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Cornelia Funke By: Ashley Preim.

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1 Cornelia Funke By: Ashley Preim

2 Biography Born 1958, Dorsten University of Hamberg
Book Illustration at Hamberg State College of Design 3 years, Social Worker Designed board games, illustrated books

3 Biography Cont. Rolfe Funke, 1981 Anna (1989) and Ben (1994)
Hamburg, Germany 2005, Los Angeles Husband died March 2006


5 Awards 1998 Kalbacher Klapperschlange for Drachenreiter (Dragon Rider)
2000 Wildweibchenpreis for her collected works 2000 La vache qui lit for Herr der Diebe (The Thief Lord) 2001 Kalbacher Klapperschlange for Herr der Diebe 2001 Preis der Jury der jungen Leser for Herr der Diebe 2002 Evangelischer Buchpreis for Herr der Diebe 2003 Corine for Herr der Diebe 2003 Mildred L. Batchelder Award for Herr der Diebe 2003 Nordstemmer Zuckerrübe for Kleiner Werwolf 2004 Preis der Jury der jungen Leser for Tintenherz (Inkheart) 2004 Phantastik-Preis der Stadt Wetzlar for Tintenherz 2004 Kalbacher Klapperschlange for Tintenherz 2004 Book Sense Children's Literature Award (Children's Literature Honor Books) for Inkheart 2006 Book Sense Book of the Year Children's Literature Winner for Inkspell 2008 Roswitha Prize

6 Quotes "If I was a book, I would like to be a library book, so I would be taken home by all different sorts of kids. A library book, I imagine, is a happy book.” “The best story is for me the one that children steal from their parents’ desk or grandparents from their grandchildren’s.” "There are those people who love books and are greedy for books and the rustling of paper and the printed letter and I wanted to write about this. This lust for the printed word. And I think Inkheart is all about that. The enchantment that comes from books."

7 Story Telling! J. R. R. Tolkien C. S. Lewis J. M. Barrie

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