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1-It is white,orange and black.It lives in Asia,in trees.It eats eggs.It has got a long tail.It can run and jump but it can’t fly.It is cute and beautiful.

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Präsentation zum Thema: "1-It is white,orange and black.It lives in Asia,in trees.It eats eggs.It has got a long tail.It can run and jump but it can’t fly.It is cute and beautiful."—  Präsentation transkript:



3 1-It is white,orange and black.It lives in Asia,in trees.It eats eggs.It has got a long tail.It can run and jump but it can’t fly.It is cute and beautiful. What is it ? 2-It is a very big animal.It has big ears.it lives in hot countries.It is grey.It has two tusks on his trunk. What is it ?

4 a) Dieses Tier kann springen und auf Bäume klettern. Es frisst Bananen und es trinkt Wasser. Es ist klein und lustig. Es hat vier Pfoten, einen Schwanz, zwei Ohren und zwei Augen. Es ist braun.

5 3-It is flat.It has got a big beak and a flat tail.It lives in Australia.It likes worms, insect larvas,shrimps.It can swim.It is scary, strong and unusual. What is it ? 4-This animal is little or big,it has six to eight paws and a long tail with six to twelve eyes. It lives in the desert or hot regions.It likes spiders, worms,beetles. It can run and hide.It is dangerous and awesome.

6 b) Dieses Tier ist hellbraun. Es hat zwei Ohren und vier Pfoten. Es kann schnell laufen. Es frisst Gras.

7 5-It is a mammal.It has got a beautiful big grey coat.It is 60-80 centimetres tall.It has got a big nose.It lives in East Australia in the forest.It lives during the night and sleep during the day.It is cute and funny. 6-It is small.It has got a beautiful coat, four paws, two ears and a tail.It lives in the forest.It eats meat.It can jump,run crawl but can’t fly.In my opinion, it is very cute.

8 c) Dieses Tier ist manchmal niedlich. Es hat eine lustige Nase. Es ist dick und mittelgroβ. Es hat einen Ringelschwanz. Es ist rosa.

9 7-This animal is a marsupial,it is nocturnal and eats most often in the evening and night.It lives only in Australia.This animal has a very thick coat and large ears and a nose too big.It sleeps about 19 hours a day.It is herbivorous and eats a lot of leaves such as eucalyptus.It climbs on trees.What is it ? 8-It has got a brown coat.It has got a big strong tail and big black paws.It has got a pocket in the belly and little ears.It lives in Australia.It eats grass.It can jump very well and it can box with its front paws.I like this animal because it is funny.

10 d)Dieses Tier ist mittelgro β. Es ist orange und schwarz. Es hat vier Pfoten und eine Schnauze. Es frisst Antilopen und Gazellen und mag keine Löwen.

11 9-It’s white and black.Its ears and its tail are little.It’s fat.It lives in Asia.It likes bamboos and water.It can climb in trees and swim.In my opinion,it is funny,cute and it is not scary. 10-It has white and black feathers and it has an orange beak.It lives in hot regions of America from the South of Mexico to the North of Argentina.It likes eating fruit,it also eats insects or young birds or eggs.It can fly but it can’t crawl.I love this animal because I find it beautiful with all its colours.

12 e) Dieses Tier ist braun und mittelgroβ. Es hat einen langen Schwanz. Es kann springen und lustig sein. Es ist schnell und heiter. Es lebt im Dschungel. Es ist geschickt. Es frisst Erdnüsse und Bananen.

13 11-It is yellow.It has got little ears and a coat.It eats meat and drinks water.It lives in Africa.It runs fast and it doesn’t like swimming.It is strong and scary. 12-It is sturdy,it’s got coiled white horns.It’s got a brown coat.It lives in the mountains.It eats grass,leaves,twigs,young shoots and acorns.It loves running and jumping but it can’t fly.I think this is an agile and strong animal.

14 f)Es ist schwarz und weiβ. Es ist mittelgroβ. Es hat einen Schnabel. Es mag Fische. Es kann schwimmen. Es wohnt am Nordpol.

15 13-It has short and long hairs.It has a red or brown or grey coat.It has sharp ears and teeth too.It lives around the world and in Asia.It likes meat,playing and sleeping.It can hunt and it can purr like a cat.It can’t run fast but it has good eyes and ears.Maybe one day, I will have a pet like this animal. 14-I am presenting my favourite animal:my dog.It is small with black and white spots.it loves eating meat.It loves toy balls and frisbees.It think it is very pretty and funny.

16 g) Es kann fliegen. Es frisst Blumenpollen. Es ist bunt und klein. Es ist süβ und schön. Es kann nicht singen und nicht schwimmen.

17 15-It has a long tongue.it’s got a long tail and big eyes.it lives in Africa or in Spain.It likes insects.It changes colours to hide. 16-It’s a little animal.it’s funny,unusual and very cute but it’s not scary.It has got a lot of feathers,they are white and yellow or blue.It lives in Africa or in zoos. It can fly but it can’t run or crawl.My opinion is:this animal is very cute !

18 h)Es ist gelb. Dieses Tier kann gefährlich sein. Es hat einen langen Schwanz und dicke Pfoten. Es frisst Fleisch. Sein Fell ist weich. Es hat spitze Zähne.

19 17-It is long and has got scales.It has got sharp teeth and very big eyes.It lives in deep sea.It likes eating fish smaller than him.It can swim in the dark and deep under water pressure.It cannot swim in the surface of the water.I find it scary and funny at the same time. 18-This is a sea mollusc.It has 8 tentacles.Its tentacles are attached to his head.It’s got 2 eyes.It breathes through gills like a fish.It lives in the sea.It hides in the rocks.It eats crabs,lobsters,crayfish and sea snails.Particuliar sign=it is intelligent.It can unsrew a cover to take the food inside a jar.

20 i) Es ist groβ und schnell. Es hat sehr sanfte Haare. Es frisst Obst und trinkt Wasser. Es hat einen Schwanz. Es ist orange. Es kann gut klettern. Es ist lustig.

21 19-It is brown or black or white.It has small ears and a short tail and four paws.It can live in the forest or in cold countries.It loves fruit, honey, fish. It hibernates and runs but can’t crawl and can’t fly. 20-It is little.It has got two little black eyes.It lives in Australia.It likes earthworms.It can use hislong nose to dig deep soil.It doesn’t like the day.It is cute.

22 j) Dieses Tier ist hellbraun. Es kann laufen. Es ist groβ und hoch. Es ist schnell und man kann es reiten. Es hat einen Buckel.

23 21-It has got blue paws and a red body.It has got a long tongue and big eyes.Ity has got a fragile skin.It lives in tropical forests close to water.It likes insects, spiders, ants …It can jump and hunt.It can’t fly or crawl.It is a venomous animal.I think it’s a beautiful and charming animal too.

24 k) Dieses Tier ist groβ und orange. Es ist lustig und heiter. Es lebt im Dschungel. Es frisst Obst. Es kann klettern und rennen.


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