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Analytics To Go: Mobile BI

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1 Analytics To Go: Mobile BI
Mike Schiebel / Business Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE) SAP Switzerland June, 2013

2 Agenda Trends & Benefits Mobile Analytics Suite from SAP
SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Security Overview Demo Roadmap Steps to Success Questions / Answers

3 Gartner says….. By 2013, 33 percent of BI functionality will be consumed via handheld devices. 15 percent of BI deployments will combine BI, collaboration and social software into decision-making environments. * Quelle:

4 Extend existing BI and Analytics applications is preferred…..*
* Quelle: TDWI Best Practice Report. First Quarter 2012

5 Benefit For Mobile Workers
Make informed decisions with instant access to targeted, personalized information wherever you are – in the board room, at a customer site, on the shop floor...

6 Mobile Analytics Suite from SAP

7 Mobile business analytics suite from SAP Where should you start?
Business Intelligence EPM SAP BusinessObjects Mobile SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Report, Explore, Monitor, Consume SAP Strategy Management Planning and Consolidations Manage strategy, plans, forecast GRC Collaboration SAP GRC Access Approver SAP GRC Process Approver Risk Management, Compliance Monitoring Streamwork Decide together

8 SAP Mobile BI Top Downloaded Mobile Application for Business
SAP BusinessObjects Explorer SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Over 500,000 downloads on iTunes! CIO.com ranks Mobile BI in the top apps for business:

9 Mobile analytics from SAP: Targeted and personalized wherever you are
In-Memory Accelerated Search and Exploration SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Targeted BI Content SAP BusinessObjects Mobile CIO.com ranks Mobile BI in the top apps for business:

10 One BI app Access following new additional content types
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards SAP Crystal Reports SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence CIO.com ranks Mobile BI in the top apps for business:

11 Access following BI Content
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Easy to use analysis-repeatable, sharable analytical framework End user Autonomy -Business users get answers to their questions without depending on IT Confident decisions -Trusted and reliable information for use across the organization SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Make decisions quicker-through interactive dashboards streaming real time data accessible by everyone Flexibility for IT and business users –With ability to create dashboards with many data sources Quicker deployment and adoption -with most commonly used visualizations that business users will understand

12 Access following BI Content
SAP Crystal Reports Easily consumable, pixel perfect reports that enables business users to make decisions quickly and instantly. Complete, comprehensive view of the business –access data spread across disparate sources Faster dissemination of information to the entire organization in a controlled manner and secured way SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Consume and interact with information simplified personalizable BI templates Design guided navigations: Intuitive WYSIWYG design environment for designers & choice of large set of design component Direct & native support for HANA & BW

13 Access following BI Content
SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Smart visualization with auto adapting views Optimize display to device real estate Highly interactive with intuitive gestures Navigate, zoom in/out, select, filter Personalized experience Set current exporation state in Favorites Offline access Re-open previous views CIO.com ranks Mobile BI in the top apps for business:

14 Connection options of SAP BusinessObjects tools to SAP HANA and SAP BW
Crystal Report WebIntelligence Dashboards Design Studio Explorer BEx Query Universe SAP BW BWA BW Schema HANA Schema/Models Direct connection SAP HANA

15 SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Architecture & Connectivity Options
Server BI 4.0 and BI 3.1 Mobile Server HTTP(S) Sybase SUP Server TCP Relay Server Reverse Proxy Firewall (VPN) Web App Server

16 Recent Mobile BI Innovations
Dashboards on Mobile!!! Interactive Crystal Reports Security & Deployment Enhancements Support for Design Studio New visualizations: bubble chart, waterfall chart, bullet chart Application Password

17 Mobile Security Overview

18 Interesting Market Stats
Approximately 1.3 million mobile phones are stolen EACH YEAR, just in the UK More than one in three data breaches last year involved a mobile device Major US corporations lose by theft 1,985 USB memory sticks, 1,075 smartphones, and laptops EVERY WEEK 120,000 cell phones are left in Chicago taxi cabs EACH YEAR In the US, 113 cell phones are lost EVERY MINUTE

19 Security Options Disable data storage onDevice Confidential Category
Disable Save Password TTL for OnDevice Data Application Password

20 Demo

21 Roadmap

22 SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Roadmap 2013
H2 2012 Q1 2013 Q2 2013 H2 2013 New Analytics Content: Dashboards Design Studio CR Interactive URL access to any web content New Web Intelligence Visualizations: Bubble Waterfall Bullet Horizontal Bar Tier 1+ Language Support Mobile Analytics SDK: App customization and branding OEM support 3rd party and custom mobile security integration Flexible deployment options New Analytics Content: New Data Discovery on HANA solution Explorer Mobile Integration into SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Single SAP Mobile Analytics App for simple access to all content SAP Mobile Platform 2.2 support SAP Jam integration PUSH Capabilities Mobile Analytics SDK: Embed Analytics into custom iOS apps and the SAP Mobile Suite Extended app customization capabilities Create custom visualizations Windows 8 Tablet Support

23 Customize for example with iOS SDK
Image of the Home Screen Application name App Launch Screen Image

24 OS, Device and Content type support
iOS: iOS 5.0 and above Android: Android 2.2 to 4.1.0 Windows 8 RT and Pro (H2 2013) Device iPad and iPhone Samsung, HTC and Google Tab (10” and 7”) and Phone Windows 8: Microsoft Surface (H2 2013) BI Content type Support BI Platform Artifacts iOS Android Windows iPad iPhone Tab Phone Surface SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence SAP Business Objects Dashboards   *   ** SAP Business Objects Design Studio  ** SAP Crystal Reports SAP BusinessObjects Hyperlink Object SAP BusinessObjects Explorer * New Content support planned for Q release ** New Content support planned for Q release BW and Hierarchies support on Webi for Android is planned for Q

25 BI 4.1 Release Timeline Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 BI 4.1 Validation
BI 4.1 Ramp Up - GA

26 Steps to Success Understand use cases
Talk to your users – what do need to accomplish? “We have 1000’s of reports - do we have to create 1000’s of Mobile versions?” Targeted content is best Start with aggregate, work towards details Focus on speed of access to information Give your users a fast & simple experience Parameter prompts, drill, linking possible, not mandatory Use what you already have Skills: WebI, Crystal, Dashboard, Design Studio Assets: universes, queries, variables

27 Die wichtigsten Vorteile
Service At-a-Glance – SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI - Initialization Service Der SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI - Initialization Service ermöglicht die rasche Implementierung der SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI Lösung in einem festgelegten Zeitrahmen und zum Festpreis und gewährleistet damit einen kalkulierbaren und schnellen Start in Ihre Mobile Analytics Strategie. HIGHLIGHTS: Implementierung in ca. 5 Tagen Fix Preis: CHF SAP Kontakt: VORAUSSETZUNGEN: Bereits installierte BI Enterprise Plattform (XI3.1 SP3 oder höher) Sofortiger Mehrwert Kurzfristig Lieferbar Einbeziehung von Best Practices von Beginn an Know-How Transfer Mit diesem Service wird Ihre bestehende Business Intelligence Platform fit für SAP BusinessObjects Mobile gemacht. Bestehende Geschäftsberichte können unmittelbar darauf auf mobilen Geräten konsumiert und somit relevante Informationen für kritische Entscheidungen jederzeit und ortsunabhängig abgerufen werden. Highlight der Lösung Die wichtigsten Vorteile

28 Questions / Answers

29 Thank you Mike Schiebel Consultant Business Analytics CoE Switzerland
SAP (Schweiz) AG, Althardstrasse 80, 8105 Regensdorf M



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