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Ostern in Deutschland Der Oster- Hase / Easter

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1 Ostern in Deutschland Der Oster- Hase / Easter
Easter in Germany Der Oster- Hase / Easter bunny Was macht der Osterhase?

2 Er bringt die Ostereier!

3 Warum Eier/ warum ein Hase?
Eggs and rabbits are symbols for fertility… ( since 5000 before Christ in old Egypt) Since the Middle Ages, the rabbit has also been a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

4 Die Eier legt der Hase in ein Nest.
Das Osternest/ Easter nest

5 Kinder suchen die Ostereier.
Das Kind Das Osterei Das Osternest Die Eier sind im Garten…

6 Eier am Osterstrauss Der Osterstrauss Easter bunch twigs with eggs
to celebrate the return of spring

7 Ostern: Important days: Karfreitag / Good Friday
Karsamstag/ Holy Saturday Ostersonntag/ Easter Sunday Ostermontag / Easter Monday

8 Karfreitag: Day on which you remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Die Kreuzigung There is a procession every Good Friday: Um 15 Uhr ist die Todesstunde (hour of the death of Jesus) Jesu.

9 Karfreitag Man isst Fisch. Das ist eine Tradition* in Deutschland.
“Kar (kara, chara)” originally stands for “Kummer” and means sorrow. Was macht man an Karfreitag? Man isst Fisch. Das ist eine Tradition* in Deutschland. * Custom / tradition

10 Karsamstag: Aber: Das Osterfeuer/ Easter Fire am Abend ist…
Der erste Tag nach Jesu Tod. Tag der Grabesruhe! First day after his death. Day of silence. There is no church service, no flowers, and no candles in the church. Aber: am Abend ist… Das Osterfeuer/ Easter Fire

11 Das Osterfeuer Das Feuer/fire used to be a symbol
of the sun, the center of our life(unser Leben), and also of the victory over the winter and of fertility,too (die Fruchtbarkeit). Originally, the big fire early in the year used to be a pagan’s Celebration to welcome spring. Since the 8th century it has been seen as a metaphor for Jesus as the light in our lives. In some towns, there is a doll in the fire that represents Judas.

12 Ostermesse und Osterkerze Church service and candle
Die Osterkerze Um 24 Uhr ist die Ostermesse. The Church service is at 12a.m.. The Easter Fire is used to lighten the Easter candle.A chosen person carries the candle to the church, where it is placed as a symbol Of Jesus and of a new life.

13 Der Ostersonntag Der Osterhase kommt…
Day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Most important day of the year for the Catholic Church. The day of HOPE. Also most important day for the children: Der Osterhase kommt…

14 Das Osterlamm/Lamb Am Sonntag isst man Lamm.
The lamb is understood as a symbol of life.

15 Und man bekommt ein Osternest:
MIT: Schokoladeneier/ chocolate eggs Süßigkeiten/sweets Oder andere Sachen…

16 Was möchtest du zu Ostern?
Write down what you would like to have for Easter and what you will give to friends…

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