Server) Aug 1997 – 99 Reseller contract with SAP Americas Oct 2000 – SAP CRM co-development Jan 2001 – SAP buys 10% of IXOS shares Jun Certified for SAP NetWeaver Portal iViews Oct 2003 – IXOS – Open Text Merger Sep First ISV to be “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” Oct WebDav XML certified (one of the first 2 vendors) May SAP xApps Certified Nov 2006 – DoD Certification for Extended ECM 2007 – 2009 co-development & co-innovation CMIS interface Oct – DoD Certification for Extended ECM Mar SAP ILM Certified November 2010 – Acquisition of StreamServe with SAP reseller product SAP Document Presentment by StreamServe Pinnacle Awards Development and Innovation in mySAP Software Solutions: Field Engagement Regional Software Solutions Partner of the Year, EMEA 2010 – Global Software Solutions Partner of the Year “Software Solutions Innovator of the Year” for StreamServe Global Software Solutions Partner of the Year PLUS SAP Enterprise Support Integrated Award Reseller Agreement with SAP Jan 2007 – reseller agreement SAP Archiving & Document Access Jan 2007 – EBS agreement Extended ECM Dec 2008 – reseller agreement SAP Invoice Management Dec 2008 – reseller agreement OCR option for SAP IM Oct 2009 – reseller agreement SAP Extended ECM Feb 2010 – reseller agreement SAP Digital Asset Management May 2010 – reseller agreement SAP Employee File Management Nov 2010 – AKQ StreamServe SAP Document Presentment June 2011 – reseller agreement SAP Travel Receipts Management Sep 2011 – reseller agreement SAP Portal Content Management & SAP Portal Site Management 2003 Erster ISV “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” OpenText übernimmt IXOS 2000 SAP CRM Co-Development 1997 SAP ITS Co-Development (Internet Transaction Server) 1992 SAP ArchiveLink Co-Development, IXOS-ARCHIVE for SAP R/3

5 SAP’s ECM-Portfolio “by OpenText”
Portal Content Management Portal Site Management Digital Asset Management Document Presentment Extended ECM Employee File Management Travel Receipts Management and OCR Invoice Management and OCR Document Management and Collaboration embedded into SAP NetWeaver Portal and Enterprise Workspaces Powerful Intranet/ Extranet authoring and publishing embedded into SAP NetWeaver Portal and Enterprise Workspaces Optimized management of rich media assets Integrate media into marketing communi- cations Automate document generation and personali- zation (e.g. billing statements) Best-of-breed ECM with unique SAP integration and process support in SAP and non-SAP Automate HR File administratio n and enable self service scenarios Automate receipt handling and streamline expense management process Minimize data capture effort and human intervention to streamline acc. payable processes Document Access 360 degree information access Archiving Secure, compliant, cost-efficient storage of information ECM Plattform-Lösungen Spezifische ECM-Lösungen für bestimmte Abteilungen ECM Plattform-Lösungen Spezifische ECM-Lösungen für bestimmte Abteilungen

6 Business Transformation mit ECM for SAP
Content Enriched Business Processes Unique Business Value Process Content Drives the Work… …Provides the Context

7 Problem: Fehlender Business Content Problem: Fehlende Business Daten
Verbindung von Content und Transaktionen zur Unterstützung des Gesamtprozesses SAP-Anwender Non-SAP-Anwender Content Transaktionen Daten Extended ECM Content Opening the SAP eco system to the Enterprise Content and the Enterprise Information worker has the huge potential of selling SAP licenses to the traditionally non-SAP users and ECM buying centers. With SAP Extended ECM, SAP can truly deliver end-to-end process solutions covering also: Unstructured Content as an integral part of the process Requirements of Information workers such as collaboration, search, notification Non-transactional parts of the overall process requiring exception-handling For customers the main benefits are driven by the completeness of the process context including the required data + the required content. Extended ECM combines the best of the two worlds: SAP provides data und structure to the ECM side and ECM provides content to the SAP side. The outcome is a 360° view on the complete process context, allowing business users to get business insight with a full context of information make informed decisions and Accelerate all content-related processes Control the lifecycle of the content according to internal or external regulations Problem: Fehlender Business Content Problem: Fehlende Business Daten

8 Von ECM zum umfassenden Prozessmanagement
Dokumentenmanagement Volltextsuche Kollaboration & Social Media Scanning Workflow Records Management Archivierung Enterprise Content Management ECM-Workspaces mit nativer Integration in SAP Nutzung von SAP Daten, Strukturen und Berechtigungen Nahtlose Integration in die SAP User Interfaces SAP und ECM „synchronisieren“ + ECM Business Suite Tiefe Integration in SAP Projektmanagement Product Lifecycle Management Beschaffung Qualitätsmanagement Enterprise Asset Management Vorgangsbearbeitung Customer Relationship Mgmt. Und viele mehr! Prozessspezifisches ECM = If we can be scientific here for a minute, let us take a look at what happens when you take complete lifecycle management capabilities and combine them with deep integration with SAP business suite (business processes), the result is what we just called Content Enriched Business Processes. Some examples are Project Management, Quality Management, Enterprise Asset Management, and so on.. SAP Extended ECM is a complete, enterprise-grade ECM solution which is optimized to integrate deeply with SAP. Unstructured content of any sort, can be managed throughout its lifecycle, and more importantly, associated with any SAP transaction or object. This solution is unique, for no other ECM platform has such deep ties to SAP, and no other business process platform can connect as easily and universally to ECM as SAP. ECM solutions that are intended to connect the right people to the right information in the right context. As world exists today most of our clients have not integrated their ECM-ERP worlds. However, clients are beginning to understand the value/need of doing this in today's unstable economic climate. As we have been talking about integration its important for you to understand what that means and how this integration benefits the customer. I don‘t want to get overly technical but its important to highlight that we integrate directly at the SAP Busienss Object level (w/in the SAP GUI). Extended ECM integrates at the ArchiveLink and ABAP layer within SAP. Thus, bringing our ECM capabilities into the framework/context of the SAP transaction. In short, the value of an organziations content is dramatically improved when it is integrated with the relevant business process. Vorteile: Prozesseffizienz steigern durch die Verbindung von Content und Prozessen Compliance-Anforderungen erfüllen mit Records Management für SAP + non-SAP

9 Zugriff auf Content und Daten im bevorzugtem User Interface
* Add-Ons sold separately by OpenText SAP Extended ECM (Web UI) MS Windows Explorer SAP GUI and SAP NW BC SAP CRM und SAP SRM MS Outlook und MS Office Workspace SAP NetWeaver® Portal Mobile Devices * MS SharePoint *

10 Extended ECM erweitert zahlreiche Unternehmensprozesse mit Content
Projektmanagement (E&C, R&D, etc.) Zusammenarbeit mit Partnern Knowledge & IP Mgmt. Zentrale Lieferantenakte Audits und Zertifizierung Records Management Vertragsmanagement Procure to Pay Dok. Enterprise Asset Mgmt. Distribution / Logistik Product Lifecycle Mgmt. Qualitätsmanagement Bid to Cash Dokumentation Marktanalysen Angebotsdokumentation Ausschreibungen Zentrale Kundenakte Case Mgmt. (Garantie, Wartung, Störfall, …) Kundenkommunikation Planung & Entwicklung Einkauf Produktion & Betrieb Vertrieb & Marketing Customer Service Personalabteilung Finanzabteilung IT As we indicated earlier, project management is just one of the many processes that can greatly benefit from having a deep integration of content within the business process. Here we have highlighted a number of additional processes based on the line of businesses and areas within these LOBs that rely heavily on various types of unstructured content and need to manage the full lifecycle of the content for regulatory compliance or corporate governance. For example, HR record retention, supplier correspondence, case management etc.. Rechtsabteilung Aufbewahrung von HR Records Dokumentation zu Verfahren u. Richtlinien Wissensmanagement Bewerberunterlagen Strategisches Vertragsmanagement Invoice Management Mergers & Acquisitions Dokumentation Konsolidiertes ECM + ERP Ablösung von Altsystemen Integrierte Daten- und Dokumentenarchivierung IT Projektmanagement Aufbewahrungsfristen Automatisierte Compliance Effizientes e-Discovery Vertragsmanagement

11 Agenda Open Text Business Transformation mit Extended ECM Prozesse mit ECM optimieren Kundenbeispiele

12 Prozessoptimierung mit xECM
Procurement Excellence Production & Operation Excellence Customer Excellence Human Resources Excellence Financial Excellence Information Technology Excellence content-enriched business processes

13 Herausforderung in Produktion und Betrieb
95% of companies have asset documentation distributed over multiple, disconnected systems 50% of companies do not have their asset-related content linked to their EAM* system — and half of those feel that the two are out-of-step 44% of companies manage their multi-channel output across print, , fax, social, etc. in an ad-hoc / manual way 58% of companies feel that poor sharing of knowledge and expertise is an over-riding issue in production & operation. © AIIM / © OpenText * Enterprise Asset Management

14 Kern Prozesse in Produktion und Betrieb– Achieve Excellence with ECM
Manage all plant and maintenance information in a consistent and easy to access way that is consistent with SAP structures Enterprise Asset Management Streamline warehousing and shipping operations by a more efficient document generation and distribution Logistics & Distribution Manage quality-related information and test documentation in a traceable and auditable way Quality Management Manage material and product related documentation over the complete product lifecycle Product Lifecycle Management

15 Extended ECM für Produktion & Betrieb Content Management für Schlüsselbereiche des Prozesses
Anlagen Lebenszyklus Planung & Konstruktion Beschaffung & Bau Inbetrieb- nahme Betrieb Instandhaltung Stilllegung Extended ECM bietet Content Workspaces für zentrale SAP Geschäftsobjekte im Anlagenbetrieb: Technischer Platz Equipment Instandhaltungs- meldung Material Instandhaltungs- auftrag Projekt Lieferant Aufgabenlisten

16 Beispiel: Equipment-Workspace im SAP GUI

17 Example: Access from Mobile Devices
OpenText Everywhere* – Mobile Access and Filing OpenText Tempo* – “Dropbox behind the Firewall” * Add-ons to Extended ECM sold by OpenText

18 Extended ECM – Equipment-Workspace in SharePoint

19 Extended ECM für Projektmanagement Content Management für Schlüsselbereiche des Projektes
Angebots- management Projekt- planung Projekt- durchführung Kontierung & Abrechnung Gewähr- leistung Extended ECM bietet Content Workspaces für zentrale SAP Geschäftsobjekte im Projektmanagement: Kunde Bestellung Projekt Projektstruktur (PSP) Geschäftspartner / Auftragnehmer Auftrag Material

20 Extended ECM – Projekt-Workspace im Web User Interface

21 Extended ECM – Projekt-Workspaces in MS Windows®

22 Project Workspaces in MS Outlook®

23 Produktion und Betrieb - Zusammenfassung
Fast access to relevant documentation A 360-degree view of all plant and production information Access to content from inside and outside SAP applications Efficient repair, failure analysis and project management Automated document generation and distribution In-process collaboration Safety and compliance Enterprise Asset Management Logistics and Distribution Quality Management Product Lifecycle Management How do the best get there Consistent branding and targeted campaigns Increase campaign ROI and brand value Understand customers and interact effectively Increase revenues and reduce cost of sales Fast and informed customer interactions Improve Customer Service efficiencies and customer satisfaction

24 Business Transformation with ECM for Production & Operation Excellence
Procurement Excellence Production & Operation Customer Human Resources Financial Information Technology Business Transformation with ECM for Production & Operation Excellence What Matters Most Fast access to asset documentation, efficient collaboration Get the right product to the right place at the right time with the right information Safety and compliance What do the Best Achieve Best run assets witness >3 times lower unplanned downtime / outages (Top: 2.0, Average: 4.0, Bottom: 6.25) * Best performers have 5 times lower annual service and maintenance cost (Top: 1.5, Average: 4.5, Bottom: 2.7) ** Best performers have a 3 times less non-productive asset life time (Top: 90%, Average: 80%, Bottom: 70%) ** Customer Benefits with ECM 3 million € annual savings with paper reduction in EAM (Belgium Railways) 30% costs reduction for house connection files (Rewag) 80% fewer process steps, 67% faster document generation, $ 2 million annual savings in distribution centers (AmerisourceBergen) Business Value Solutions Enterprise Asset Management Quality Management Product Lifecycle Management Logistics & Distribution Project Management Best Practices Manage all plant and maintenance information in a consistent and easy to access way that is building on SAP structures Streamline warehousing and shipping operations by a more efficient document generation and distribution Manage quality-related information and test documentation in a traceable and auditable way Manage material and product related documentation over the complete product lifecycle * Data provided by APQC. © APQC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ** SAP Value Engineering, SAP EAM Benchmarking

25 Agenda Open Text Business Transformation mit Extended ECM Prozesse mit ECM optimieren Kundenbeispiele

26 Optimierung von SAP-Prozessen mit ECM Beispiel in Manufacturing: Viega (DE)
Flexibilität und Transparenz Transparenz durch 360° Sicht auf Kunden. Synchronisation zwischen SAP CRM ERP und ECM schafft Datenkonsistenz. Effizienzverbesserung Integration von ECM mit Geschäfts-prozessen verbessert die Produktivität und Innovationskraft. Umsatzsteigerung Gesteigerter Vertriebserfolg durch die Bereitstellung von Kundeninformationen im gewünschten User-Interface. “Geschäftsprozesse ohne Informationen und Dokumente gibt es nicht. Diese werden aber nicht nur mit SAP, sondern natürlich auch mit anderen Systemen wie zum Beispiel oder Office erstellt und verwaltet.” Michael Nippel, strategischer Leiter IT bei Viega Viega Success Story Viega Lifts Enterprise Content Management to the Next Level to Support its SAP-Driven Business Processes with OpenText Technology Future file solutions to be implemented based on OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions following proof of concept We are convinced that by using OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, we can make a big step towards attaining our goal of consistently process-oriented IT. — Michael Nippel, Director of IT strategy at Viega Challenge System limits prevent process improvement Despite developing their own interfaces, many changes still had to be made manually System and application barriers, had to be overcome for integrated process support and collaboration scenarios Solution OpenText Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions Value Reduction in time spent by IT department on maintaining file based solutions Fully automated data transfer between SAP and OpenText systems enables process improvement and data consistency Content integration with business processes, increases productivity, creates transparency and supports About the Organization Founded in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany in 1899, Viega is a medium-sized enterprise operating internationally and is the global leader in plumbing and heating technology and solutions. As one of the leading system providers for plumbing-related products, Viega exports to more than 75 countries, mainly via its own on-site sales organizations. Research and development, direct contact with the market, and continual optimization of relevant processes has provided the basis for this long-standing success.

27 Die Lücke zwischen ERP und ECM schließen Beispiel Energieversorger: IBAarau (CH)
Flexibilität und Transparenz Umdenken von der Sparte zum Prozess. Verbesserte interne Kooperation und optimierter Kundenservice. Effizienzsteigerung Schneller, einfacher und kompletter Zugriff auf Kunden-, Lieferanten- und Anlageninformationen. Compliance Gesetzliche Vorgaben sowie internen Weisungen werden erfüllt. Lebenszyklus für geschäftsrelevante Dokumente ist definiert. “Wir suchten nach einer Lösung, mit der wir Inhalte im Kontext der Geschäftsprozesse verwalten können. Der Zugriff sollte schneller, einfacher, kompletter erfolgen. OpenText hat die mit Abstand tiefste und stabilste Integration von ECM in SAP.” Manfred Mengon, ECM-Projekt-Manager, IBAarau IBAarau Success Story: IBAarau Closes the Gap between ERP and ECM with OpenText Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions Employees astounded by the speed at which information can be found. "Many were astonished at how easily they could store attachments, documents and other assets without changing programs. However, what particularly impressed the employees were the simple search functions. For example, even administrators who were not trained in SAP were able to find an invoice stored in SAP by simply entering the invoice amount in Extended ECM. I have personally trained 150 employees to use the system and most of them immediately identified the benefits of Extended ECM." — Manfred Mengon, ECM Project Manager at IBAarau AG Challenge Managing SAP® and non-SAP data within the business processes Insufficient transparency across all processes Solution OpenText Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions Value Information storage and management optimised throughout the company Information quick to find regardless of the specific user Legal requirements (compliance) fulfilled Change of mindset from the division to the process is driven forward More efficient cooperation and better customer service About the Organization IBAarau (IBA stands for Ihr Bester Anschluss, which means "Your best connection") is the main supplier of electricity, gas, water, telecommunications solutions, and electrical installations for the district of Aarau, the capital of Aargau, Switzerland. With 270 employees to operate and manage numerous transformers and electric motors throughout Switzerland, IBAarau currently serves approximately 50,000 households, regionally and nationally.

28 Warum SAP Extended ECM von Open Text?
OpenText ist ECM-Marktführer und SAP’s strategischer Partner für ECM- Lösungen Extended ECM bietet eine produktisierte Integration von ECM in tausende SAP-Geschäftsobjekte (SAP ERP, CRM, SRM, PLM,… ) Zugriff auf alle geschäftsrelevanten Informationen über die bevorzugte Benutzerschnittstelle (SAP GUI, SAP CRM, SAP Portal, Web GUI, -Anwendung, MS Office, MS Windows) Geringes Implementierungsrisiko, geringere Updatekosten und TCO durch die native Integration zwischen SAP und Open Text mit gemeinsamer Produktentwicklung und Roadmap-Planung – zukunftssicher! Einzige ECM-Lösung im Markt, die von SAP selbst qualitätsgesichert, vertrieben und unterstützt wird.

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