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Imperfekt (Simple Past) Irregular or strong verbs.

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1 Imperfekt (Simple Past) Irregular or strong verbs

2 Irregular (or strong) verbs do not follow the rules. They have the “strength” to change their stem in the past tense.

3 The past participle of trinken is trank. An example of a strong verb is trinken.

4 This is true in English as well. The past tense of “to drink” is not “drinked” but rather “drank”. If trinken were not a strong verb, the past tense would be trinket; but it isn’t, it’s trank.

5 Notice that “trank” is just like “drank” except that in English we changed the “t” to a “d”. This is true of lots of words in English. The German “t” often became a “d” as the English language evolved.

6 BTW: Words like “trank” that only need one sound change to be the same as the English word are called “Grimm’s cognates”. Can you guess which words these became in English? a.salad b. cold c. good d. old 1. gut 4. kalt2. Salat 3. alt

7 Back to Strong Verbs: What do we have to know about strong verbs? Two things: 1-They change their stem. 2- Strong verbs do not take an ending for the “ich” or “er” form. Everything else is just like the regular (or weak) verbs.

8 How does it work? Example: trinken Changes to trank trank trankst trank tranken trankt tranken Notice no ending on the ich or er form. Otherwise the endings are just like present tense. eine Limonade. ich du er wir ihr sie Sie

9 trinken trank Ich ______ gern Limonade. trank

10 Ich _______ gern Pommes! essen aß

11 sehen sah Ich ______ einen Mann. sah

12 schlafen schlief Ich _________ viel. schlief

13 gehen ging Ich ______ in die Schule. ging

14 Was passt zusammen? a.trank b.ass c.sah d.schlief e.ging 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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