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SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Deep Dive

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1 SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Deep Dive

2 Full Spectrum Business Intelligence
Discovery and Analysis Dashboards and Apps Reporting Discover. Predict. Create. Build Engaging Experiences Share Information Discover areas to optimize your business Adapt data to business needs Tell your story with beautiful visualizations Deliver engaging information to users where they need it Track key performance indicators and summary data Build custom experiences so users get what they need quickly Securely distribute information across your organization Give users the ability to ask and answer their own questions Build printable reports for operational efficiency Across our customer base, we consistently see three core sets of BI client requirements: Discovery and Analysis. Dashboards and Apps. Reporting. Within each of these requirement areas, we have products designed to meet the specific needs of our large and diverse customer base.

3 Dashboards and Apps Build Engaging Experiences
Build engaging, visual dashboards Powerful environment to build interactive and visually appealing analytics Rich set of controls: buttons, list boxes, drop-down, crosstabs, charts… Use custom code to extend and build workflows Portfolio Design Studio Dashboards (aka Xcelsius) Competitive Differentiators: Best SAP support with Design Studio Accessible everywhere – Mobile, Web and Desktop; Online and Offline Customer recommendations: Net new customers: Dashboards (Xcelsius) SAP BW customers: Design Studio BOBJ customers: Dashboards (Xcelsius)

4 SAP’s visualization strategy aligns along use cases
Professionally Authored IT created and deployed globally Focus company on key KPIs with broad publication Business Analyst Driven Analyst driven for a small audience Answer specialized questions quickly Self Service Business user analysis Intuitive exploration of data relevant for daily decision making

5 Each use case has its tailored solution
Professionally Authored SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards & SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Business Analyst Driven Visual Intelligence Self Service Explorer & Exploration Views

6 Today: two experiences to cover customer needs
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Visually compelling dashboards across multiple sources and kinds of data SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio BI applications and guided analysis on top of multi-dimensional data

7 Design Studio: BI Applications for Web and Mobile
Direct Access to BW and HANA via BICS Labs Preview Eclipse-based application design environment iPad Apps Premium alternative to BEx WAD State of the art rendering: HTML5

8 Design Studio – The powerful choice for Designers & IT
Easily design centrally governable analytic content ranging from simplified templates via guided analytics to sophisticated applications Intuitive WYSIWYG design environment for designers Large set of design components (buttons, tabs, dropdown menus etc.) Extend via scripting language (subset of JavaScript) Enterprise Ready Life Cycle Management Central Supportability Theming & Customizing iPad Support built-in Apps are ready for immediate usage on standard web browsers and mobile devices (HTML5 ) Direct & native support for HANA & BW Operates directly on BEx Queries, InfoCubes and Hana views Support for BW & HANA specific engine- & platform services Lab Preview

9 QR Code Scan for Deployment on iPad
Rapid deployment of iPad applications. Using QR Code to send to iPad QR code represents application URL Scan with iPad camera to open URL Enable rapid prototyping of iPad applications Application Designtime Runtime on iPad

10 Initial View Editor for SAP HANA and SAP BW DataSource
Convenient and intuitive editing of HANA views and BW InfoProviders within Design Studio Via drag and drop Add additional filters Change display to key or text Sorting, defining scaling facors and calculating totals for measures Pause refresh while editing initial view Reset changed view to the initial status Create crosstab and chart directly from initial views Configure options for chart Activate hierarchy display

11 Out-of-the-Box BW & HANA OLAP Capabilities
Native support for SAP BW & HANA OLAP capabilities BW & HANA: Hierarchy support(e.g. time dependent hierarchies, filter member selection on hierarchy nodes) BW: Currency conversion BW: Show results of conditions, get exception levels BW: Display time-dependent attributes iPad App created with Design Studio featuring multiple BW hierarchies

12 Free Form Layout Options
Intuitive layouting options WYSIWYG (embedded runtime to enable what you see is what you get) design principle Pixel-exact layouti Dynamic layouting via docking position Propotional grid layouting

13 Pre-delivered templates
Pre-delivered templates to enable rapid implementation Template for applications running on desktop Templates for applications running on iPad Desktop template example iPad template example

14 Comfortable Scripting Engine & Editor
Flexible defining interactions between design components Java script based command editor Easy-to-use scripting wizard Intuitive content assistence via CRTL+SPACE Display live data for selection Build-in documentation for script API Automatic check for the corretness of the scripting

15 Integrating with SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
Enable application management on BI Platform Enable multi user-access to applications Storage of applications and images Embedded runtime on BI Platform Central management of system connections Open/save applications on BI Platform System connections on BI Platform

16 Design Studio: High Level Architecture View
Consumer Designer Browser Client BI Platform Java Server Others Data Sources BW Hana

17 Focus topics for the next shipment(s) (Q1-Q2 2013)
Priority backlog items for next shipments Navigation/Filter panel (with true data binding) Improved mobile design capabilities and experience Sample applications Custom themes Extended chart configuration BW Exceptions visualization in crosstab Multiple row/column selections in crosstab Text elements Analysis Views as data source Variable & Variants at runtime Interoperability with SBO Analysis, edition for OLAP PRELIMINARY

18 Customers using BEx Web Application Designer
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboarding Strategy What does this mean for existing customers ? Customers using BEx Web Application Designer BEx WAD customers should adopt Design Studio as their primary tool for creating dashboards and applications, both on the web and on device. Customers using SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (former Xcelsius) SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards customers should continue with dashboards and leverage the upcoming HTML5 functionality for on-device dashboards. SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards customers using dashboards on top of BW should consider building their new dashboards in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio


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