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1 You need to use your mouse to see this presentation © Heidi Behrens

2 Where do we meet? ? Luis Anna

3 bei in seit mit auf hinter von nach a n zu für v o r

4 Prepositions are little but powerful words like to, with, from, at, in, near, on etc. that have a big impact on whatever follows them. They tell you about direction, position, location, and so forth. Here we are going to look at the prepositions ‘vor’,’an’ and ‘in’

5 Wir treffen uns…..

6 vor in front of an at in

7 andem derBahnhof amam =

8 vordem derBahnhof

9 Andere Treffpunkte (other meeting places) Markt(platz) Parkplatz Spielplatz Sportplatz Jugendclub Fluss Park Dom Market (place) Carpark Playground Sports field Youth club River Park Cathedral

10 vordem dasSchwimmbad

11 indem dasSchwimmbad imim =

12 andem dasSchwimmbad amam =

13 Andere Treffpunkte (other meeting places) Einkaufszentrum Denkmal Rathaus Stadion Kino Hotel Museum Theater Verkehrsamt Café Restaurant Sportzentrum Schloss Shopping centre Monument Town hall Stadium Cinema Hotel Museum Theatre Tourist information office Café Restaurant Sports centre Castle

14 ander dieDisco

15 vorder dieDisco

16 inder dieDisco

17 dieBushaltestelle anderBushaltestelle

18 Andere Treffpunkte (other meeting places) Bibliothek Polizeistation Post Jugendherberge Brücke Bank Kirche Kunstgalerie Hauptstraße Fußgängerzone Tankstelle Library Police station Post office Youth hostel Bridge Bank Church Art gallery Main road Pedestrian zone Petrol station

19 So what was that all about? Using the prepositions ‘an’, ‘vor’ and ‘in’ to describe where something is located or where you are going to meet, triggers off a change to the articles (der/die/das) that follow the preposition. Masculine  der becomes  vor dem Neuter  das becomes  vor dem Feminine  die becomes  vor der Plural  die becomes  vor den

20 Dies ist mein Haus. beiWirtreffenunsmir (We are meeting at my house)

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