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European Project Center (EPC)

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1 European Project Center (EPC)
Introduction of Technische Universität Dresden / Germany Grant Applicant of TEMPUS SCM “MOBIL” Matthias Winker First of all I would like to welcome you in the name of TU Dresden. As you know, these weeks in september – at the end of school-holidays - and the begin of the winter-term still far away – are weeks of travelling, either for holidays or for conferences. So our Rector Prof. Kokenge and most of our prorectors/vicepresidents are not in dresden. So it’s my job to give you a picture/ an idea of TU Dresden.

2 Expansion of the European Union in 2004
Dresden, Germany European Union as of 2003 Our motto is “Building Bridges” / Wissen schaft Brücken – not only between science and economy between students of different nations between different sybjects but between East and West too. First years students from Central and EastEurope jumped over Dresden to Paris, Landon or into the US. Dresden, the former socialist Bother, was not so interesting. Now, the polish students are Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 2 Matthias Winker

3 Dresden University of Technology
World Cultural Heritage 2004 Dresden University of Technology Dresden Source At the beginning I would like to apologize about / for (?) my awful, awful English. But belonging to the administration-staff of our university, I am one of those poor fellows, who are not in the most comfortable and lucky situation that our researcher and professors enjoy: travelling throughout the world, giving a lecture in Shanghai today, visiting a workshop in Boston tomorrow, participating in a congress in Rio the next day and coming home to Dresden at the end of the week to rest and to recreate here in the lovely/charming scenery of the Elbe-Valley, which is since 2004 – you might know – decorated and protected as part of the World Cultural Heritage. Meantime the Heritage Council threatens to remove the Dredsen Elbe-Valley and put it on the socalled red list, the Heritag in Danger List. Instead of that my part is to stay at Dresden and – at home – to work and to insure, that our professors can travel worldwide. Therefore my English is – frankly spoken – rather "German English". But I'll try to give my best, and I hope, you understand – or better said: you can guess – the "essence", the real message of my words: That is in brief: I would like to welcome you all in the name of Technische Universität Dresden! Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 3 Matthias Winker

4 The next two slides, of course, are designed for presentations outside Dresden. I hope that you have enough time to visit not only the university but the city too. Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 4 Matthias Winker

5 Surrounding Landscape
» Elbsandsteingebirge « Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 5 Matthias Winker

6 175-year History: Technical College  Full-Scale University
1828: Technische Bildungsanstalt im Brühl´schen Pavillon 1871: Königl.-Sächsisches Polytechnikum 1890: Königl.-Sächsische Technische Hochschule 1961: Technische Universität Dresden 1990: Strukturelle und personelle Erneuerung zur Volluniversität mit 14 Fakultäten No complete history of the university, I only want to stress 2 moments: The start/the beginning, in close connection with Saxonian Economy, in that time trade and handcraft and the first manufactories Germany‘s Reunification, responsable for a complete change in shape and profile and in size. One can say: the 2. Founding of the university Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 6 Matthias Winker

7 University Hospital Main Campus Faculty of Forestry
14 Faculties with Students with a total of employees on three main sites University Hospital Main Campus Faculty of Forestry Central Lecture Hall Library Arts Gallery Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 7 Matthias Winker

8 Central Lecture Hall, completed in 1998, 28. Mill. Euro
6 Lecture Halls w/ total of 2,840 seats Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 8 Matthias Winker

9 Joined State & University Library (2002), 97 Mill. Euro
Archives, magazines, offices, public area under the meadow Imitating the towers of the Biblio National Paris Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 9 Matthias Winker

10 Joined State & University Library (2002)
Reading room 420,000 books in open-access library, expandable to 850,000 copies; 2,4 million copies in magazine; 3,200 Periodicals; 990 reading desks Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 10 Matthias Winker

11 Institutes of Informatcs, 2006
Instîtutes of Biotechnology – BIOTEC, 2003 Institutes of Biology, 2006 Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 11 Matthias Winker

12 Full-Scale University since 1990
Natural Sciences Fakultät Mathematik und Naturwissen-schaften mit den Fachrichtungen - Mathematik - Physik - Chemie und Lebensmittelchemie - Psychologie - Biologie Humanities & Social Sciences Philosophische Fakultät Fakultät Sprach-, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften Fakultät Erziehungs-wissenschaften Juristische Fakultät Fakultät Wirtschafts-wissenschaften Engineering Sciences Fakultät Informatik Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informationstechn. Fakultät Maschinenwesen Fakultät Bauingenieurwesen Fakultät Architektur Fakultät Verkehrswissen-schaften „Friedrich List“ Fakultät Forst-, Geo- und Hydrowissenschaften Medical School Medizinische Fakultät Carl Gustav Carus Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 12 Matthias Winker

13 1.891 public financed employees (Medicine)
14 faculties students public financed employees* (without Medicine) public financed employees (Medicine) third part financed employees (with Medicine) * 454 professors; members of academic staff public financed posts (without Medicine) 430 Professoren W3: , ,- 24 Hochschuldozenten IIa: ,- 1030 Wiss. Mitarbeiter Ib ,- IVa ,- Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 13 Matthias Winker

14 Total number of students 1989 – 2006
Beginner students 1995 – 2006 34.993 34.882 34.575 33.066 28.205 30.466 25.111 26.654 24.093 21.243 22.523 23.193 19.346 20.472 18.900 14.482 14.608 13.941 8.905 9.846 9.179 5.585 6.572 6.274 6.679 5.960 6.315 6.824 7.472 7.449 Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 14 Matthias Winker

15 Students by Faculties 2006/07
humanities & social sciences (35,4%) engineering sciences 15.696 (45,0%) medicine (6,6 %) sciences 4.536 (13%) Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 15 Matthias Winker

16 where the students come from:
Saxony: (58,9 %) Saxony, without Dresden (15,3%) Dresden (city) (35,2%) Dresden (surroundings) 2.934 (8,4%) Foreign Countries (9,8%) New Federal States, without Saxony 6.625 (18,9%) Old Federal States (12,3%) based on the place where they passed „Abitur“/school leaving exam (A-level) Total number: Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 16 Matthias Winker

17 Examples of international and interdisciplinary courses:
interdisciplinary study courses Mechatronik Informationssystem-technik Chemieingenieur-wissenschaften International Studies 16 international study courses: e.g. Molekulare Biotechnologie Molecular Bioengineering Hydro Science and Engineering Rehabilitation Engineering Computational Engineering Computational Logic Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 17 Matthias Winker

18 Development of students ... from foreign countries
Now I want to present you some charts showing the benchmark for the key figures of the large Universities in Germany As you know in Germany the Federal Ministry has started the socalled „Contest of Excellence“. And in these days universities in Germany are very, very busy at completing and filing their applications and profile-descriptions for this nationwide competition for universities to become or to remain a “Spitzenuniversität”. As you can imagine and I hope you agree: TUD is one of the candidates! So during the last weeks we collected the related figures from other large universities, and we tried to make them comparable. Because after reunification TU Dresden like other universities in the eastern Part of germany had a period of rebuilding, reorientation, reconceptualisation. To make the figures comparable we took the result of 1994 as 100. Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 18 Matthias Winker

19 TU Dresden – a university with profile
priorities / profile lines in research: Regenerative medicine and molecular bioengineering Material sciences, biomaterials and nanotechnology Information system technology Population, infrastructure and transportation Water, energy, environment Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 19 Matthias Winker

20 The network: Silicon Saxony
The association ”Silicon Saxony e.V.“ now conects 217 members. ( Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 20 Matthias Winker

21 in 2007: 12 running TEMPUS projects
Third Party Financed Projects EU Grants: 140 Projects appr. 40 Mio EUR Mio Euro Number of Projects in 2007: 12 running TEMPUS projects Third part financed projects rank amoung the most important indicator for the quality and quantity of the network/cooperatien Science and Economy About % of the total volum are real RD-Contracts with Industry and KMUSmall and medium sized enterprizes/MSE Zahl der Projekte ist höher als als MA (2095). Kein Wunder, manchmal only equipment , travelling , or labor is done by public financed employees. Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 21 Matthias Winker

22 Third Part Financed Projects 2002 - 2006
number of projects: TUD Mio Euro: TUD - total Mio Euro: Mio Euro: TUD - industry 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 22 Matthias Winker

23 „The business incubator“
TU Dresden: „The business incubator“ motivation qualifying coaching - events 413 projects since 1999 143 spin-off‘s 600 participants/term Insgesamt 210 Ausgründungen 2003: 1. Platz im bundesweiten Ranking “Vom Studenten zum Unternehmer” Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 23 Matthias Winker

24 Gesellschaft von Freunden und Förderern
Institutsambulanz und Tagesklinik für Psycho - therapie der TU Dresden GmbH Leichtbau Zentrum Sachsen Institute of Automotive Mechatronics Dresden International University gGmbH Gesellschaft für Wissens und Technologie Transfer IAP TU Dresden Institute of Advanced Studies TUDIAS LEICHTBAU IAM Institute for Further and Continuing Education TUD FaCE Verkehrsunfallforschung an der TU Dresden GmbH TU Dresden Stiftung Gesellschaft von Freunden und Förderern der TU Dresden e.V. (GFF) 51 % 40 % 50 % 24,8 % 100 % 1991 2000 2003 2003 1999 1996 2001 2003 2002 2005 Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 24

25 Co-operations / Strategic Partnerships
Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 25 Matthias Winker

26 International Relations – University partnerships
Alicante Barnaul Besancon Bratislava Brno Budapest Charkov Coventry Da Nang Edinburgh Dublin Ferrara Florenz Florianopolis Grimstad Ferrara Florenz Florianopolis Györ Kaunas Kent Kiew Klaipeda Kosice Lappeeranta Las Villas Liberec Ljubljana Lyon New Castle Odessa Obninsk Okayama Opava Pisa Poznan Prag Riga Salamanca Sheffield Smolensk Sofia St. Etienne Stettin St. Petersburg Szeged Tianjin Trento Troy Usti Wroclaw Zagreb Zilina Zvolen Stockholm Göteburg Montreal London Moskau Tallinn Boston Cincinnati Brüssel Warschau Ulan-Bator New York Paris Strasbourg Wien Pittsburgh Washington Shanghai Mailand Peking Austin Madrid Tel-Aviv Tokio Damaskus Dallas Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt Columbus Hanoi Bar-Ilan West Lafayette Santa Clara Nashville Arizona Maputo Adelaide Talca, Chile La Serena Sydney Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 26 Matthias Winker

27 European Project Center – What do we offer!
It is a Service Center for European Research Promotion (means: all kinds of EU funded research & educational activities) in general. It is part of the university administration but fully independend from governmental money. A changing number of highly qualified staff (project manager) offers the full range of international project management. We consult potential applicants at all stages of their projects. We do also take over the full range of financial management of the projects and the relevant parts in reporting. Benefit: A higher qualtiy of project proposal and better project implementation as well as minimising mistakes (financial losses). Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 27 Matthias Winker

28 Contact: www.epc-dresden.de
Technische Universität Dresden Mr. Matthias Winker, Director European Project Center (EPC) Tel.: D Dresden / Germany Fax: Section Research: Mr. Frank Bösenberg Tel.: Section Education & Cooperation: Mrs. Ines Schmidt Tel.: Kick-off Meeting MOBIL chart 28 Matthias Winker

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