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Comparing Estonia and Braunschweig, Germany

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1 Comparing Estonia and Braunschweig, Germany
GLOBE-Study Comparing Estonia and Braunschweig, Germany Ines Hackbarth Davide Santini Janar Hiio Arne Janssen

2 Performance Orientation
1000 years ago Today 1 4 7 Definition: degree of people striving for excellence, take their future in their own hands. Change BS: - decreasing importance of church (things are predestined by God) + increasing focus on industrialisation. Big VW+Siemens factories. People strive for a better life and don’t take things as given. Estonia: Had a strong community striving for excellence (the highest church in the world) but still suffered from everyday struggles + invasions/war. Soviet era disabled growth/strive for performance. People/companies just had to fulfill the quota/plan 1 4 7 GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig 2

3 GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig
Assertiveness 1000 years ago Today 1 4 7 Define: degree of being aggressive, confident vs tender and modest/sympathy for the weak BS: confrontation+ debate is accepted, more in Germany than in Estonia. GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig 3

4 Individual Collectivism
1000 years ago Today 1 4 7 Definition: degree of how much an individual feels as part of a group 1000 years ago: importance of family and xx very high, had to provide for each another Now: importance of families decreased, everyone takes care of themselves. Achieve something as an individual GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig 4

5 Societal collectivism
1000 years ago Today 1 4 7 It goes along with the individual collectivism even though there is another meaning behind: organizations and institutions make feel the individual being part of a group GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig 5

6 Gender Differentiation
1000 years ago Today 1 4 7 Big gap in wages male/female in Estonia The gap between German males and females is still high, some companies decided by themselves to introduce a quota We can assume that in the future the difference between the 2 countries will be larger because the German people are willing to get women quotas GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig 6

7 GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig
Humane Orientation 1000 years ago Today 1 4 7 In the past scored low cause everyone was taking care of family´s members and themselves whereas now the societies´ members are more willing to help others. Going along with the assertiveness, which is high, the companies´members are more task oriented than relationship/humane oriented GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig 7

8 GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig
Future Orientation 1000 years ago Today 1 4 7 In the past there everything was said by God, church… the main focus was to survive. Nowadays we can plan more how our future is going to be GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig 8

9 GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig
Power distance 1000 years ago Today 1 4 7 Meaning the acceptance of the inequal distribution of power, In the past was very high cause of kings and regulations….. Nowadays is still quiet high for both cause we assume that the people having high position deserve a high prize and vice versa GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig 9

10 Uncertainty avoidance
1000 years ago Today 1 4 7 Germans prefer the life to be structured relying on rules whereas Estonians became more liberally/open minded free in their activities, probably coming from the gained indipendence and happiness behind it GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig 10

11 GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig
Conclusion In general, Estonians and Germans are good co-workers! Differences Recommendation: In a possible working situation the Germans should modify their expectations to a more liberal way of working, whereas the Estonians should try to adapt themselves to tight structures and rules Differences: relying on rules and institutionalized procedures Gender differentiation Performance orientation General development: Importance of church decreased Importance of individual increased Focus changed from “surviving” to “planning your future” GLOBE Study - Estonia & Braunschweig 11

12 Sources Le Goff, Jacques (1990): Phantasie und Realität des Mittelalters, Stuttgart. Gurjewitsch, Aaron J. (1972): Das Weltbild des mittelalterlichen Menschen, Moskau. Goetz, Hans-Werner (2002): Leben im Mittelalter, München. Adamson, Andres (1999): Eesti ajalugu gümnaasiumile, Tallinn: Koolibri.

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