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The Truck Tolling System in Austria

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1 The Truck Tolling System in Austria

2 Agenda Basics and current status

3 1. Basics All vehicles above 3.5 t maximum gross weight are subject to a toll fee Free of discrimination Mandatory use of On-Board-Unit (GO-Box) 4. Available at approx. 210 outlets in Austria and neighboring countries 5. Three categories of tariffs (2, 3 or 4+ axles)

4 Technical Solution DSRC (according to CEN TC 278) based open tolling system Free flow multilane system Tolling system - components: 3.a Tolling gantries 3.b On-Board-Units (“GO-Boxes”) 4. Enforcement

5 Open tolling system Mautstation Gantry Gantry Gantry Gantry Gantry

6 Tolling system: Components
GO-Box Device in the truck Road side installations Tolling gantry

7 Road side installations: Tolling gantry

8 Road side installations: Tolling gantry
Appr. 25 % installed

9 Installing of an enforcement gantry

10 Enforcement gantry

11 Enforcement gantry Stop and Go

12 Road side installations:
Enforcement gantries Appr. 20 %installed

13 Device in the truck: GO-Box
Prototypes available

14 Software Start of the tests for the software in the back office in April 2003

15 Devices Final test of other devices (e.g. equipment for mobile enforcement) starts in April

16 Customer Service Call Center in Operation since April 1st 2003
from Austria international outlets (gas stations) are chosen, preparation of infrastructure stars

17 http://www.asfinag.at http://www.europpass.at
ASFINAG Rotenturmstraße 5-9 1011 Wien Tel.: – 0 Fax: – 10520

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