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Preservatives in food.

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1 Preservatives in food

2 Outline General about preservatives Two examples: Resumee
natamycin (E 235) benzoic acid (E 210) Resumee

3 1. General Prolong durability in food React like an acid
Must be harmless for health and necessary for the food Institutions: EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) BfR (Bundesinstitut für Risiko Bewertung) FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)

4 2.1 Natamycin (1) E Structure

5 2.1 Natamycin (2) Effect Limit in food Against yeast and mildew EU:
Licensed for the surface Antibiotic must be inactive US: 20 mg/kg

6 2.1 Natamycin (3) Antibiotic Reactions Against fungus infections
Complexing with ergosterol, which stabilize the cell membrane Reactions JECFA (The Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives): body weight limit of 0.3 mg/kg/day EFSA: No reason for a day limit

7 2.2 Benzoic acid (1) E 210 – Structure

8 2.2 Benzoic acid (2) Effect Limit
Free acid act against yeast and mildew Limit EU and US 150 mg/l in non-alcoholic drinks 200 mg/l in alcoholic drinks

9 2.2 Benzoic acid (4) Benzene
Found in food and drinks with benzoic acid and ascorbic acid Catalyze by metall ions, UV-light and heat Is carcinogenic and mutagen

10 2.2 Benzoic acid (5) Benzene Limit for water Ways to reduce benzene
US: 5 ppb EU: 1 µg/l Ways to reduce benzene Add nutritive sugar Add EDTA

11 3. Conclusion Discussion
Natamycin against mildew but also an antibiotic Benzoic acid against mildew and yeast but react to benzene Discussion Is it better to use preservatives to get a longer durability or should we look more on our health?

12 4. Sources (1) Belitz, Hans-Dieter; Grosch, Werner; Schieberle, Peter: Lehrbuch der Lebensmittelchemie, Springer-Verlag, 6. Auflage, 2008 Leitenberger; Bernd: Zusatzstoffe & E-Nummern, Books on Demand, 1. Auflage, 2012 Fulop; Ibolya, Padureanu; Anca, Kincses; Ajtay Maria, Croitoru; M. D. : Benzene determination in soft drinks, Acta Medica Marisiensis, Volume 58, pages Weiß; Claudia: Nitrat, Nitrit, Nitrosamine, Ernährungs Umschau, Volume 4/08, pages Weiß; Claudia: Nitrat, Nitrit, Nitrosamine, Ernährungs Umschau, Volume 5/08, pages

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