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Wiederholung Deutsch 21 WHS Frau Ellis

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1 Wiederholung Deutsch 21 WHS Frau Ellis
Kapitel 2 Wiederholung Deutsch 21 WHS Frau Ellis

2 Akkusativepronomen Accusative pronouns are the accusative forms of the words, ich, du, er, sie, wir, ihr, Sie/sie mich dich ihn sie uns euch Sie

3 Akksuativpronomen What can you do for me? What should she do for us?
What may we do for y’all? I must/have to wash the dishes for you They should mow the lawn for us You can do your homework for me Y’all have to make your bed for them

4 Dativ to/for someone or something “the” “a” M  dem (einem)
F  der (einer) N  dem (einem) PL  den + n (meinen+ n)

5 Dativ She gives the man a letter We tell the students a story
They send the woman flowers The child shows us the way You bring the teacher an apple They show us the school I give the teacherS an assignment (die Aufgabe)

6 Dativpronomen Dative pronouns are used to say to or for me, you, him, her, us, y’all, them mir dir ihr ihm uns euch Ihnen/ ihnen

7 Dativpronomen I give her a car. You give him flowers.
We show y’all pretty dresses. He loans me a book. We send them a gift. She shows you the homework They give y’all a lot of money

8 Modalverben können, sollen, müssen
Ich WILL nach der Schule aber vor dem Abendessen meine Hausaufgabe MACHEN. Er MUSS mit seinen Freunden und auch vor dem Abendessen den Tisch DECKEN

9 Modalverben He must walk his dog after school.
Can she go to dinner with us? We must set the table before dinner. Can y’all visit us in Italy? She should do her homework We are allowed to go to Boston They don’t have to eat vegetables

10 Possessivpronomen Possessive pronouns are the words for my, your, his, her, our, y’alls, and their. mein dein sein ihr unser euer Ihr/ihr

11 Possessivpronomen I send my mother a gift. We give our father a car.
She gives her brother a hug. Y’all love your family. She hates their family. Every day my mom buys me chocolate.


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