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CTS2 based Terminology Server – Overview – Project eBPG

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1 CTS2 based Terminology Server – Overview – Project eBPG
Contact: Prof. Dr. Peter Haas

2 Project eBPG eBusinessplatform health care
development of a portfolio of interoperability definitions in due consideration of international standards industrial and research project partners work packages i.e. interoperability for telematic artefacts like Electronic Health Records Terminology Server (TS), Data-Dictionary Server Clincal Pathway Server, Guideline Server Process Management Server Appointment Platform

3 Overview TS – artefacts and users
information systems Web-Browser end users platform users telematics platform CTS2 based terminology & ontology server admin- functions admini- strators Im/Export-module CSV ClaML Webservices Search Association Authoring Administration Authorization collaboration functions incl. workflow terminology developer data model extensions for collaboration application CTS2 & CLAML- based data model

4 architectual aspects Webservices Hibernate Collaboration Search
application Java-Script/ HTML Java-Script/ HTML terminology browser administration functions presentation Java- Applets Webservices business logic Tomcat- Webserver Collaboration Search Association Concept Authorization Authoring Administration Hibernate data access Collaboration Extension Collaboration-DB TermServ-DB data Terminology Server

5 Concept Value Set Vocabulary
CTS 2: Core Datamodel Domains Concept Value Set Vocabulary Constraints Relationship Mapping Ein logisches Modell um Terminologien mit deren gesamten Inhalt wie auch Beziehungen zu verwalten. Aber auch die Semantik einer Terminologie kann festgehalten werden.

6 CTS2: Overview Services
Search/Access Authoring/Curation Administration ListCodeSystems CreateCodeSystem ImportCodeSystem ListCodeSystemConcepts MaintainCodeSystemVersion ImportCodeSystemRevision ReturnConceptDetails UpdateCodeSystemVersionStatus ImportValueSetVersion ListConceptAssociationTypes CreateConcept Import AssociationVersion ReturnConceptAssociationTypeDetails MaintainConcept ExportConceptAssociation ListValueSets UpdateConceptStatus ExportCodeSystemContent ReturnValueSetDetails CreateConceptAssociationType ChangeCodeSystemStatus ListValueSetContents MaintainConceptAssociationType CheckConceptValueSetMembership CreateValueSet ListConceptDomains MaintainValueSet ReturnConceptDomainDetails UpdateValueSetStatus ListUsageContexts CreateConceptDomain ReturnUsageContextDetails MaintainConceptDomain ListConceptDomainBindings CreateUsageContext CheckConceptDomainMembership MaintainUsageContext ListConceptAssociations ComputeTransitiveClosure ComputeSubsumtionrelationship ReturnConceptAssociationDetails UdateConceptAssociationStatus CreateConceptAssociation

7 Model Extensions (1/2)

8 Model Extensions (2/2)

9 Steps to data base and services
Migration CTS2 into Enterprise Arcitect Generation of relational DB (MySQL) model extensions for i.e. users and login informations administration of licence information generic tables for system internal vocabularies and settings Multilingualismn (recursive cross-mapping not performant enough) Design Cross Reference for service interfaces Implementation and test of services and methods Implementation of additional funcionalities

10 from data model to service interface

11 conclusion Terminology Server Web-Browser on basis of services
33 services implemented Web-Browser on basis of services Im-/Export-Functions for CLAML and csv Additional collaboration application for terminology work Bridging to ISO/IEC based Data Dictionary Server Support / future development will be discussed in february Multiple projects comitted to this solution.

12 URLs / References You can access the service here:
The wsdl-files can be found here:

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