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Michael Hanisch Regional Sales Manager

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1 Michael Hanisch Michael.Hanisch@riverbed.com Regional Sales Manager

2 Warum ist Riverbed wichtig?
So why is Riverbed important to your company? 2 © 2009 RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY, INC – CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY, INC – CONFIDENTIAL

3 Die heutige Realität Mehr Entfernung Mehr Lokationen
Mehr Daten in mehr Standorten Größere Anforderung an IT Riverbed views the current business technology landscape being impacted in three critical ways: First I’d guess that you have more offices in more far away places than ever before – globalization, mergers, acquisitions, out-sourcing and off-shoring all contribute to a general trend that data is moving over longer and longer distances. Second, I’d guess that you have more data in more places than ever before. Over the last five or ten years, most of our customers have built regional or local data centers all over the world to support their operations. Once you have a data center, guess what – data begins to accumulate there in file servers, storage systems and application servers – once the data exists, it needs to be managed, backed up, moved and manipulated. And third, with all the data and applications being rolled out all around the world, and with all of the new regulations being imposed, I’d guess that the demands on your IT organizations have never been higher.

4 Die aktuelle Wirtschaftslage erhöht den Druck auf IT
Storage Needs Seen Doubling Every 2 Years Through 2012 June 2, 2008 Framingham, MA - As Content-Centric Customers Reshape Requirements, Worldwide Disk Storage Systems Capacity Shipments Continue to Double Every Two Years. Cisco – “IP Traffic to Quadruple by Internet-based traffic grew 47% in 2007, 35% annual growth rate for businesses through 2012” Data Center Consolidation Trend Continues to Increase in 2008 August %% of organizations now planning or executing consolidation, up from 68% in 2007 survey. Anforderung steigern Budgets Down Budgets schrumpfen October The full impact of the economic downturn on IT spending for Is not yet known. Worst-case scenario… IT budgets cut of 25% in 2009. The Impact of the Economic Downturn on 2009 IT Budgets Grim economy means slowed IT spending for next four years Revised forecast puts U.S. IT spending for '09 at a fraction of earlier predictions The headlines support this. I don’t have to tell you that the amount of data and traffic is going up exponentially every year. I certainly don’t have to tell you that economic times are tough! Net-net, demands on IT are going up, but budgets are going down.

5 Es wird die perfekte Lösung gesucht
Kostet nix Beherscht alle Sprachen Kann alles Dickes Fell mit 50 Jahre MTBF Perfekte Softwarelocken Ist eh da Null Latenz Grinsen 500 output-Eier pro Roundtrip 220 Ports Vier redundante Beine WAhNsinn speed

6 Wie kann ein CIO diesen Trend ändern?
Riverbed Effekt Verbesserung der IT Effizienz Requirements Wachsende Diskrepanz Replizierung/Data Protection Verbesserung der IT Effizienz Bandbreite Reduzierung Nachfragen Kollaboration Now… I know that this is not news to you. I assume that you have probably been investing for years in initiatives like virtualization and server consolidation cut costs and improve efficiencies. You have probably rolled out new web-based applications to improve collaboration and application performance. You probably have green IT initiatives to reduce power and cooling costs. You may be rationalizing data centers, or even moving them to less expensive locations. But, we believe that they will only get you part of the way to your goal. What is needed today is a way to radically improve the effectiveness of what you are already doing – you need to improve by an order of magnitude or more to get ahead of the demands on your IT organization. The stories I mentioned in the beginning of my talk were examples of this “Riverbed Effect” – the radical gains in your IT performance that enable real change. Our customers have shown thousands of times how our solutions can boost the value of the key initiatives you’re already doing That’s what we mean by “unbelievable” gains. Until you try it, you won’t believe it. Virtualizierung Green IT Web Apps Konsolidation Budget

7 UNGLAUBLICH Wenn ich sagen würde… 7
Trennen Sie sich von von Servern und Tapes in Außenstellen Steigern Sie die Einführungsrate auf 300% Vermeiden Sie Upgrades des WANs für 5 Jahre Kollaboration in Echtzeit mit 70 Ländern 70x bessere Performance für Remote-Anwendung UNGLAUBLICH Reduzieren der Backup Zeit um 90% Amortisierung in 6 Monaten und $20M eingesparen 7 7

8 Diese Firmen dachten es auch, aber…
Increase application usage by 300% Avoid WAN bandwidth upgrades for 5 years Collaborate in real time across 70 countries Reduce RTO by 90% Achieve a 6 month ROI and save $20M Gain up to 70x faster remote performance Eliminate all of your branch servers and tapes Kunde1 Kunde2 Kunde3 Amortisation in 3 Monaten Verbesserte Einführungsrate von 300% Spart jeden Monat $ 500,000 Bandbreitenkosten Kunde7 Believe It. Kunde4 Zusammenarbeit mit 70 Ländern in Echtzeit bei gr. Daten Erreichte den ROI in nur 36 Tagen Kunde6 Kunde5 Reduzierte SnapMirror Replizierung von 23 auf 2,5 Stunden Reduzierte Call-Center Ressourcen & Bandbreiten- Einsparung $20 M 8 8

9 Echter Durchsatz ist abhängig von der Latenz

10 Die Vorteile der Riverbed patentierten Technologie

11 Riverbed’s Beschleunigung bei TCP Applikationen

12 Kunden Beispiel 79GB of data was reduced to 13GB (83% reduced)
After-optimization data volume Before-optimization data volume % of overall traffic before optimization % Data reduction on WAN 79GB of data was reduced to 13GB (83% reduced) 66GB of data was removed from the International links Note: DataWarehouse is on TCP 80

13 “Macht 3000 Kilometer zu gefühlten 30 Metern”
DATA CENTER BRANCH OFFICE WAN MOBILE WORKERS BACKUP CENTER Riverbed Produkte beschleunigen Applikationen im Außenstandort und auf mobilen Arbeitsplätzen. Reduzieren Backup und Restore Zeiten. Riverbed Produkte reduzieren die Bandbreitenauslastung bis zu 99% Redundante Daten werden nur einmal über das WAN transportiert Lassen Sie ihr Business wachsen ohne über die Entfernung nachzudenken und halten sie ihre Daten wieder zentral.

14 Vollintegrierte Lösung für Außenstelle, mobile Benutzer und Rechenzentrum
Optimized WAN transfer BRANCH OFFICE WAN DATA CENTER Occurs within software Optimized WAN transfer Mobile Software und Appliance benutzen die gleiche Datacenter-Infrastruktur Mobile Software und Appliance benutzen die gleiche auto-discovery Technologie Mobile Software und Appliance benutzen die gleiche Latenz-Optimierung Technologie Mobile Software und Appliance benutzen die gleiche Datenreduzierung Technologie

15 Steelhead Mobile Deployment & Operation
Steelhead Mobile Controller Mobile Users WAN Steelhead Appliance Home Users DATA CENTER 1. Steelhead Mobile Controller deployed in the data center Deployment of Steelhead mobile is a snap. Deploy the Steelhead mobile controller in the Data center. This can be deployed anywhere that the CMC would be deployed – essentially anywhere that would be accessible to end user machines. Using MSI packages, you can push Steelhead Mobile software out to clients. MSI packages ease the install process. In machines without admin privileges they temporarily elevate privs. to do the install. MSI packages also enable easy rollback or upgrade, ensuring that lifetime maintenance of the software is easy. Steelhead mobile clients first get a policy and license from the Steelhead mobile controller. The policy includes an optimization policy. Licensing is concurrent licensing, meaning that the Steelhead Mobile controller manages a ‘pool’ of licenses and any client can receive a license if one is available. Finally, the Steelhead Mobile client connects directly with a steelhead appliance to perform optimization. Note that while the client has no bandwidth or TCP limitations the Steelhead appliance does. The end result is that mobile users now get the same LAN-like experience that Steelhead appliances have been able to deliver in branch offices. 2. Steelhead Mobile MSI package pushed out to laptops & desktops 3. Once connected, Steelhead Mobile first gets policy and license from the Controller Small Branch Offices 4. Steelhead Mobile then connects to the Steelhead appliance & begins accelerating data transfers

16 Enhanced Steelhead Auto-Detection & Link Based Licensing
Steelhead Mobile Controller Mobile Users (3G) WAN Steelhead Appliance Home Users (WiFi) DATA CENTER Mobile user returns to Branch Office Enhanced auto-detection detects branch Steelhead Appliance, connects to appliance and begins to accelerate data transfers Link based licensing by adapter allows optimization by: - Wired vs. Wireless Clients - VPN Clients vs. LAN clients G vs. Dialup Branch Office (LAN)

17 Steelhead Mobile Performance Results
10x – 80x faster performance across the applications that are most crucial for mobile workers Reinforce that this is a strong product with meaningful results

18 Kunden Beispiele SnapMirror und OSSV

19 Global professional services firm
727.9 Mbps OC-12 throughput over OC-3! CA XOsoft replication of database updates Peak LAN throughput 600+ mbit/sec with 5.5x data reduction Model 5520 Steelhead

20 Global bank POC with TSM replication between datacenters
Gigabit LAN throughput! Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) replication Multi-core balancing Model 6120 Steelhead 99% Peak data reduction This bank achieved Gigabit LAN throughput while employing our data reduction. 6,4x

21 Steelhead appliances für jede Anforderung
Smaller Larger Massive Scaling 250-L 1 Mbps optimized throughput 30 optimized TCP connections 40 Gig Data Store 250-M 125 optimized TCP connections 250-H 200 optimized TCP connections 550-M 2 Mbps optimized throughput 300 optimized TCP connections 80 Gig Data Store 550-H 600 optimized TCP connections 1050-L 6 Mbps optimized throughput 800 optimized TCP connections 100 Gig Data Store 1050-M 1300 optimized TCP connections 1050-H 10 Mbps optimized throughput 2300 optimized TCP connections 200 Gig Data Store 5050-M 90 Mbps optimized throughput 9000 optimized TCP connections 600 Gig Data Store Interceptor 4 Gbps optimized throughput 1,000,000 optimized TCP connections 5050-H 155 Mbps optimized throughput 18,000 optimized TCP connections 800 Gig Data Store Management & Reporting 6050 310 Mbps optimized throughput 50,000 optimized TCP connections 3.5 TB Data Store Central Management Console Optional Component Manages and monitors hundreds of appliances at once 2050-M 20 Mbps optimized throughput 4000 optimized TCP connections 400 Gig Data Store 2050-H 45 Mbps optimized throughput 6000 optimized TCP connections Here are the specs on the cjurrent models. Steelhead Mobile Controller Required for Steelhead Mobile Manage up to 2,000 concurrent users. Mobile Worker Steelhead Mobile Software Installed on end-user machine Min1.5Ghz Celeron, 512MB RAM, 1GB HDD

22 Riverbed Services Platform
Virtualized Environment VMware platform Windows server available Up to five VMDKs Windows Security Streaming Monitoring Our Riverbed Services Platform (RSP) allows organizations to move extend their virtualization and consolidation efforts from the data center to the branch. Local applications can also be virtualized and run on the Steelhead appliance, giving organizations the ability to further reduce their infrastructure sprawl without impacting the end user experience. To achieve this Riverbed has essentially embedded virtualization within our appliance. That means that customers cannot only accelerate applications to the edge, but they can RUN applications at the edge without additional hardware. Moreover, because of our implementation, customers can run one of our partners’ applications or they can run their OWN applications – essentially anything they want. And they can do this without a forklift upgrade to the hardware – just use their exisiting Riverbed hardware in most cases. Steelhead Appliance VMDK VMDK VMDK VMDK VMDK RSP

23 Riverbed beschleunigt zukünftige Service-orientierte IT
Cloud Services Engineering App Financial App Riverbed macht die Entfernung zwischen Daten, Anwendungen, und Usern irrelevant und optimiert damit Cloud Services Collaboration App 23

24 Was bedeutet Riverbed für sie?
Optimiert bestehende oder managed Infrastruktur Große Wirkung auf Konsolidierung Echtzeit und globale Kollaboration Riverbed bedeutet Amortisation in einigen Monaten Große Erhöhung in Netzwerk und Storage Kapazität Wesentlich besser als eine einfache Optimierung Ein neuer Ansatz Eine Fähigkeit Probleme zu lösen die unlösbar waren

25 Riverbed’s vision for IT infrastructure performance
Global Optimization Policy Updates Statistics, Flow Records Visibility & Analysis Global Control Actionable Information

26 Riverbed kann bei vielen unterschiedlichen Anforderungen zum Projekt Erfolg beitragen
Riverbed SteelheadTM appliances & Steelhead MobileTM software Application Acceleration Site Consolidation Bandwidth Optimization Disaster Recovery Mobile Worker Acceleration Windows File Sharing CIFS 2k,2k3,2k7 Web ERP/CRM Lotus Notes NFS FTP Custom apps SSL Oracle11 SAP File servers servers Filers Remote storage Tape backup equip. Off-site media mgmt. On-line backup Outsourced services Reduce WAN bandwidth Avoid WAN upgrades Expand narrow links Fill up LFNs Prioritize traffic Protect VoIP quality RTO Reduction RPO Reduction Remote site backup Server replication SAN replication VM replication On-line backup

27 Warum Riverbed und wer ist Riverbed?
So if you were considering a solution to improve your IT infrastructure, why would you choose Riverbed? 27 © 2009 RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY, INC – CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY, INC – CONFIDENTIAL

28 Riverbed steigert die Wirkung Ihrer Hauptinitiativen
Sofortige Wirkung mit Riverbed Konsolidierung Reduziert die Infrastruktur und steigert die Performance Virtualizierung Repliziert schnell und einfach virtuelle Images Storage Management Reduziert Primary-Storage um bis 80% ( in 2010 ) Business Kontinuität Reduziert stark RTO und RPO Telco Kosten Kürzt WAN-Verkehr um 40-99% - WAN Kosten bleiben konstant oder werden geringer Globale Kollaboration Teilen von komplexen Informationen in Echtzeit – weltweit Mobilität / VDI Ermöglicht überall LAN ähnliche Performance Sicherheit Konsolidierung von Daten in wenige Standorte

29 Wer ist Riverbed? Eine profitable Aktiengesellschaft (RVBD) Ein Unternehmen, dem Kunden weltweit vertrauen 54% Unternehmen der Global100 nutzen die Riverbed-Lösungen Weit über 50,000 Steelhead Appliances ausgeliefert Globaler Vertrieb und 24 X 7 Support $333M Umsatz $260M Barmittel, keine Schulden Weit über 900 Mitarbeiter, Hauptsitz in San Francisco Riverbed ist der Hersteller fur Performancesteigerung der IT-Infrastruktur - Netzwerke, Anwendungen und Storage.

30 97% 3 Jahre 5 Jahre Der klare Marktführer #1 Magic Quadrant
Technologie des Jahres 97% Meist empfohlen

31 Kundenwachstum

32 Weltweiter Support & Logistik
Amsterdam Moscow Toronto London Rotterdam San Francisco New York Beijing Mountain View Tokyo Tokyo Seoul Abu Dhabi Mexico City Hong Kong Chennai Singapore Sao Paulo Johannesburg Santiago Sydney 7x24 “follow the sun” Support von 6 globalen Supportcenter 4 Stunden HW-Support von Lokationen in 220 Ländern durch Orange und IGS Partnerschaften Corporate HQ Parts Depots Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

33 Riverbed ist #1 Mit 97% meist empfohlen Forrester * Riverbed ist bei Gartner zum dritten mal in Folge #1 Der Marktführer und Innovationstreiber im Bereich Wide area Data Services (WDS) 950 Mitarbeiter, > $330 Mio Jahresumsatz mit hohem Wachstum, $260Mio Barmittel, Globale Sales und Support Organisation. Ein etablierter IT Lieferant mit über Kunden Über Appliances installiert und im Einsatz auf der ganzen Welt. 54 von den Forbes 100 sind bereits Kunden. The Gartner Magic Quadrant is a rigorous analysis of the players in the WDS space. Riverbed ranked highest in both “Ability to Execute” and “Completeness of Vision”

34 Danke

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