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Local Government Solutions Forum Healy Hudson Georg Reisch, President 2007-03-14 Barcelona 2007.

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1 Local Government Solutions Forum Healy Hudson Georg Reisch, President 2007-03-14 Barcelona 2007

2 Solutions Healy Hudson covers all segments of electronic procurement Desktop purchasing systems (catalog based procurement) Catalog management systems Electronic tendering solutions including workflow management, supplier management, bulletin platforms Electronic auction solutions

3 Competitors / Applications TradingClearingStagingContentOrderingeP-SellingConnectSourcing Engine E-Proc License Marketpl. coordination creation competitor 1 competitor 2competitor 3competitor 4competitor 5 competitor 6 competitor 7competitor 8 With our extensive product portfolio we can offer you a broader solution spectrum than any other provider within the market.

4 Healy Hudson Single German provider covering all purchasing process steps and offering electronic solutions for both public and private enterprises Only solution being 100% compliant to public allocation law in Germany Based on.NET, Microsoft® technology; available as multi-language

5 Customer References More than 100.000 users and more than 400 different suppliers currently use Healy Hudson systems Siemens Germany – with 15.000 users the largest e-Procurement Platform in GER Sparkassen Financial Group: leading procurement platform for the Sparkassen Bank Association including 200 banks and public authorities

6 Healy Hudson Triple digit growth in public sector Winner of “German Materials Management Award”, “US-Pioneer Award” for innovative electronic sourcing and BME/BMWi innovation award 2006 (in cooperation with the Free State of Bavaria) for electronic procurement

7 German government sector potential

8 32 Industry customer extract

9 Freistaat Bayern Elektronische Beschaffungsplattform KID Magdeburg eBeschaffungsplattform VOL / VOB Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg eVergabe Fraunhofer Gesellschaft eBeschaffung Deutsche Flugsicherung eBeschaffungsplattform VOL / VOB Stadtwerke München Elektronische Beschaffungsplattform Freistaat Sachsen – Staatskanzlei eBeschaffung (Pilot) bfr - Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung eVergabe (Pilot) Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern eVergabe, eBeschaffung Landkreis Hameln Pyrmont eVergabe (Pilot) VLBG Krankenhaus-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH eVergabe BMF-Bundesministerium f. Finanzen eVergabe (Pilot) Landeshauptstadt Hannover eBeschaffung, ELBE Austrias biggest Procurement platform Public clients extract

10 Today‘s focus Federal Procurement Corporation of Austria –Catalog based procurement platform up to 25.000 users City of Hamburg –First German electronic tendering solution

11 Federal Procurement Corporation of Austria Initial situation: –De-centralized procurement structures; no pooling effects Solution: –Public Procurement Platform by Healy Hudson: e-Shop (Procurement and Catalog Management) for Austria Benefits: –High cost and time savings –Easy handling of supplier transaction data

12 Federal Procurement Corporation of Austria Today available for 5.000+ users of the federal agencies (~1.500 agencies) with a goal of 25.000 users Today 300 supplier catalogs with more than 250.000 catalog items are available The platform currently handles goods worth 5m€ via the e-Shop – i.e. 2.000 orders with 12.000 catalog positions – per month! Tender planned for electronic tendering platform

13 City of Hamburg Initial situation: –Manual execution of tender procedures Solution: –Public Procurement Platform by Healy Hudson (e-Tender) Benefits: –High cost savings –More transparency and profitability –Rollout in focus

14 City of Hamburg First city world wide to solely carry out all tender procedures electronically via e-Tendering solution. First German city to handle their public contracts via internet. 80 % of the total procurement volume of the City of Hamburg is in scope

15 City of Hamburg Benefits are: –Drastic decrease of processing periods by decentralizing and delocalizing the procurement procedures –Saving potential of 3 to 5 % of the current buying volume – this means 50m€ for the City of Hamburg with a procurement volume of 1b€ –More transparency and traceability of procedures (prevention of corruption) Tender planned for catalog based procurement solution

16 © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary. Healy Hudson GmbH http://www.healy-hudson.com

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