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1 YellowstoneNationalpark
Grand Canyon YellowstoneNationalpark Arbeitsblatt+ Plakat.

2 Where is the Grand Canyon?
In the north west of Arizona.

3 The history It was coming because a big glacial who beginning to melt and so it washed the soft stone away. So it became a valley. 2 Milliarden years old 1919 Nationalpark The hart Stones were staying, the soft stones were washing away. Naturschutzgebiet Fünf Millionen Besucher zieht der spektakuläre Abgrund im Nordwesten von Arizona jährlich in seinen Bann. Entstand durch Plattenverschiebung und Vulkanausbrüche



6 How big is the „Grand Canyon“
The Grand Canyon is: 130 km wide 1600 m deep 160 km long

7 What can you see there? You can see ther the highest watherfalls off the earth. It is with 94m higher then the „Niagarafälle.“

8 Waterfalls

9 Colorado river

10 Activities Canoe Tours You can go to the Skywalk

11 Sky-walk In the first two years it were comming 700.000 people.
The m deep gorge . The nature people are not for the Skywalk.

12 Sky-walk 22m long and 100-150m deep weight 48t 120 Personen 30 mio.$
It is not allowed to make Foto Handys, Kameras+ bag`s you must give away.

13 Animals Ther are living birds „säuge“ animals fish Reptilien & Amphibien Plants 1.500

14 The end

15 Quellen http://www.grand-canyon.de/

16 Vokabulary Gorge = Schlucht wide =breit Deep = tief
coming into being = entstehen Glacial =Gletscher Valley =Tal Melt =Schmelzen

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