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Why Should You Choose ELeaP Learning Management System?

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1 Why Should You Choose ELeaP Learning Management System?

2 LeaP is one of the most renowned training software systems in the world. Not only is ELeaP the leader in the e-learning industry, but it continues to introduce new products and strives to supply the best and latest online learning resources at its customer’s disposal. Its training software system relies upon simplicity and provides over 45,000 lessons and courses from around the world. E

3 Businesses and organizations worldwide choose eLeaP and depend upon it for a number of reasons including: 1.Security and Stability 2.Experience 3.Customer Support Service 4.Professional Services 5.Service Reliability

4 Security and Stability First, eLeaP systems are fully secured and all their data remains safe and encrypted on the servers with the help of SSL protocols. All their services are reliable and their encryption technology is resilient and Unbreakable. All data that is saved within the system is stored in safely run facilities. Access to the data stored on these facilities is restricted to the authorized personnel only.

5 Experience eLeaP is one of the fastest growing learning management software since it was founded in 2002. It has been providing e-learning services and business solutions for over a decade and that too through professional and effective programs. With eLeaP’s learning management system, organizations everywhere are able to effortlessly develop, launch, and manage all their training programs. With eLeaP’s extensive market experience and interactive training programs, companies are given the opportunity to increase their competitiveness and build a better future.

6 Customer Support Service eLeaP has built a strong empire over the years and one of the major reasons for that is their customer support. Available to customers 24/7 for any queries or issues, their support system is dedicated to provide consumers with utmost assistance without them having to think twice. Due to their proactive support system, customers can feel free to call the helpline at any time and speak with a real person on a live phone call.

7 Professional Services The main rationale behind eLeaP’s entire existence is to provide their consumers with the best service and successful implementation of their learning resources. In addition to eLeaP’s major services, they also deliver value added resources like free online training and implementation, free PowerPoint to flash conversions, and even expertise from their deployment team.

8 Service Reliability eLeaP has a devoted backup server that is located offsite and backs up the entire eLeaP system in real time. Besides the virtual backup System, ELeaP also keeps hardcopies of all the data incase other backup options fail. Because of their unique configuration and reliability, eLeaP has managed to stay fault-free. In case of a complete system failure, eLeaP can quickly recover its data and switch over to new vendors within a 48-hour time frame.

9 These are just a few of the reasons why eLeaP is the number one choice of online training and learning management software for corporations all over the world. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, eLeaP offers a 100% money back guarantee and a free trial of their services. Customers pay nothing until they are fully satisfied!

10 Contact Us https://plus.google.com/+Eleapsoftware https://www.youtube.com/user/telaniasystems https://www.facebook.com/eleapsoftwarehttps://twitter.com/eLeaP https://www.linkedin.com/company/telania http://eleaptrainingsoftware.com/ Social Media Profiles (877) 624-7226 info@eleapsoftware.com Get useful videos and manuals Create an eCommerce account today

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