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Thematic Units in the AP German Classroom

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1 Thematic Units in the AP German Classroom
Thematic instruction is supported by the ACTFL Performance Guidelines. incorporates National Standards. supplies context for relevant learning and real use. engages students in natural and integrated acquisition of skills. leads to use of complex thinking.

2 Choosing Topics Broad, overarching subject
Interesting, age-appropriate topic Level-appropriate linguistic requirements Good variety of materials available

3 AP World Languages Themes*
Global Challenges Science and Technology Contemporary Life Personal and Public Identities Families and Communities Beauty and Aesthetics *AP World Language and Culture Curriculum Alignment Guide

4 Building a Unit Students’ linguistic and cultural proficiency (students’ prior knowledge) Connections to other disciplines Method of delivery Authentic materials Modes of communication Language skills Assessment

5 *AP Vertical Teams for World Languages and Cultures

6 Learning Objectives Spoken Interpersonal Communication
Written Interpersonal Communication Audio, Visual and Audiovisual Interpretive Communication Written and Print Interpretive Communication Spoken Presentational Communication Written Presentational Communication

7 ACTFL Performance Guidelines/AP Curriculum Alignment Guide Performance Levels

8 Pre-Advanced Performance Levels
asking questions and getting information communicating factual information engaging in extended conversations and discussions on general topics understanding main idea and some details of discussions and presentations presenting on a variety of topics summarizing from reading, hearing, seeing narrating and describing past, present, future events

9 The Learning (and Teaching) Continuum Theme: Global Challenges
Topic: Recycling Novice Level Students identify and say names of objects, identify kinds of materials, describe with colors and numbers of recycling bins, use short commands, learn rhymes and mottos. Assessment: Students bring objects to recycle; students sort objects into the correct bins.

10 Materials and Methods Recycling Bilder Gallerie for Vocabulary TPRS for commands Die Sendung mit der Maus Wir von der Müllabfuhr (Lied) pdf files on Abfall / Recycling (75 pages of activities!)

11 Unit Checklist Standards Modes of communication
Appropriate language and culture level Authentic materials Methods of delivery Assessment

12 The Learning Continuum Theme: Global Challenges
Topic: Recycling Intermediate Level Students bring materials to be recycled and, working in pairs or small groups, they create something new, then present their objects to the class. Assessment: Student produces a short song, rap, poster or video about recycling

13 Materials Aus Alt mach Neu (Müllmode) Logo ZDF tivi Text mit Video Lesestück Mülltrennung ist in! Recycling Briefpapier

14 The Learning Continuum Theme: Global Challenges
Topic: Recycling Pre-Advanced Level Strategy: Research a country and report on its recycling programs. Assessment: Debate – should recycling be mandatory? Where does it work? Why?

15 Materials Wissen macht Ah! Alle Podcasts von WDR Videos on a variety of topics. Statistika Mülltrennung für Singapur

16 Reflections Do the materials and activities progress through the performance levels? Do the materials and tasks call for an ever-increasing familiarity with culture and more complex thinking skills? Does the subject matter rely on an ever broadening scope of background knowledge? Do the tasks require more integration of skills? Where can textbook resources support instruction?

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