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Kapitel 4 Wiederholung Deutsch 21 WHS Frellis.

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1 Kapitel 4 Wiederholung Deutsch 21 WHS Frellis

2 Akkusativpräpositionen
Akkusativpräpositionen always take the accusative case after the preposition: Durch=through Entlang=along (comes at the end of the sentence) Für=for Gegen=against Ohne=without Um=around Bis=until

3 Übungen I run through the door We do homework for german class
They drive around the lake Y’all play against Natick. He comes to school without a backpack I have class until 2:30. I walk through the hallway.

4 Dativpräpositionen Dativpräpositionen always take the dative case after the preposition:
Aus-out of Zu-to Außer-except for Gegenüber-across from Bei-at/near/by Vorbei (comes at the end of the sentence)-past (as in walking past) Mit-with Nach-after/to Seit-since Von-from

5 Übungen We come out of the school They are at the grandmother’s house
The bank is across from the post office I’ve been in Italy for a week. You travel from Maine to California. She goes to school every morning. We are all here except for the dog. Do you want to play tennis with me? I walk by your house every day.

6 Reflexiv Verben Was sind Reflexive Verben? Beispiele:
Die Reflexive Verben haben ein Reflexivpronomen. Das Subjekt und das Pronomen stimmen überein. Beispiele: sich fühlen: sich fit halten durch: sich freuen auf: sich ernähren:

7 Reflexive Verben Pronomen
Ich? mich Du? dich Er/Sie? sich Wir? uns Ihr? euch Sie/sie? sich

8 Übungen He feels good today. We nourish ourselves well.
They stay fit by walking. What are you excited about? She is excited about the German Exchange. We feel awful today. My brother doesn’t nourish himself correctly. My parents are excited about our vacation.

9 Jede/Alle Jeden Tag/Nachmittag/Abend/Vormittag....
Jeden Monat/Morgen.... Jedes Jahr.... Jedes Wochenende... Jede Woche.... Jede Nacht... Alle drei Tage... Alle drei Wochen...

10 Übungen Every three days I go for a run.
Every week I thank my teacher. Every month I eat a burger from Five Guys. Every day I make my bed and clean my room. Every two years I go to Germany and visit my uncle. I stay fit by running every two days. In the summer we nourish ourselves well. Once a week, I am excited about school. What are you excited about everyday?

11 Dativ Verben Dativ Verben machen das Objekt des Satzes Dativ.
Beispiele: We answer the teacher. Wir antworten dem Lehrer. He helps his mom. Er hilft seiner Mutter. The children liked the movie. Der Film hat den Kindern gefallen.

12 Dativ Verben antworten- to answer danken- to thank
folgen- to follow, obey gefallen- to like, be pleasing to gehören- to belong to glauben- to believe gratulieren- to congratulate helfen- to help schmecken- to taste, taste good

13 Übung We believe the man. We follow my mom to the city.
He thanks his father. Can you help my father? This fish tastes fabulous!!!!! They congratulate us. The cat belongs to her. She should forgive you. I help my grandmother. We help the children. I like your skirt. We follow the rules. They answer the woman. We congratulate you! I forgive you.

14 Dass Sätze/Dürfen/Kein
DASS: is a verb kicker and kicks the verb (still in the correct verb form!!) all the way to the end of the sentence. DÜRFEN: means “may” or “to be allowed to”—ich darf, du darfst, er/sie darf, wir dürfen, ihr dürft, Sie/sie dürfen KEIN: means “not a” or “none” and must reflect the gender and number of the noun: kein, keinE, keinEN etc.

15 Übungen I think it’s great that you work out.
She thinks it’s awful that you are not excited about the weekend. Are we allowed to go to Boston tomorrow? Are y’all allowed to go to Germany this summer? I am not allowed to eat any chocolate We are not allowed to drink any alcohol.

16 Frühstück

17 Abendbrot

18 Picknick

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