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PCDG for CRM Jochen Vatter, Director Enterprise Service Community

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1 PCDG for CRM Jochen Vatter, Director Enterprise Service Community
Global Ecosystem and Partner Group May 2008

2 Agenda PCDG Enterprise Services For CRM
09: :15 Begrüßung und Vorstellung 09: :00 SOA Strategy der SAP 10: :15 Beispiel aus der Praxis - heterogene SOA Landschaften 10: :25 Pause 10: : 40 SOA Strategy der SAP im CRM 11: :00 Die Enterprise Services Communit 12:00 – 13:00 Mittagspause 13:00 – 15:00 Break Out Session: ES für CRM (Sales, Marketing und Service Prozesse) 15:00 – 15:15 Kaffeepause 15:15 – 16:30 Break Out Session: ES für CRM (Sales, Marketing und Service Prozesse) 16:30 – 16:45 Zusammenfassung und die nächsten Schritte 16: : Optional: Web Services mit dem CRM Web Service Tool erstellen

3 PCDG for CRM Jochen Vatter, Director Enterprise Service Community
Global Ecosystem and Partner Group May 2008

4 Accelerating Pace of Change Makes Ecosystems Vital
Customer Challenges Business Network Winning the Present Flexible execution Predictable performance Compliance Adapting to Accelerating Change Strategic agility Faster business model innovation Flexible networks SAP ISVs Implication Infrastructure Vendors BPOs The “solution” is no longer simply products, services, technology, partner complements— it’s also the orchestration of innovation & collective execution through the ecosystem. The pace of change for customers is accelerating. Thus, customers have to not only ensure they are winning today in terms of execution, compliance and performance, but also need to have flexibility and agility to adapt faster to industry trends. Due to hyper competition, the need to differentiate their products in even more. Hence, customers are increasingly relying on their network of suppliers/partners to deliver the overall solution. As an IT solutions provider servicing these changing needs of our customer, we need to build our own network of partners & customers to deliver innovative richer solutions quicker and cheaper. SIs VARs IT Ecosystem

5 SAP orchestrates an ecosystem of business people, developers, and IT services professionals spanning strategy, process and technology Customer-focused Communities of Innovation Individuals SAP - Sponsored SAP - Engaged Enterprises Industry Value Networks Enterprise Services Community Industry Advisory Councils Technology Business Strategy Business Process Business Process Expert Community SAP Developer Network Standards SAP User Groups From Business to Strategy

6 Implementation & Operations
SAP orchestrates an ecosystem of business people, developers, and IT services professionals spanning strategy, process and technology Customer-focused Communities of Innovation Individuals SAP - Sponsored SAP - Engaged Enterprises Industry Value Networks Enterprise Services Community Industry Advisory Councils Technology Business Strategy Business Process Business Process Expert Community SAP Developer Network Standards SAP User Groups Strategy Business Process Architecture Development Implementation & Operations

7 Industry Value Networks
Enterprise Services Community Creating Building Blocks for Innovation Industry Value Networks ISVs, SIs, Tech Partners ENTERPRISE SERVICES REPOSITORY ASUG/DSAG SAP Customers and Partners Customers Technology Partners ENTERPRISE SERVICES PROPOSAL SIs ISVs SAP Community Definition Groups ES COMMUNITY

8 What are some examples? Industry-specific topics
Patient Administration for the Healthcare Industry How do hospitals carefully and collectively manage the complex landscape of changing hospitals and legal procedures? Budget Management for the Public Sector Industry How do governments agencies work together to manage their budgets? PLM for the High Tech Industry How do high tech companies manager their BOM, order processing management, and the business process for semiconductors? Industry-generic topics Integration of External Warehouse Management Across all industries, how do external warehouse management systems connect to and work in concert with the SAP system? The Order to Cash Process One of the most prolific business processes in the SAP product. Technology topics Cross-industry RFID Connectivity How does the SAP system leverage RFID-enabled packaging?

9 Healthcare Pioneers Improve System Integration
To streamline application integration, 12 hospitals joined SAP in an ES Community Definition Group (CDG) and—in less than six months—defined the key service interfaces for several critical business processes. Accelerates adoption of core enterprise services to ensure that applications work better together Allows customers to easily integrate multiple vendor products with SAP solutions, reducing integration costs and time-to-market “It was a unique experience to collaborate openly with SAP in identifying the core enterprise services for the healthcare industry. The openness and transparency of the program have ensured rapid deployment and efficient use of the services.” Ecosystem in Action: 12 Hospitals from Germany/Austria: Universitätskliniken Mainz, Universitätsklinikum Ulm, Universität Tübingen, Schön-Kliniken, SRH Kliniken, Klinikum Stuttgart, Universitätsklinikum Aachen, Klinikum Ludwigshafen, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Fresenius Netcare, Klinikum Mannheim, Vinzenz Gruppe ES Community/Community Definition Group Ecosystem Collaboration SAP’s healthcare customers deal with a complex landscape of changing hospitals and legal procedures, creating a patchwork of systems for managing patients and doctors. To streamline application integration, 12 hospitals came together with SAP in an Enterprise Services Community Definition Group and in less than six months had defined the key service interfaces for several business processes. Initial Challenges Specific standard procedures required of hospitals that make it difficult to integrate or replace existing systems Integration of home-grown or best-of-breed solutions systems with the patient billing system and the patient management system Complexities of changing hospitals and legal procedures Multiple vendor products requiring high integration costs Major challenge to build efficient processes across different institutions, such as between hospitals and doctors Community Benefits Allows SAP to implement the right set of enterprise services to reduce cost for integration and adopting to the rapidly changing environment the hospitals have to handle in central Europe. Customer/Industry Benefits Customers can integrate multiple vendor products with SAP solutions easily, thereby reducing integration costs and time to market Partners have early access to the core business processes for the healthcare industry, and can influence them to meet their needs Openness and transparency of the program has ensured rapid deployment and efficient use of the services Defining common processes, interaction, and requirements is easier Quotes “We began to talk with other hospitals to identify, define, and prioritize the relevant processes within, for example, patient management. Then we were defining the relevant enterprise services. This experience was excellent and showed us we have a strong need for the enterprise services and will adopt the services as soon as they are shipped.” (Dr. med Martin Glueck, CIO, Universitätskliniken Mainz) “The enterprise services defined within the group are exactly addressing our needs to better integrate within our complex, partly homegrown/best-of-breed solutions with SAP. The open discussion and opportunity to influence SAP’s product strategy within the hot spots of our industry is outstanding and convinced us to follow the enterprise SOA strategy.” (Franz Jobst, CIO, Universitätsklinkum Ulm) Empowers hospitals to address the legal challenges that keep them tied to poor-performing legacy systems Dr. Eibo Krahmer CIO, Klinikum Mannheim © SAP 2007 / GEPG Executive Strategy Presentation / Page 9

10 Synchronizing SAP® ERP with Production Systems
SAP brought together partners and industry representatives to discuss a manufacturing execution system that enables customers to synchronize data between the SAP ERP® application and production systems—without custom-built connectors. Achieved near-real-time synchronization of production data and master data Enhanced the use of existing SAP ERP back-end quality management functionality “We appreciate SAP’s Enterprise Services Community program as a welcome, fresh approach. Working together in the manufacturing group has had an immediate positive impact on our services and our customers.” Ecosystem in Action: Product Definition Group for Manufacturing: Airbus, Dr. Eilebrecht, Intelligroup, OSIsoft, Visiprise, Wipro, (Note: Applied Materials, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Bombardier, Dow Corning, Fujitsu/Siemens, Heidelberg, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wonderware participated but did not approve this slide) Industry: High Tech, Industrial Machinery, Aerospace & Defense, and Consumer Products ES Community/CDG Ecosystem Collaboration SAP brought together leading software partners and industry representatives to discuss the existing Enterprise Services (ES) Package for Manufacturing. The Community Advisory Group Composition Platform (CAG CP) explored all facets of a manufacturing execution system in the context of enterprise service-oriented architecture and the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform. As a result, SAP customers can now synchronize data between SAP and production systems without custom-built connectors. Initial Challenges Most plant information systems were designed to run a plant, and connectivity to any other system or application was an afterthought There was an ongoing need for the manufacturing execution system (MES) layer and the enterprise resource planning (ERP) layer to communicate Benefits Developed requisitions towards a comprising ES Package for Manufacturing, and defined required services Increased flexibility of connecting existing quality management systems such as laboratory information management systems (LIMS), computer aided quality (CAQ) systems, and complementary QM systems to SAP ERP Quality Management Enabled enterprise services to be consumed by SAP xApps® composite applications such as SAP xApps Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence Quotes “Having the aim to deliver real-time innovations that help optimize operational performance, OSIsoft always tried to overcome the absence of an integrated IMES/ERP environment. Working together with the ES Community Manufacturing opened new perspectives in this struggle—the ES Packages for manufacturing definitely are the right approach to link plants all over the world and make data a bit more reliable.” (Gretchen Schwenzer, ERP Integration/RLINK, OSIsoft) Reduced costs related to maintaining interfaces to quality management systems Liladhar Bagad Lead Process Integration and SOA Intelligroup © SAP 2007 / GEPG Executive Strategy Presentation / Page 10

11 Collaboration Workspace
What is Collaboration Workspace? A tool for “ecosystem participation management” A private collaboration environment for the companies in SAP’s Communities of Innovation A co-innovation project built in SAP’s Co-Innovation Lab on JiveSoftware’s ClearspaceX platform with Wipro, Intelligroup, Adobe, and Enthiosys What does Collaboration Workspace provide? Self-service participation management for groups, companies and individuals Private, on-the-fly workspaces for groups of customers and partners to collaborate in Well-integrated web 2.0 collaboration tools Forums Blogs Wikis A simple way to work privately and publish publicly to SDN and BPX to expand the discussion and review Document repository Online meetings

12 Call to Action Joining is as simple as 1, 2, 3!
Go to: & click on the “Join Now” button Watch the overview presentation (Streaming Media) Discuss the details with your colleagues If you have questions, please refer to the ES Community FAQ If questions remain, please us at Download the appropriate membership agreement: If your organization is based in Europe, download the EMEA version Otherwise, download the non-EMEA version Please insert the relevant information into page 6 of the document, print two copies, sign them both, and mail to: Enterprise Services Community SAP AG c/o Jochen Vatter Ecosystem Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16 69190 Walldorf phone: fax:

13 Thank you! The ES Community two different web
applications for members to collaborate on the groups. ES Community Website Collaboration workspace from SAP (ES community Collaboration) Any questions about ES Community Registration can be sent to Contact ESC: Jochen Vatter Director, Enterprise Service Community SAP AG Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16 69190 Walldorf, Germany T M E

14 Expectations and Next Steps
Let us know your pain points Think about the Use Cases you would like us to consider Take notes and write your name on the Pictures you are working on Have Fun Next Steps SAP will collect notes and will add the pictures online SAP will add results into Collaboration Workspace from SAP and send these to all participants for validation SAP will publish these results online ESC . SAP will ask the Community to Kick Off a Service Definition Group.

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