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Deutsch lernen; Deutsch sprechen?

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1 Deutsch lernen; Deutsch sprechen?
Wie super!

2 Was braucht man , um erfolgreich zu sein?
Du interessierst dich für Sprachen Du sollst es geniessen, Deutsch zu sprechen. Sei bereit, Deutsch im Klassenzimmer zu sprechen Du möchtest Meinungen äußern Du möchtest im Internet recherchieren Du möchtest deine Kenntnisse der Grammatik verbessern Du interessierst dich für neue Wörter.

3 AS Only two exams! Paper 1 – listening, reading and writing. YOU have headphones and a CD and can rewind as much as you like. YOU decide how long you spend on each section of the exam (although it makes sense to divide time evenly). You write ONE essay of 250 words from choice of 3 titles

4 Paper 2 The speaking test
Paper 2 The speaking test. You pick one of two cards on the topics covered. You respond to bullet points about the card (You have 20 minutes to sit and prepare before your exam starts. You can make unlimited notes and take them into the exam room with you. You will have been practising how to do this in class). You discuss this topic further, you then speak about a topic you have prepared in advance and finally you speak on 2 other sub topics (from a total of 12).

5 Topics to be covered: MEDIA HEALTHY LIVING/EXERCISE TV Sport/exercise Advertising Health and well-being Communication Technology Holidays POPULAR CULTURE FAMILY/RELATIONSHIPS Cinema Relationships within the family Music Friendships Fashion/trends Marriage/partnerships


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