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Der Garten als Innen- und Aussenraum Ungeahnte Möglichkeiten

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1 Der Garten als Innen- und Aussenraum Ungeahnte Möglichkeiten
für die Gestaltung mit Pflanzen Klaus Ammann, Entwurf 8. Mai 2014

2 Polnische Variante Volkswagen-Begrünung

3 Green-Roofed Bus

4 Mini-Gärten, Zier und Produktion

5 Unterengadin: Terrassenlandschaft unter nationalem Schutz,
geschaffen von anonymen Landschaftskünstlern, den Bauern, ohne Signatur

6 Ramosch Ackerterrassen

7 Gomera Kanaren

8 Die terrassenförmig angelegten Reisfelder im Süden der chinesischen Provinz Yunnan 

9 From 1918 onwards

10 Vertikale Hotelhof-Wand in Paris, nahe Champs Elisées

11 Der grösste vertikale Garten in Italien

12 Bosco Verticale Milano
The green residential Bosco vertical concept

13 The green residential Bosco vertical concept Worlds first building in Milano

14 http://www. detail-online

15 http://www. detail-online

16 Unlike in more conventional construction methods, the forest that was to be integrated into the building shell proved relatively complex. For example, the characteristics of all 40 of the tree types used here were precisely analyzed and even tested in a wind tunnel in order to determine the most suitable species for the requirements of height, wind strength and sunlight at every level of the building. The olive and pomegranate trees were anchored in the substrate layer of the concrete boxes with stable rigging belts. An automatic hose-watering system gives the plants the correct amount of water according to the season, direction, storey and species, while specially introduced insects keep vermin at bay. Complete façade greening for high-rise apartment building in Milan by Boeri Studio, construction works in summer 2013 with façade greenery Construction works in summer 2013 with façade greenery All the garden work here is carried out by a gardening company- the associated costs will go largely unnoticed by the inhabitants of this building, which is categorized as luxury real estate. It remains to be seen whether Boeri's high-rises, which will be ready for occupation in 2014, will prove to be an affordable model for the future, and whether it will be possible to keep the promises made by these impressive renderings.

17 Benefits of Green Walls

18 Abbildung für den Beitrag
Bromus in der Flora von China


20 Ausschnitt aus den 50 Seiten Bibliographie zu Bromus

21 Flora of China, Text Volume 22,
Poaceae by  Flora of China Editorial Committee, Wu Zhengyi and Peter Raven Bromus: Liang, L., C. Shouliang, Z. Guanghua, K. Ammann and S. Phillips (2006), 14. Tribe Bromeae, with Littledalea and Bromus in Flora of China, ed., Vol. 22, pp Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis,

22 The lychee (Litchi chinensis) (Chinese: 荔枝; pinyin: lì zhī) is the sole member of the genus Litchi in the soapberry family, Sapindaceae.

23 Red hot Peperoni

24 Humble Administrator's Garden, one of the 4 famous Chinese Gardens

25 The White Swan Hotel is located on Shamian Island, a sandbar in the Pearl River. Its extraordinary circular lobby houses a two-story tropical waterfall and the largest statue in the world carved from a single piece of jade: a sailing ship.

26 Eine Verulkung asiatischer Gartenkunst aus Tennessee US
Related Picture of Large Indoor Gardening Design posted at May 10th, :21:51 PM by Jones Stephanie Patt The Red Hat Lady. Cookeville Tennessee Eine Verulkung asiatischer Gartenkunst aus Tennessee US


28 The most typical and outstanding representative painter in this period was Wu Daozi, who was famous for his character paintings (religion paintings) and paintings on mountains and waters. Article Source:

29 http://profarms. wordpress

30 Bambusa multiplex, Hedge Bamboo, Chinese Bamboo

31 Wollemia nobilis, Lebendes Fossil aus Ost-China Erst 1994 entdeckt

32 Wollemia nobilis Zapfen, lebendes Fossil, Agathis aus der Jura-Zeit

33 Wollemia nobilis, the fossil plant: Agathis jurassica, (Described by Mary White in 1981) dates to a Jurassic fossil site in Talbragar, New South Wale - See more at:


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