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John W. Michael, MEd, CPO, FISPO, FAAOP

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1 Outsourcing: Consultants in der Orthopädie- und Rehabilitations- Technik
John W. Michael, MEd, CPO, FISPO, FAAOP Wieland Kaphingst, Dipl-Ing, OMM, ZPO Dr. Andreas Brüssel This is a presentation highlighting the collective experience of 3 colleagues who now work full time as Independent Consultants in prosthetics, orthotics, and rehabilitation technology.

2 Welche Vorteile hat ein OT-Unternehmen in der Zusammenarbeit mit Consultants?
Nur die Besten! Neugründungen erhalten Hilfestellung und Spezialwissen in der Startphase Ältere Unternehmen erhalten Hilfen zum Ausbau von Leistungsangebot oder Marktanteilen Gut eingeführte Unternehmen Hilfen zur Erreichung von Zielen, die schneller erreicht werden sollen und die “nicht warten sollen, bis genug Zeit da ist” Only successful businesses find consultants of any value, because they have the ability and the motivation to benefit from expert advice. As a practical matter, they also have sufficient profit to consider engaging a professional consultant. The marginal or failing business should generally avoid hiring consultants as it is doubtful that there is any “magic” solution which will turn around a poorly run facility. What Businesses Benefit From Consultants? Only successful ones! *New ventures who can use guidance or special expertise during start-up phase *Established businesses who wish to expand their services or market share *Busy practices who want to accomplish goals more quickly than “waiting until we have enough time to….”

3 Was hat ein OT- Consultant seinen Kollegen zu bieten?
Unterstützung bei: Rechtsangelegenheiten Finanzangelegenheiten Wissenschaftlichen Präsentationen Klinischer Patientenarbeit Produktentwicklung Spezieller Fortbildung Fernunterrichht Weiterempfehlung an Spezialisten Consultants in prosthetics, orthotics, and rehabilitation technology can offer special skills in these eight areas. What Can Consultants Offer PO & Rehab Colleagues? Assistance With: Legal Concerns Financial Matters Scientific Presentations Clinical Care Product Development Specialized Training Distance Learning Referrals to Experts

4 Rechtsangelegenheiten:
Fachliche Hilfe in Rechtsstreitangelegenheiten Experten-Gutachten Rechts-Kostenprojektionen Betriebsaudit zu Rechtsvorschriften Formularausarbeitung zu Verordnungen und Rechtsvorschriften Formularausarbeitung zur Rechtserfüllung “Patienteninformation” Legal problems are time-consuming to deal with and create tremendous stress on the business, its employees, and the owner. Preventing litigation by having a review by a consultant BEFORE there is a law suit is the most cost-effective approach. But, if a problem does arise and the lawyers become involved, it is often much less costly to hire an expert who has experience with such matters than to try to learn the necessary skills during the litigation. Hiring an external expert also frees you and your employees to stay focused on delivering patient care and attending to the business. Legal Concerns: *Preparation for litigation defense *Expert Witness testimony *Projected costs for lifetime care *Chart or Office Audit for legal compliance *Development of Informed Consent documents for patients

5 Finanzangelegenheiten:
Marketing Pläne Rechtfertigungsanalysen Einbringen von Aussenständen Finanz-Betriebsablaufanalysen Erfüllung von regulatorischen Vorschriften [ISO, CE etc.] One of the most common reasons to hire a consultant is to bring more income into the practice. Busy and successful practitioners are often working long hours and have no time or energy left to attend to marketing plans, justifications for treatment authorizations, or even appealing denials of payment. Yet, all these activities are necessary if the business is to grow and increase its profitability. Financial Matters: *Marketing plans *Letters of Justification *Appeals of Denied Claims *Chart/Office/Billing procedure reviews *Regulatory compliance [ISO, etc.]

6 Wissenschaftliche Präsentationen:
Sammeln, schreiben und/oder editieren Ihrer Materialien zur Publikation Ausarbeitung Ihrer Power Point- oder Diavorträge Ausarbeitungen von “Newsletters” oder Internet Web Sites Expertenvorträge für Ihre Verordner Most practitioners realize that lectures and publications bring credibility to their practice and increase the number of referrals. At the same time, many of us are uncomfortable speaking in public or find that writing presentations or papers is hard, time-consuming work. A consultant with many years of experience in such areas can often complete these tasks very efficiently, and for surprisingly little cost. Scientific Papers: *Writing, editing, researching, or preparing topics for publication *Creation of PowerPoint or slide lectures *Creation of newsletters or web sites *Delivery of expert lectures to referral sources

7 Versorgungsbereich: Telephon-, Video-, Internet-, oder Direktberatung in schwierigen Fällen Expertenversorgung in seltenen Fällen ( wie doppelseitige Amputationen, hohes Amputationsniveau, Kurzstümpfe) Wochenend- oder Feierabendhilfe um Ihre “Auftragsberge” abbauen zu helfen Consultants = Vertraulichkeitsverpflich-tung, kein Konkurrenzverhalten!! Sometimes it is useful to have a colleague you trust who will help you decide how to handle an unusual or particularly difficult case. Particularly for smaller practices, there may be no one locally who can help in this manner. An experienced consultant can save the practitioner many hours of struggle by sharing their experience with similar cases, by offering either advice or on-site assistance. A consultant can also help out for limited periods of time when regular staff are ill or on holidays, or when the backlog of referrals becomes too large. Clinical Care: *Telephone, video, internet, or on-site consultation for difficult cases *Expert management of uncommon problems [bilateral or high level loss…] *Weekend and evening assistance with patient backlogs *External consultant = confidentiality, no competition for referral sources

8 Produkt Entwicklung: Patent-, Gebrauchsmuster-, Warenzeichen- und Copyright-Angelegenheiten Hilfe bei der Erstellung von Prototypen und klinisch-praktischen Tests Repräsentation bei / Verhandlung mit Herstellern oder Großhändlern in der Verwertung Ihrer Produktideen Some consultants have experience with product development, a personal relationship with major players in the industry, and can help you determine if your innovative idea has commercial value. Product Development: *Patent, trademark, and copyright protection *Assistance with prototyping & clinical trials *Representation/negotiation with manufacturers & distributors for commercialization

9 Spezielle Fortbildung:
Herstellerautorisierte Fortbildungskurse* [C-Leg, Utah Arm, CAD CAM] *z.T. kombiniert mit Patientenversorgungen Versuchsversorgungen mit Leihpaßteilen zum Erlenen neuer Technologien Software/Internet Training [wie Powerpoint, Excel, Betriebsmanagement, Abrechnungsprogramme etc…] Rather than referring patients who need more advanced technology to a special center elsewhere, it may be practical to bring in a consultant for 1-3 days to work with you. If they are authorized by the manufacturer, you can also become qualified to fit future patients without assistance. This can be much less expensive than taking a week off from work and traveling to the manufacturer’s offices to obtain such training, particularly when you must bring a patient to complete the training. An experienced tutor can also save you many hours of inefficiency when learning to use new software in your practice. Specialized Training: *Authorized manufacturer’s training* [C-Leg, Utah Arm, CADCAM] *Often combined with on-site fitting *Trial fittings with loaner components to learn about advanced technologies *Software/Internet training [Powerpoint, Excel, practice management, billing packages…]

10 Fernunterrichte: Internet Fortbildungsmodule zur ortsunabhängigen Weiterbildung Interaktive Schulung-Demonstration mit realistischer Beantwortung Ihrer Fragen Zugang zu Informationen aus Fachzeitun-gen, Videos etc. in Fremdsprachen Übersetzungen von Referenzmaterialien von und in andere Sprachen Today’s communication technologies make worldwide education practical and inexpensive. Some consultants specialize in translations or in interactive internet-based teaching. Distance Learning: *Web-based training modules for independent study *Interactive lecture-demonstrations with live question & answer sessions *Access to information from foreign language journals and videos *Translation of key references into other languages

11 Weiterempfehlung an Spezialisten:
Empfehlung geeigneter Spezialisten Vernetzung mit Kollegen mit gleichen Problemen und Interessensgebieten Vorschläge zur Kostensenkung oder kostenfreien Lösung bestimmter Probleme Vermeidung der “Neuerfindung des Rades” Consultants cannot solve every problem personally. But, they often know other independent consultants with special skills who can help you. They may also be able to suggest colleagues who have previously faced the same problems you are struggling with, so you can learn from their experiences. Finally, it sometimes happens that simply conferring with a consultant is sufficient to help you see what you must do to solve a problem on your own. Referral to Experts: *Recommendation of other specialists *Networking with colleagues having similar interests and concerns *Suggestions for lower cost or no cost options to solve certain problems *Avoids “re-inventing the wheel”

12 Beispiel: MPG fordert “Dokumentiertes Qualitätsmanagement-System”
ISO 9000 / EN 46001 QM Dokumentation Consultant: Externes Spezialwissen Definieren Managen Optimieren System Analyse Vorbereitung Hilfe Information Fortbildung Here’s one example of how a consultant might be useful: the Medical Device Directive requires that each manufacturer have some type of Quality Management system in place. If you decided that the International Standards Organization 9000 guidelines should be implemented in your practice, would you be able to achieve Certification by yourself? With very few exceptions, the complexity and specialized nature of this process would require an external consultant. An experienced consultant could perform an analysis of your business operation, and then define, optimize, and manage the implementation of a Quality Management system. He could also prepare, submit, and support your application for ISO Certification. Your staff remain responsible for creating the structures, processes, and products involved – and, by working together with the consultant, your facility would earn ISO Certification far more quickly and economically than if you invested the time and effort to become an ISO expert yourself. This is a typical situation where a consultant makes sense: when you need special expertise on a one-time or intermittent basis to achieve a specific goal, at the lowest possible cost in time and resources. I hope this presentation has started you thinking about how your personal practice might benefit from the resources that a consultant can offer. In today’s increasingly complex world, this if often far more practical and far more profitable than attempting to be an expert in all aspects of modern business. Zertifikation Geschäfts- abläufe (OT - Firma) Strukturen Abläufe Produkte 5

13 Outsourcing: Consultants in der Orthopädie- und Rehabilitations- Technik
John W. Michael, MEd, CPO, FISPO, FAAOP Wieland Kaphingst, Dipl-Ing, OMM, ZPO Dr. Andreas Brüssel We hope you found some of these ideas interesting and potentially useful in your practice. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us if you have questions or need assistance. John Michael Wieland Kaphingst Andreas Brussel [Germany]

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