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German Word Order explained!

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1 German Word Order explained!

2 German Word Order One of the most difficult aspects of learning German is getting the word order correct. Unlike English, the German language has a very fixed word order and there is little room for movement! Along with learning vocabulary, this is the most important part to master!

3 German Word Order Easy version Hard version
This is the standard word order to use even if all or some of the elements are not included. put words into categories as this will help you! Easy version subject 1st verb time manner place 2nd verb Hard version time 1st verb subject manner place 2nd verb

4 What words belong where?
subject the person or thing that the 1st verb refers to 1st verb the main verb (‘doing’ word) time when? - day, months, clock time, seasons. manner what? with whom? how? place where? buildings, locations, countries 2nd verb 2nd part of modal verb / separable part

5 Categorising the words
Can you work out what words go where? subject 1st verb time manner place 2nd verb am Montag im Park fahren abends ich gehe macht mit unseren Freunden in die Stadt Tennis mit Tom um halbdrei aus wir zu Hause ihre Hausaufgaben in die Alpen Ski ich Steffi im Frühling spiele

6 How well did you do? SUBJECT 1ST VERB TIME MANNER PLACE 2ND VERB ich fahren am Montag mit unseren Freunden im Park aus der Hund gehe um halbdrei mit dem Ball in die Stadt Ski Steffi macht nachmittags mit Tom zu Hause wir spielt jedes Jahr ihre Hausaufgaben in die Alpen Task - using the words given, can you put them together into 4 separate sentences in the correct order?

7 What words belong where?
Remember the time aspect can go in the middle! Am Montag gehe ich mit Tom in die Stadt aus 2. Der Hund spielt nachmittags mit dem Ball im Park. 3. Um halbdrei macht Steffi ihre Hausaufgaben zu Hause 4. Jedes Jahr fahren wir mit unseren Freunden in die Alpen Ski.

8 Making your sentence more interesting!
Now add the following to make your sentence more interesting and less basic! Adverbs of Frequency nie selten oft ab und zu immer Intensifiers: sehr total ziemlich wirklich But where do they go in a German sentence?

9 Intensifiers and Adverbs of Frequency
Intensifiers – used with and go before opinion words: - mein Computer ist mir total wichtig. Adverbs of frequency - Usually placed after 1st verb if using easy word order - Place after subject if you are using harder word order.

10 Using Adverbs of Frequency
Easy version Ich spiele oft abends am Computer im Schlafzimmer Hard version Abends spiele ich oft am Computer im Schlafzimmer

11 Home-learning Task Due in Wednesday 16th September
Using what you have learnt so far, write a short text (50 words) about your use of the media Must: Comment on computers, TV, reading, internet/mobile use Should: use adverbs of frequency, time expressions and give opinions using intensifiers where appropriate. Could: mention how another member of your family uses the media and give your opinion about it. Due in Wednesday 16th September

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