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German Early Level The Weather.

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1 German Early Level The Weather

2 Early Level Significant Aspects of Learning
Use language in a range of contexts and across learning Develop confidence and enthusiasm to communicate using the language being learnt Begin to develop an awareness of other countries, cultures and languages Listen and join in with simple songs, stories and rhymes Explore and recognise patterns and sounds of language through listening, watching and playing Understand, respond to and say simple greetings and personal information (e.g. name) Repeat and understand simple familiar language from a familiar source Actively take part in simple daily routine language Participate in familiar games including outdoor learning Begin to explore resources to support my learning e.g. picture dictionaries

3 Vocabulary Wie ist das Wetter?
Please note: there are 6 different weather types listed but you may want to start with 3 and work your way up as learners progress. You could start with the 3 most likely in the season you are in and then add more as the seasons change! Wie ist das Wetter? What’s the weather like? Es ist schön It’s nice Es ist heiβ It’s hot Es ist kalt It’s cold Es ist grau It’s grey Es schneit! It’s snowing Es regnet It’s raining

4 Wie ist das Wetter? What is the weather like?

5 Es ist schön!

6 Es ist heiβ!

7 Es ist kalt

8 Es ist grau

9 Es regnet

10 Es schneit!

11 Embedding the language
Ask what the weather is like in German at the start of everyday along with the date. While learning outdoors in differing weathers, I have described and recorded the weather, its effects and how it makes me feel and can relate my recordings to the seasons. SOC 0-12a

12 Sample activities You will find a bank of sample activities which you can use to practise the vocabulary in the classroom. This is not a prescriptive list of activities and you can use or adapt them to suit the needs of your class. You will find a set of more challenging activities in First Level Weather.

13 Wie ist das Wetter? Look at the following weather pictures.
Listen to the three different weathers in German. Can you choose which one best describes the picture?

14 Wie ist das Wetter?

15 Ja. Es ist schön! 

16 Wie ist das Wetter?

17 Ja! Es schneit! 

18 Wie ist das Wetter?

19 Ja! Es regnet! 

20 Wie ist das Wetter?

21 Ja! Es ist heiβ! 

22 Wie ist das Wetter?

23 Ja! Es ist kalt! 

24 Wie ist das Wetter? Fancy dress game.
Select a range of props which match the different weather types (e.g. sunglasses, hat and scarf, warm coat, bucket and spade, umbrella etc.) Pupils sit in a circle with all items placed in the middle. One pupil goes to the centre. All pupils chant, “Wie ist das Wetter?” Teacher (or pupil) calls a weather in German. Pupil in the centre puts on an item of clothing which matches that type of weather.

25 Weather snap! Pupils have different weather symbol cards on their desks/in a group Class ask the question “Wie ist das Wetter?” Teacher says a weather type and they have to slap the card (or hold up the correct one!). As they grow in confidence they can be asked to individually choose a weather.

26 Wie ist das Wetter? Charades
Teacher teaches actions to each of the weather phrases e.g. shivering for cold, putting up an umbrella for rain etc. Class chant question “Wie ist das Wetter?” Teacher then says a weather phrase and class do the mime as a group. Pupils then take over saying the weather phrase. Teacher then models miming a weather and pupils have to guess which one it is. Pupils then mime for others in class.

27 Songs and videos! You will find a bank of sample songs and videos which you can use to practise the vocabulary in the classroom. This is not a prescriptive list of songs and you can use or adapt them to suit the needs of your class. You will find a set of more challenging activities in First Level Days of the Week and Months.

28 Wie ist das Wetter heute?

29 Wetter song Wie ist das Wetter? Wie ist es heute? Ist es sonnig? Ist es neblig? Ist es wolkig? Ist es windig? Bestimmt in Lübeck ist es immer sehr, sehr kalt. Es schneit in Wien man braucht Stiefel und in Hamburg regnet es viel Auf jeden Fall donnert es in der Schweiz Bestimmt in Stuttgart ist es ziemlich warm Das Wetter, Wetter, Wetter...oh ( X3 ) Wie ist das Wetter in Deutschland?

30 Tschüss!

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