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Referent · 02.10.2015 1 von xx Seiten English for Environmental Computing.

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1 Referent · 02.10.2015 1 von xx Seiten English for Environmental Computing

2 Lars Neupert Caroline Ganzel Computer Recycling

3 1. General facts about computer recycling 2. Raw materials in computers 3. Electrical law 4. The right way of disposal 5. „eSchrott“ app 6. The bad way of disposal 6.1 Where does the e-waste come from? 6.2 Where does it go? 6.3 What happens to the e-waste? 6.4 What is the reason for this? 6.5 Which burden for people and the environment? 6.6 Which consequence are we waiting for? 7. conclusion structure Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 3

4 1. General facts about computer recycling about 40 mio. t of electric and electronic waste (in short: e-waste) worldwide every year 160.000 t computer waste in Germany per year Why there is so much waste? technical fault, expensive repair, insufficient performance, … What to do with old computers?  since 2006 consumers are legally obligated to remove their e-waste correctly Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 4

5 symbol for e-waste : 3 ways for consumers : bring it to a free collection point give it back to the producer give it back to the trader Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 5

6 2. Raw materials in computers about 65 different raw materials in one computer circuit board = very important copper wire & ultra-thin coating of copper Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 6

7 one ton computer waste: ~ 70 kg copper ~ 140 g silver ~ 30 g gold  ~1500€ also many rare „spice metals“ (metals which are used only in very small quantities) many raw materials in e-waste  recycling becomes more and more important Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 7

8 3. Electrical law EU WEEE Directive 2003 (waste of electrical and electronic equipment directive) implemented as the Electrical law in Germany 2005 Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 8

9 aim reduce e-waste by reusing and recycling save raw materials mainly the duty of the disposing is given to the producers organization of producers  „common place“ organizes when / how much e-waste single producers have to dispose (according to numbers of producing) collects data  gives report to governmental entities Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 9

10 4. The right way of disposal all producers need to register prove financial secure producers provide containers to local authorities local authorities collect e-waste from private households ( ~ 1500 collection points in Germany) Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 10

11 consumer have to bring their e-waste to one of those collection points without charge communes make collected waste available  producers fetch it producers are responsible for following process (within that: follow ecological standard, e.g. reusing possible?) e-waste is fragmented computers are disassemble (often by hand) remove of pollutant matter Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 11

12 extending of valuable parts remaining parts : crushed in shredder different sorting- and separation-processes  video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iw4g6H7alvo Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 12

13 5. „eSchrott“ app developed for german consumers supported by the environmental ministry free download (Google Play store, App store, Windows store) Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 13

14 6. The bad way of disposal Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 14

15 6.1 Where does the e-waste come from? USA Europe Japan Australia primarily electronic waste is old functionless PC, TV and other electrical goods classified as secondhand goods Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 15

16 6.2 Where does it go? mainly the e-waste goes to : Accra (Ghana) Lagos (Nigeria) Karachi (Pakistan) Delhi (India) Guiyu (China) Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 16

17 Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 17

18 6.3 What happens to the e-waste? disposal not properly ! even children dismantle e-waste without any health protection  Video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr1zQrXM_7s Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 18

19 6.4 What is the reason for this? only propelling reason : Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 19

20 6.5 Which burden for people and the environment ? dangerous substances like Lead (Pb) Polychlorinate Biphenyls (PCB) Mercury (HG) most toxics need long time to dismantle out of environmental cycle Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 20

21 6.6 Which consequences are we waiting for? the rich poisoning the poor destroy the environment kill animals and plants Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 21

22 7. conclusion WEEE is a big advantage great that consumers can dispose e-waste for free not acceptable that big parts of e-waste are exported to developing countries  export should be controlled (devices functional?) EU should include this problem into the Directive own disposal system in developing countries Lars Neupert, Caroline Ganzel 22

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