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Welcome to the Oberhavel! Oberhavel Besitz- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH Hennigsdorf, 2007-03-26.

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1 Welcome to the Oberhavel! Oberhavel Besitz- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH Hennigsdorf, 2007-03-26


3 Population: 200.563 Only 23 % of population in the (rural) Northern Oberhavel Intense growth of population in the Southern Oberhavel Oberhavel surface area: 1.795 km² About 6 % of the surface area of the Land Brandenburg 775 km² agriculturally used area Population density about 111 inhabitants / km² (Northern Oberhavel: ~ 50 inh./km², Southern Oberhavel: ~ 170 inh./km²) Statistics

4 Federal Highway B 96 running from North to South In the southern area connection to motorways A10, A24 und A111 towards Berlin Regional rail transport Commuter train lines RE 5, RE 6, RB 12 and RB 20 RE 5 express trains are the fastest connection to Berlin Hennigsdorf, Oranienburg, Birkenwerder and Hohen Neuendorf can be reached by suburban railway lines (S-Bahn) every 20 minutes Infrastructure

5 Route network 39 concessions, thereof 2 together with BVG (Berlin Transport Association) Length of the route network approx. 1.000 km 542 bus stops Operating Performance approx. 4,4 Mio. km regular services approx. 6,0 Mio. passengers / year approx. 429 Mio. passenger-km / year Local Public Transport (Bus)

6 Brandenburg Public Transport Law Principles applicable for street bound public transport (incl. Bus) Public Transport defined as optional self-administrated task Funds for public transport are budgeted “Public Transport Plan” as specification for the regional public transport quantity and quality District government supports investments (subsidy guidelines for transfer stations and facilities; bus stops, Park&Ride; Bike&Ride, etc.) Public transport committee forms an advisory board New Regulation Model for Public Transport in Oberhavel Region

7 Political aim is the separation between public transport executive and public transport operator Legislative and Executive tasks already implemented in Oberhavel OHBV consigned to update the regional “Public Transport Plan” Currently performance / operation of public transport services by Oberhavel Verkehrsgesellschaft based on a transport contract Separation between PT Executive and Operator

8 Oberhavel Holding Besitz- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH 100 % Shareholder Oberhavel Region Wirtschaftsförde- rungsgesellschaft Oberhavel mbH WfO Shareholder: 100 % OHBV mbH Oberhavel Region Oberhavel Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH OVG Shareholder: 100 % OHBV mbH Gesellschaft für Museum und Touristik Mildenberg mbH GMT Shareholder: 100 % OHBV mbH Wirtschafts-, Innovations-, und Tourismusförderung Oberhavel GmbH WInTO Shareholder: 10 % MBS 90 % OHBV mbH Gesellschaft für Abfallentsorgung Oberhavel mbH i.L. GfA i.L. Shareholder: 55 % OHBV mbH 40 % ALBA AG 5 % GfA mbH i.L. Havelländische Eisenbahn AG hvle Share: 32,5 % OHBV mbH Oranien-Tours GmbH Shareholder: 50 % OVG mbH 50 % priv. Gesellschafter Bus-Verkehrsgesellschaft Oberhavel mbH BVO Shareholder: 100 % OVG mbH Fahrzeug-Zentrum Oberhavel GmbH FZO Shareholder: 51 % OVG mbH 49 % priv. Gesellschafter Structure of Oberhavel Holding

9 Updating of the districts “Public Transport Plan” Performance of calls for tender in local public transport (competition in public transport sector) Definition of quantity of bus services and schedules with regard to “Public transport Plan” Implementation of the subsidy guidelines of the Oberhavel District Marketing activities in collaboration with the transport executive / coordinator (VBB – Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg) Support for the public transport legislative in advisory boards of the shareholders and transport companies Data provision according § 10 (2) Brandenburg Public Transport Law Public Transport (Bus) Financial Planning for mid term periods of ca. 5 years Objectives of the Oberhavel Holding

10 Contract period until 2008, May 31 th Operational planning by OHBV (timetables, bus disposition etc.) Quality standards Reliability of the services Management for operational disturbances Punctuality (Collecting of Real Time Operational Data/COCS) Minimum requirements for vehicle configuration Management of Bus stop equipment Transport Contract With The OVG

11 Contract Analysis and First Conclusions Transport Contract is appropriate for public transport management First experiences identify fields for optimisation and contract adjustment Analysis of Cost Statements and Operational Performance Report as tool for public transport system adjustment Monitoring of the fulfilment of quality standards in public transport Transport Contract With The OVG

12 Contact: Oberhavel Besitz- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH Klaus-Peter Fischer Managing Director sekr@ohbv.de

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