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Robert: Which support can people get when they are going to work abroad.

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2 Robert: Which support can people get when they are going to work abroad.

3 Equal treatment as domestic workers The equal treatment. The same conditions as domestic workers.

4 Workers rights and social protection Good working conditions and workers rights. Good working relations.

5 Right to mobility Rights to social benefits. Personal and professional development. Eures- Website (www.eures.com)

6 Sandro: What courses are offered in preparation for working abroad

7 Language course: Fast for daily situations Fluency, grammar, reading, writing Beginners = Grammar Advanced = Conversation 15-30 lessons 5-15 Students per class

8 Language trip: Learn a foreign language abroad: Best way in the county self Learn about the culture Intensive course Organizations Stay at family or house for students Training period or volunteer work

9 Dutch for foreigners: A reason to learn Rotterdam port/Airport Schiphol 20 million peoples Learn Dutch Read and write properly What do you learn in the course Dutch for foreigners?

10 Rick: How is the Dutch labor people recruited to work abroad?

11 There are several possibilities. Trough Internet Through employment agencies

12 trough Internet,

13 Detach Recruitment Headhunting Recruiting

14 Employer and employe have contact with third person Through employment agencies,

15 Intermediary match employee / employer Through employment agencies,

16 Employee and employer have a relationship Through employment agencies,

17 Recruitment instruments For recruiting you can use the following instruments like: advertising in specialized magazines advertising trough jobsites advertising trough own websites Searching for candidates trough jobsites with huge databases Contacts with schools and universities (campus recruitment) networking recruitment (Headhunting) presentation during exchanges tv, radio

18 Collinde: Why are Dutch people going to work abroad?

19 Travelling and a new step in the career Work abroad. The best moment Simulair organization

20 Reasons Professional reasons (14%) Higher salary (8%) Other language learning (7%) Higher salary (8%) France (47%) Luxembourg (38%) Italy (36%) Belgium (32%)

21 New step in the career (45%) Czech Republic (3%) Travel (42%) Internationally popular reason Czech Republic (17%) Italy (19%) France (21%) Luxembourg (23%)

22 Top 10 country's for Dutch people 1.Germany 2.Belgium 3.United Kingdom 4.France 5.America 6.Spain 7.Scotland 8.Denmark 9.Australia 10.China

23 Top 10: work that Dutch people do in a other country 1.Production work 2.Cleaning work 3.Store room employee 4.Ware house employee 5.Facility cleaning 6.Packer 7.Secretary 8.Administrative employee 9.Telephonist 10.Employees public park

24 David: Welche steuer zahlt man uber sein Lohn? Wie hoch sind die?

25 Welche steuer zahlt man uber sein Lohn? Wie hoch sind die? Bruto Lohn 2000,- DeutschlandDänemarkNiederlande Lohnsteuer 186,- 209,- 192,- Solidarität 13,- 17,50 15,- Krankenvers. 136,- 166,- 145,- Pflegenvers. 25,- 27,- 25,75 Rentevers. 124,- 196,- 158,-

26 Was sind die Mietepreise von Wohnungen in Bremen, Holstebro und hengelo? Durchscnitt Mietpreise DänemarkDeutschlandNiederland 1- Zimmerwohnung 11,48 9,7011,30 2- zimmerwohnung 8,36 6,73 7,98 3- zimmerwohnung 7,28 5,83 6,97 4- zimmerwohnung 6,685,45 6,20

27 Chantal: Versicherung und Einrichtungen in die Niederlände, Deutschland und Dänemark

28 Krankenversicherung Renteversicherung Unfallversicherung Versicherung

29 Preissen Preisen Supermarket. Aldi

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