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To Save Energy Every Time

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1 To Save Energy Every Time
HUMAS – PLN Distribusi Bali

2 Electricity Power Supply of BALI (EXISTING & PLANNING)
PLTU Batubara Celukan Bawang PLTG Gilimanuk PLTU Batubara BALI TIMUR 3x130 MW PLTG Pemaron 130 MW 2x100 MW 80 MW 210 MW GI Gilimanuk GI Pemaron GI Baturiti Cable Oversea GI Negara GI Amlapura GI Payangan GI Antosari GI Gianyar 10 MW + 3x55 MW GI KAPAL GI Pdg Sambian PLTU Batubara NusaPenida PLTP Bedugul GI Sanur GI Pesanggaran 150 MW GI Kuta GI Nusa Dua 2x100 MW PLTG / PLTD Pesanggaran PEAK LOAD BALI MW POWER AVAILABLE TOTAL 580 MW

3 Fuel Consumption + 1,4 Million Liter / day
Electricity Power Supply for Bali: PLTD Pesanggaran MW PLTG Gilimanuk MW HSD PLTGU Pemaron MW Transfer from Java via cable 200 MW 65% electricity in Bali use Fuel (HSD) Electricity Consumption in Bali is MWh per day (Data th 2007) By Assumption 1 Liter HSD = 3 kWh, so each day we use and burn HSD almost : 65% x kWh = Liter 3 + 1,4 Million Liter / day If the price of HSD for Industries Rp ,-/Liter, it means each day same as Rp. 12,6 Billion.

4 Budgeting Cost of Production
Cost of generate = Rp / kWh Cost of distribution = Rp / kWh Cost of Services = Rp / kWh COP (Cost of Production) = Rp / kWh Average Sales price (Subsidy) = Rp / kWh Defisit HSD/Solar price = Rp / Ltr Cost of transport = Rp / Ltr Total price for fuel = Rp / Ltr SFC = 0,3 Liter/KWH → = 0,3 x Rp = Rp / KWH (excluded cost of operator, maintenance and oil engine)


6 OVERVIEW : Comparison

7 OVERVIEW : Daily Load Characteristic
100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 time MW Work day Sunday hari Nyepi Saturday


9 Portion of Consumption

10 Comparison of Consumption & Customers

11 Result of Observation A few of Customer still not care about saving energy. The lamps and equipments still “on” although are not needed. Average switching design of the building still using centralize system. Many of the customer still using the old lamp that not save energy. The uncontrollable equipment still not use auto switching as timer switch to optimize consumption.

12 Time To Share...

13 Who Responsible ?? PLN Customers Government Producer/manufacture
Saving Energy depends on: Habit or attitude Design Equipment


15 Easy Steps To Save Energy
Make commitment to all employees and people you meet. Replace all the old lamps with new product by the energy saving lamp. Redesign of centralize switching system become partial system. Use “timer switching” of all equipment that is not controllable. Reduce and shift consumption on the peak load time (17.00 – Wita)

16 Energy Saving Tips Turn off your lamps and equipments that are not needed. Adjust temperature degree in your freezer depends on capacity. Adjust AC temperature with room degree (25 C) Make sure all of equipments at “off” position (not stand by) when we do not use and don’t stop only by using remote control. Choose lamp and all equipments which can save energy. Avoid iron, rice cooker, water pump and other at peak load time ( )

17 Demand Side Management
1 Avoid using electricity when they are nor needed 2 Choose the saving energy lamp 3 Avoid using iron, rice cooker, water pump at 4 Reduce only 50 watt – 22.00 Operate Genset (Emergency Unit) at – 22.00 5

18 Multiple effects of saving energy
For internal, Saving energy means reducing cost and efficiency. Care and contribute to keep sustainable and continuity electricity supply. For Nation, it means helping “Load of Subsidy”. It means helping Nation to keep “Devisa”, because they do not import the Fuel It means reducing to burn fuel which same as reducing CO2 emission, so that, we care about global warming.

19 Advise Mr. Gde Prama said about “3-S Principle” that starts from Saya (Myself), Sekarang (Now) and Sederhana (Simple). The Earth is not the ancestors’ inheritance but deposit for descendants.

20 Conclusion Growth of electricity supply and electricity demand is not balance, go to crisis condition. The Energy Primer is limited and will finish PLN avoids to use fuel consumption and shift to renewable energy All customers must know about this crisis and save energy every time

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