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AS Thema Die Schule.

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1 AS Thema Die Schule

2 Information über Schulen für Aufsätze und Präsentationen
Das deutsche Bildungswesen Vokabular Lerntipps Nützliche Redewendungen Checkliste


4 Vokabular Der Kindergarten Nursery school
Die Sonderschule special school Die Grundschule primary school Die Orientierungsstufe first few years at secondary Die Hauptschule secondary modern Die Realschule technical school Das Gymnasium grammar school Die Gesamtschule comprehensive Die Berufsschule vocational college Die Fachoberschule college (6th Form) Der Betrieb firm Die Hochschule college/university Die Universität university

5 Lerntipps When writing an essay or preparing a presentation you must plan. First jot down all the relevant information about the topic – at least 10 points (see table on school system and the AS notes). Plan an introduction, a main section and a conclusion Einleitung Hauptteil Schluss

6 Lerntipps The introduction should give some idea of what you are going to discuss, some background and some personal interest. The main part should give information in a logical order and compare with Britain after each point. The conclusion must gather together all the pieces and you must give your own opinion at the end having weighed up the pros and cons. Note the phrases, vocabulary and structures you wish to include. Write the essay sticking to the plan and if you think of something relevant while writing DO NOT TACK IT ONTO THE END but try to include it in the right place. Check for errors with several readings.

7 Nützliche Redewendungen
Im Vergleich zu/mit.. in comparison with.. verglichen mit compared to… ähnlich similar hauptsächlich mainly besonders particularly In Wirklichkeit in reality einerseits…andererseits.. On the one hand.. …..on the other hand Erstens muss ich sagen,dass… Firstly I must say that… Ich bin der Meinung,dass.. I am of the opinion that…

8 Checkliste Capital letters Verb agreement Word order Tense Cases
Adjectival agreement Gender Commas

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