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Global Studies Debating.

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1 Global Studies Debating

2 Global Studies Debating How to Start Bewertung
schriftliche Leistungsmessung

3 1. How to Start Lecture 7: Lecture 1: third debate introduction
to debating Lecture 7: third debate Lecture 6: second debate with POI & reply speech Lecture 2: arguments and rebuttal Lecture 5: Points of Information & reply speech Lecture 3: structuring arguments Lecture 4: first debate

4 Lecture 1: Introduction to Debating
Video Definition Zielsetzung Teams Einstieg Gruppenarbeit motion 2 Teams => Proposition and Opposition Argumente sammeln pro Schüler mind. ein Argument „debate“ Teams sitzen sich gegenüber phrases zig-zagging zwei Runden: ungeordnet geordnet Reflexion Strukturierung Sitzordnung formaler Ablauf

5 Debating – Seating Floor – audience Chairperson Time-keeper
Proposition Opposition 1 2 3 4 Floor – audience Judges optional

6 Debating – formaler Ablauf I
proposition opposition 1st speaker definition: introduces motion, defines words if necessary teamline: gives overview of arguments given by the team throughout the debate gives 1-2 arguments definition: accepts or redefines proposition’s definition rebuttal: tears arguments given by 1st speaker of the proposition into pieces gives 1-2 arguments, in general the most important one’s 2nd speaker rebuttal

7 Debating – formaler Ablauf II Chairperson announces verdict
proposition opposition 3rd speaker rebuttal for the most part max. 1 new minor argument max. 1 new minor argument => can’t be contradicted! Reply speech Either 4th speaker, or done by 1st or 2nd speaker summerizes debate: demolishes the other side’s case gives an overview of own case and teamline puts own case into a broader, more general context Judges hand in their marksheets Chairperson announces verdict

8 Lecture 1: Introduction to Debating
Einstieg Gruppenarbeit „debate“ Strukturierung Video Definition Zielsetzung Teams motion 2 Teams => Proposition and Opposition Argumente sammeln pro Schüler mind. ein Argument Teams sitzen sich gegenüber phrases zig-zagging zwei Runden: ungeordnet geordnet Reflexion Sitzordnung formaler Ablauf Hausaufgabe: motions to debate, guide to parliamenary debate

9 Lecture 2: Arguments and Rebuttal
Brainstorming alles erlaubt keine Bewertung keine Taboos Strukturierung Wie gut sind die Argumente? Welche Argumente gehören zusammen? Welches Argument ist wichtig, welches weniger? Wie lassen sich die Argumente begründen? Übung: Hot Chair Stuhlkreis mit 2 Stühlen in der Mitte Schüler wechseln sich ab, argumentieren und widerlegen Hausaufgabenkontrolle: Sammeln der motions auf einer Folie Übung zur Körpersprache: nonverbale Darstellung von Emotionen Hausaufgabe: phrases

10 Lecture 3: Structuring Arguments
social political economic religious moral Arguments „SPERM“ A R E Assertion kurze, prägnante Aussage (label) Reasoning Begründung der Aussage Evidence Beweise für die Richtigkeit der Aussage Hausaufgabenkontrolle durch body language Spiel: Schüler müssen in den Kreis treten, Blickkontakt mit allen auf bauen und phrases sagen (mind. 2 pro Schüler) Schüler müssen phrases sagen und gleichzeitig bestimmte Emotionen darstellen Bilden von Debating-Teams Auswahl einer Motion der Schüler und Vorgabe von Argumenten => siehe idebate.org => Schüler müssen SPERM-Rule anwenden sowie die Argumente nach ARE-Modell strukturieren Hausaufgabe: Jeder Schüler muss eine Teamline schreiben Hausaufgabe: Schüler schreiben teamline

11 Lecture 3: Sample Arguments Arguments proposition
Motion: This House believes that the death penalty should be allowed everywhere. Arguments proposition Capital punishment is 100% effective as a deterrent to the criminal being executed; that killer cannot commit any more crimes. As a deterrent to others, it depends on how effectively the death penalty is applied; in the USA where less than 1% of murderers are executed, it is difficult to assess the true effect of deterrence. But for example, a 1985 study (Stephen K. Layson, University of North Carolina) showed that 1 execution deterred 18 murders. Opponents of the death penalty prefer to ignore the fact that they themselves are responsible for its high costs, by causing a never-ending succession of appeals. Prisons in many countries are over-crowded and under-funded, and this problem is made worse by life sentences or delayed death sentences for murderers. Why should the taxpayer bear the cost of supporting a murderer for an entire lifetime? ( )

12 Vorbereiten einer Rede über eine berühmte Persönlichkeit
Lecture 4: First debate rhetorische Übungen Intonation Zungenbrecher-übung Debating Rubric Vorstellen des Bewertungsschemas Verteilen von Beobachtungsaufträgen Debate Sprechzeit: 2 Minuten Feedback Hausaufgabe: Vorbereiten einer Rede über eine berühmte Persönlichkeit

13 Lecture 5: POIs and Reply Speech
Definition Zielsetzung Regeln Points of Information Übungen Celebrity game => Balloon Debate To stand trial Reply Speech Definition Zielsetzung Does and Dont‘s Celebritiy Game: Schüler halten Rede über eine berühmte Persönlichkeit mit entsprechender Intonation und Körpersprache To stand trial: Let students come up with s.th. that they have done wrong, e.g. smoking, speeding, not picking up brother/sister … Let them stand in front of arguments and explain there wrongdoing, defending themselves. Let audience ask them questions, as to why they did it, and question the defending. Hausaufgabe: Erstellen der Reply Speech für Motion der letzten Stunde

14 Balloon Debate leak Debate: Tasks:
All sit on chairs in a large circle. Each in turn has time to stand up and speak in his/her own favor. Everyone has to speak freely, without notes! Play-acting to support your statement is strongly encouraged. Points of information are permitted and encouraged at any time! Each candidate has one vote but may not vote for him/herself. Tasks: Choose a historical/contemporary/mythical character you can identify with. Prepare a convincing statement that justifies your staying in the balloon. At least one longish sentence must be made. Time limit: 3 minutes. Time for preparation: 10 minutes

15 Lectures 6 & 7: Debattieren
Debate gleiche Motion wie in 4. Sitzung mit POIs und Reply Speech Sprechzeit: 3 Minuten Festlegung der neuen Motion und Vorbereitung Lecture 7 erste komplett selbst vorbereitete Debate Sprechzeit: 3-4 Minuten Beobachtungsaufträge Feedback

16 Global Studies Debating How to Start Bewertung einer Debate
schriftliche Leistungsmessung

17 2. Bewertung Evaluation Sheet Date: Judge:
Motion: ________________________________________________________________ Proposition Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Speaker 3 Reply Speech and style: - free speech and fluency - dynamics: speed/volume/pauses etc. - rhetoric - body language Content - issues addressed - support with facts/examples - structure - reasoning/conclusions Points per speaker Additional points for teamline structure, refutation and points of information points*2 Comments Total points 9/10 superior 7/8 excellent 5/6 good 3/4 fair 1/2 poor

18 2. Bewertung Item Expression 1 – poor 2 – fair 3 – good 4 - excellent
5 – superior Content addressing issue did not address topic rarely addressed topic usually addressed topic addressed topic, very few exceptions always addressed topic support with facts and examples arguments lacked evidence arguments supported with few evidence, arguments supported with evidence and examples many examples/ facts given: most of them relevant many relevant, supporting examples and facts given reasoning and inferences no relevant arguments given, argu- ments never clear and convincing, no inferences few relevant arguments given, arguments rarely clear and convincing, poor inferences some relevant arguments given, some- times clear and convincing, average inferences most argu- ments given: most of them relevant, clear and convincing, complex and elaborated, compre- hensible inferences most relevant arguments given in sup- port, clear, convincing, eloquent, complex and elaborated arguments, very well laid out inferences

19 Global Studies Debating How to Start Bewertung einer Debate
schriftliche Leistungsmessung

20 3. schriftliche Leistungsmessung
Tests über phrases Schriftliche Leistung neue Motion Angaben von Fakten in junks => Schüler for- mulieren Argument/ Rede Motion aus Unterricht Teamline schreiben Argument vorgeben => Schüler schreibt Rebuttal formulieren sinnvolle POIs Reply Speech schreiben Abfragen von Fakten

21 Global Studies Debating ???

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