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Freiwilligenzentrum Hannover e. V. founded 1999 non-profit organisation.

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Präsentation zum Thema: "Freiwilligenzentrum Hannover e. V. founded 1999 non-profit organisation."—  Präsentation transkript:

1 Freiwilligenzentrum Hannover e. V. founded 1999 non-profit organisation

2 our aims: spread of voluntary work promotion of contribution of citizen for society

3 concrete functions inspire citizen give advise to organisations and companies care for projects, initiating them further education of volunteers networking/integration of volunteers and organisations

4 Human resources 8 full time or part time jobs: management service 18 volunteers: 9 advisors 4 hotline 1 Corporate Volunteering 4 Café

5 Financial basis public funds charitable donations contribution of members

6 85 Mitglieder seit Gründung 1999 Hort

7 Stadtverwaltung FWZ Presse Bürger, Freiwillige Mitglieder Politik Stiftungen Civilia PHR Wirtschafts- unternehmen Netzwerk Bürgermitwirkung Sponsoren Vereine, Initiativen, Kitas, Schulen, Museen, Altenheime, Krankenhäuser Bagfa/Lagfa networking Niedersachsenring Universität, VHS und Weiterbildungsträger 7

8 our partners non-profit organisations and projects 590 projects 1.000 jobs about 7000 volunteers registered

9 the volunteer 70 % women average age of 39,5 Jahre is working high level education

10 Motives for engagement 48 % wish to help 20 % do sth meaningful 15 % pass on knowledge 9 % wish for contacts 8 % try sth new

11 Pemises for voluntary work: give their knowledge won by job, experience of life, surrounding, family, engagement should be meaningful, joy and satisfaction

12 about 1000 possibilities for work –education, instruction, class, creativity –craft –office, management, computer –integration –attendance, conversation –events, excursion –assistance of special people like handicaped or elder people

13 Freiwilligenakademie Niedersachsen Lerntrainer – Hausaufgabenhilfe Freiwilligentelefon (Hotline) Schulprojekt Service Learning Besucher auf 4 Pfoten Welcome Group/Welcome Desk Aktion Blumenspenden Aktion Weihnachtspäckchen Café f Our own projects

14 Ausbildungspaten since march 2006 aim: support of pupils of secondary school Strengthen, advise, motivate, encourage, accompany 170 Ausbildungspatinnen/-paten 310 pupils 120 pupils in an apprenticeship

15 Radio LeineHertz radio station for Hannover and surroundings UKW 106,5 start: june 2009 FWZ is associate

16 CityFunk radio magazin every first Monday each month 19 bis 20 Uhr LeineHertz 106,5 (UKW) produced by volunteers all around volunteer work

17 Freiwilligentag für Unternehmen companies send their employees for one day to social work different new world strengthen their social skills networking

18 Der Freiwilligentag für Unternehmen 2011 ~ 200 employees in over 40 projects gardening paintings excursions with handicaped people training on the job

19 Leinestern The award for engagement every 2 years awarded by FWZ 3 categories: –volunteer of the year –project of the year –Company of the year appreciation for all volunteers

20 Die glücklichen Sieger des Leinestern 2009 Freiwilliger des Jahres: Wolfgang Ehlers, Selbsthilfe Projekt des Jahres: Brasil 09 Unternehmensengagement: Firmengruppe Gundlach

21 conflicts expectations acceptations attitude to work reliability

22 Support measures … Café,meeting point in the city information + advisory service: Mo bis Fr presentation and information Freiwilligenakademie Niedersachsen handout website tradefair public relation

23 advisory service Appointment for an individual interview –job, hobby, interest, skills, talents –target group, area –teamwork or alone –Time, location, mobility concrete recommendations

24 Thank you for your attention!

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